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EZ Incorporate Review: Is It Right For You?

EZ Incorporate Review

Welcome to our EZ Incorporate Review where quickly go through their most popular features, their pricing structure, and more. The goal’s to help you determine whether they’re the provider you’d like to team with to make your business official.

It’s an important decision, so let’s dive right in.


Pros and Cons

Pros of EZ Incorporate

Cons of EZ Incorporate


EZ Incorporate Pricing

Below is a screenshot of their pricing structure and the first thing you can see is that they’ve broken it down by business structure with S-Corporation costing the most. Keep in mind that any pricing includes the state filing fee where you intend to open shop.

EZ Incorporate Pricing

On their homepage they have a link to their Yelp reviews and currently almost all of them echo the benefits in the following screenshot. Most are sole-proprietors and small business owners who needed very simple, specific help with parts of the incorporation process.

EZ Incorporate Reviews


Use EZ Incorporate if…

The Final Verdict?

If their platform sounds like a good way to go given your circumstances, then by all means head on over to You won’t regret it. However, if you’d like a much more extensive array of services from another reputable provider then we wholeheartedly suggest IncFile.

We’ve worked with them since our founding and countless of our readers have as well. Need more reason than that? Sure, but we’ll let this screenshot from their site do all the talking:

IncFile Or EZ Incorporate

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