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Modern-day female entrepreneurs lead busy lives inside and outside of the workplace. We have procured some information that will help you manage your busy lifestyle, while managing your business.

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https://startupsavant.comBusinesswoman making presentation.

6 Best Grants for Women Entrepreneurs

There are many financial assistance opportunities available for new businesses that are geared toward helping women entrepreneurs.

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Business women at board meeting.

Investors for Female Entrepreneurs

We will break down a list of investors out there and weigh the pros and cons, so you can decide which one is best for you.

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The Top Loans for Women Entrepreneurs

We’ll share a list of the best business loans for women, their general requirements, and their benefits

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Types of Business Loans and Lenders

There are lots of different kinds of loans and lenders depending on your exact needs.

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Ellevest - A Female Founded App Supporting Women's Financial Success

By designing investment management with women in mind, Ellevest empowers women to reach their financial goals.

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Academic Scholarships for Female Entrepreneurs

Financial and professional support can play an integral role in facilitating success for women.

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10 Nonprofits Supporting Women in Business

We’ve compiled a list of non-profit organizations that help women around the world through resources, mentorship programs, and micro-financing.

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Losing Focus? Try the Pomodoro Technique

Losing Focus? Try the Pomodoro Technique

We’ll share how you can regain focus, boost productivity, and achieve your business goals by using the Pomodoro Technique.

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Woman writing in journal.

8 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Keep a Journal

We'll share how keeping a journal can be useful to you and your growing business.

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Businesswoman reading at desk.

How Reading Leads to Success for Entrepreneurs

The benefits of reading are endless, so here are 10 we’ve chosen for why this healthy habit can bolster the success of emerging entrepreneurs.

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Various tea varieties in white mugs.

Best Teas for a Productive Work Day

For female entrepreneurs looking to improve their moods, focus, and productivity, here are a few different teas to stock up on.

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Female entrepreneurs in a co-working space.

10 Co-Working Spaces for Female Entrepreneurs

Co-working spaces create inclusive, creative communities where women can find support and mentorship.

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Coworkers supporting one another.

Empathy in the Workplace: How to Create it and Why it Works

Practicing empathy in the workplace can go a long way in boosting your success, productivity, and your enjoyment in your job.

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Coworkers collaborating on a project.

8 Project Management Tools to Help You Stay Organized

The following project management tools have the potential to greatly benefit collaboration and communication within any company.

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Stressed woman holding her head.

Impostor Syndrome: How Does It Affect Businesswomen?

We’ll explain more about what imposter syndrome is, how it affects women in business, and essential steps you can take to overcome it.

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Woman relaxing on a couch looking at self-care apps on her phone.

8 Self-Care Apps to Lift Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

It’s important to take a step back each day, breathe, and remind yourself of your worth; we’ll share 7 self-care apps that will allow you to do so.

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Happy woman jumping in the air.

A Case for Support, Happiness, and Success

When we are happy, we’re more likely to work harder, solve complex problems, and attract people who could become useful resources.

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8 Online Support Communities for Female Entrepreneurs

Support communities create safe spaces for women to share the challenges they face and the obstacles they have overcome.

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Two women in business suits laughing and playing the guitar.

10 Great Hobbies for Entrepreneurs

The benefits of having a hobby are especially pertinent for entrepreneurs who have a lot to gain from taking a breather every now and again.

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Woman entrepreneur holding mug and browsing the computer.

18 Simple Ways Entrepreneurs Can Prevent Burnout

There are many ways to stay proactive and prevent burnout from affecting you and your entrepreneurial journey.

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Smiling woman waking up in bed.

An Investment Every Entrepreneur Should Make

Learn about why sleep is incredibly important for entrepreneurs, its overall benefits, and how to improve your sleep quality.

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Woman using data to help improve her work.

InHerSight: Using Data to Help Women in the Workforce

InHerSight has the potential to genuinely improve how companies treat women in more ways than one.

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Women working at computer.

The Most Female-Friendly Companies, According to Women

InHerSight allows women to anonymously rate and review previous companies, publishing the results online for all to see.

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Woman coding at her tech business.

Why Aren’t There More Female-Owned Tech Businesses?

Female-founded companies are this country’s biggest entrepreneurial success stories, but there are still numerous industry barriers.

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Female tech entrepreneur coding at desk.

7 Nonprofits Supporting Female Tech Entrepreneurs

Some nonprofit organizations aim to grow and recruit talent, while others simply seek to support women who feel isolated in the tech industry.

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Woman engineer wearing a hard hat.

Innovative Female Engineers

Women are among tech’s greatest minds, and have been since the advent of the technology revolution

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Female engineer working.

Why Aren’t There More Female-Owned Engineering Firms?

Though their contributions have become more visible in recent decades, the role of women in engineering can actually be traced back hundreds of years to 1876.

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AI Women.

Women in AI

AI isn’t clearly visible to the general public — though it is quietly making your life easier behind the scenes.

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Successful women entrepreneurs.

Who Are the Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs?

It’s vital to highlight female entrepreneurs who've succeeded and analyze how they overcame the many obstacles.

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Image of Madam C. J. Walker.

Who Was Madam C. J. Walker?

Madam C. J. Walker holds an important place in the history of entrepreneurship.

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Sustainable, environmentally-friendly women entrepreneur.

Women Entrepreneurs for a Better Future

The following female-led companies are going above and beyond to protect the planet — and assure a better future for generations to come.

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Women supporting each other.

How Women Entrepreneurs are Creating Products that Cater to Women

Here are five of the best products founded by women for women that also demonstrate the scope and success of female entrepreneurship.

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A rolling rack with professional work apparel on white hangers.

M.M. LaFleur: Helping Women Dress for Success

The beauty of M.M. LaFleur and its mission is that it’s truly filling a void in women’s workwear.

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Woman holding "Like a Boss" mug.

27 Encouraging Lessons from Women Entrepreneurs

Although everyone’s journey is unique, many female entrepreneurs share similar dreams and fears.

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Siam Square Restaurant.

How an International Entrepreneur Found Success in the U.S.

How an immigrant from Thailand made a life for herself in the United States and accomplished her dream of becoming a restaurateur.

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Female entrepreneurs celebrating success.

Female Entrepreneurs Share Their "Aha" Moments

Several women entrepreneurs share the invaluable “aha” moments that lead to their success.

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