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IncFile Review

(Pricing, Features, Customer Reviews & More)

IncFile ReviewLooking for information on forming your LLC or Corporation but not quite sure where to turn? Enter, IncFile, an online incorporation service best known for being the most affordable and efficient.

Since getting their own start in 2004, IncFile has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs incorporate their business on a budget outside the heavy costs of conventional legal representation.

They handle all formal paperwork allowing you to focus on more important aspects of bringing your business to life. In this IncFile review we’ll go through a simple list of pros & cons, overall features, and common questions. We’ll also look at IncFile’s customer reviews so you can see first hand what other people think. Enjoy!

Some Pros & Cons of IncFile


  1. They’re the most affordable online incorporation service on the market starting at $49. Other services (like LegalZoom) have pricing that starts as high as $149.

  2. IncFile prepares/files Articles of Organization (within one business day) so you don’t have to. Meanwhile, you’ll have order tracking in real-time so you know exactly where your new business stands.

  3. Unlimited phone and email support for questions or concerns you have.

  4. They have “Online Access to Incorporation Documents” – which houses all your company formation documents making it easy to retrieve them anytime. No other service does this!

  5. One of the coolest features they offer is a specialized dashboard with lifetime access. You’ll be able to check the status of your order, be notified of any requirements you have to take care of in the future with your state and more. This is extremely helpful for entrepreneurs who want to stay on top of the legalities of their business. No surprises!

  6. When you start your business with IncFile, they give you a free Registered Agent to handle all legal notifications for your first year ($99 value).


  1. Because they’re a smaller organization, they don’t have the iron-clad branding yet as some of their more visible competition.

  2. They don’t yet have the legal services other competitors like Rocket Lawyer offer, although they do have the enviable features like free tax consultation.

IncFile Pricing & Features

Forming a business with IncFile begins with choosing your basic features package which costs $49 + State Fee. IncFile offers three tiers of service, namely; Silver, Gold and Platinum. For the following example, we use Alabama.

Incfile LLC Package

IncFile offers a lot of value at all three levels, including all of the following features with any package you choose:

Incfile LLC Services

To determine which option is best for you, we’ll need to dive into the differences between these three packages.

The Gold package offers lots of valuable features over the Silver tier, including an Employer Identification Number, corporate forms, a banking resolution and a custom corporate kit. While you might not need all of these features, it’s likely that you require enough of them to make the $100 price difference between Silver and Gold well worth it.

As for the Platinum tier, we’re a little uncertain. As you can see, the only additional features included for your $150 are a website and domain name, and a contract library:

Incfile LLC Premium Services

So, what do these features really include, and are they worth the extra $150 — not to mention the $649 that IncFile claims they’re worth? According to IncFile, the contract library includes over 25 legal documents written by an attorney, and the website service is packaged through a third-party supplier called “Sniper Monkey.” Finally, the Platinum tier is the only one that includes expedited filing.

Recommended Package

If you need the fastest business formation possible, spending $100 expediting your order regardless, you might as well check out the Platinum package. If you don’t need expedited service and are happy with IncFile’s normal “Next Day Processing”, we think the Gold tier is the best value for your dollar.

IncFile Customer Reviews

IncFile Customer ReviewsThe vast majority of IncFile’s reviews are super-positive. They’ve acquired an A+ (highest available rating) rating from BBB, who measure the number of complaints made against a business, the type of business, their history, the transparency of their business practices and more.

In addition, they have over 1000 reviews on Shopper Approved, which is impressive. For a quick look, here’s how the IncFile customer reviews break down:

IncFile Customer Reviews

How Does IncFile Compare?

IncFile ComparisonIncFile is well known around the industry for their low prices and great customer reviews — an impressive combination! Of course, there are other options worth considering.

Rocket Lawyer is a subscription-based service that charges either $39.95 or $49.95 per month for a wide range of legal services. In addition to document filing, one big selling point of Rocket Lawyer is that they can connect you to lawyers and other legal professionals, at heavily discounted rates. If you anticipate requiring ongoing services, Rocket Lawyer might be a good option for you.

If you’re willing to invest in your business’ infrastructure, check out Harbor Compliance. Their pricing starts at $399, which is definitely at the upper end of the industry price range. However, Harbor Compliance is the most personalized service while boasting great customer reviews. If you are looking for the service that will give you dedicated support and answer questions about your business long term, they’re exceptional.

Any of these options are great ways to form your business. IncFile is much less expensive than much of the competition, but depending on your unique needs, you might want the in-depth coverage of Harbor Compliance, or the ongoing services provided by Rocket Lawyer.

Here’s a Quick Breakdown

  • Pricing Starts at

  • 100,000+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone starting a business on a budget and need quick formation

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Rocket Lawyer
  • Pricing Starts at

  • 10,000+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone wanting the choice between basic formation or a suite of online legal services

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Harbor Compliance
  • Pricing Starts at

  • 10,000+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone wanting top-to-bottom formation and ongoing compliance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just form a business myself?

Of course. All the services offered by IncFile, are things that you can do yourself. The benefit of working with a service like this, is that they take care of these things so that you can focus on starting and running your business instead of getting lost in the paperwork.

But, if you’d like to file for yourself, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide for forming LLC’s and Corporations.

What are the IncFile filing times?

This really depends on what state your filing in. When you file for an LLC or Corporation, its best to take a look at their State Filing Times Tool. For example, if you’re planning to file in Alabama, they’ll list the time you can expect.

Is there an IncFile coupon or discount?

IncFile doesn’t offer any discount. When we spoke to them a while back they told us, "We don't offer deals or discounts because we try to pass savings along to everyone who use our services."

That being said their pricing is considerably cheaper than it’s competitors, in some cases, by more than $100. And, as a bonus when you sign up, you’ll receive free support from a Registered Service Agent for the first year.

What is their refund policy?

According to their blog, your order is refundable up until a certain point. Your ability for a refund depends entirely on when the payment is sent to the state. IncFile usually forwards your filing payment to the state about 24 hours after you’ve filed with them.

If you catch it before then, you can expect a refund, along with a cancellation fee that’s typically under $30.There may be additional payments required if your order has any additional expenses, including state agencies or third party vendors.

If you’re looking to cancel an order, be sure to send an email to [email protected] Order cancellation cannot be made over the phone.

Are there any hidden fees?

As we mentioned with their refund policy, they’ve got a few fees if you choose to cancel your order.

Other than that, you’ll end up paying additional filing fees if you want your LLC or Incorporation paperwork expedited - which is common. The amount you’ll pay out of pocket depends on what state your filing in. For example, if you choose to file in Georgia, you can expect a rush fee of about $150, while it's only $50 in states like California and Minnesota.

But none of these fees are particularly ‘hidden’. IncFile does a commendable job being as transparent as possible with their pricing scale/charges.

Must I sign anything?

This is actually answered on their ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page. When filing for you, any documents requiring a signature will be signed by our staff. They will sign as the incorporator if you’re filing a Corporation and the organizer if filing an LLC.

Is my information secure?

IncFile has a detailed Privacy Policy that you can check out if you’re interested in the nitty gritty. They also are a Norton Secured company which safeguards all your personal data (i.e. credit card and application information). As safe as any mainstream banking institution or digital brand.

Does IncFile offer ongoing support?

You’re always welcome to reach out to their support team. IncFile only hires support agents with over 6 years of experience so you can feel good knowing you’re getting advice from someone that’s been there. If you’re curious about a more general question, you can also take a look at their help center.

Should You Use IncFile?

Final verdict = We highly recommend and trust IncFile. Their services are easy to use and are by far the most cost-effective on the market. Plus they have a 4.8/5 on Shopper Approved, which was based on 1,000+ reviews.

However if IncFile isn't a fit, we recommend Rocket Lawyer with pricing starting at $99. They're the best alternative.

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