The 7 Best Registered Agent Services Available

Choose a Registered AgentDo you need a registered agent service for your business, but aren’t sure which to go with? How do you know which will ensure you never miss any important mail and alert you to legal obligations that may arise without breaking the bank or complicating things?

In this list of the 7 best registered agent services available, we’ll examine each of the top providers to see which is the best fit for your business.



Being in business since 1998, there are two major reasons we chose Northwest Registered Agent as our #1 pick:

  1. They have made a name for themselves by being the most friendly service available. Out of every registered agent service we have reviewed and contacted, they’re by far the best in regard to phone/email support.
  2. They locally scan every document you receive. Most registered agent services only scan certain documents like legal summons. Northwest Registered Agent scans everything themselves, ensuring you never miss a document and eliminating surprises.

Special Offer: Get their registered agent service free when you form an LLC or Corporation through Northwest. Right now it’s just $49 + state fee. (See Details)

If premium customer support and industry experience are important to you, this might be the right service for you.



Number two on our list is IncFile due to their lower prices, but still high quality services.

Why you should consider IncFile:

Yes, you can get their registered agent services individually for $119/year. Or, you can get a free year of registered agent service with any incorporation filing purchase. So if you haven’t formed your LLC or Corporation yet, they’re also a great option. (See Details)

  • Learning Center Packed with Free Information
  • User-Friendly Website Protected by Norton Web Security
  • 150,000+ Customers Served since 2004

Harbor Compliance

When you choose to use Harbor Compliance as a registered agent, you get their solid customer service and very beautiful dashboard. Other highlights include:

  • Same-day document scanning and delivery.
  • Free Compliance Guides & Whitepapers
  • 10,000+ Customers Served since 2012
  • Website protected by Norton and Trustwave

Throw in the fact they offer discounts for paying up-front for multiple years — and also for service in multiple states — and it’s easy to recommend them as a registered agent service.



We have yet to find a less expensive option for online registered agent service than InCorp. One year of service will set you back a mere $99, but if you order five years, you save over $160, paying about $66 per year.

  • As an industry leader since 1998, they have served 250,000+ customers
  • has a User-Friendly & McAfee Secure Website
  • Offer Many Other Business Formation/Compliance Services

In addition, InCorp will absorb any transfer fees and if you do manage to find lower prices, they’ll match them. InCorp is a tried and tested choice to serve as your registered agent.


Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer’s registered agent service costs a bit more, but they provide a full year for free if you subscribe to their Accelerate legal services plan for $49.95/month (learn more). Plus:

  • Helped Form Over 800,000 Businesses
  • The company is backed by Google Ventures
  • Norton Web Security Protection & Information Website
  • Legal Services Plan Includes Consultations with Business Attorneys

Even without the free year, Rocket Lawyer is still a good option to serve as your registered agent thanks to their 100% satisfaction guarantee and partnerships with experienced legal professionals. We work with them ourselves and haven’t run into a single hiccup yet.



If you want to work with a smaller company that still provides big features, CorpNet also provides registered agent services. This husband-and-wife run business has a nice personal touch, while delivering the same quality service you would expect from a major company.

  • Amazing Customer Feedback, Reviews, and Ratings
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Included
  • Another Comprehensive Licensing, Compliance, & Formation Provider

Their price for registered agent service isn’t the lowest out there, but it’s reasonable. Again, the primary reason startups and small businesses choose CorpNet over the bigger players is because they enjoy a much more personalized approach to support.



LegalZoom is the costliest of these options, but with such a large popular platform they’re always in contention simply due to their experience and capabilities beyond basic registered agent services.

  • Great Informative & Norton Secure Website
  • A Wide Range of Business Services
  • Nearly 4 Million Customers for 18+ Years

There’s nothing special or unique about their registered agent service, but if you already have other services through LegalZoom, it may simply be more convenient for you to have them serve as your registered agent as well. They’re a perfectly capable option.

Pros & Cons of Online Registered Agent Services


  1. It’s common for independent professionals to charge a bit more than the prices you can get with companies who have a presence in all 50 states. These national providers are far less expensive in most cases.

  2. You’ll never have important documents delivered in front of clients, employees or customers. After all, you don’t want to get a court summons in front of a potential partner or investor.

  3. There’s peace of mind in knowing you’ll never miss crucial paperwork due to bad weather, someone stealing mail, or because you’re on vacation. These providers have the technology to ensure you don’t miss a beat.

  4. Because the agent’s registered address or office isn’t going to change, you can freely move your business around wherever you want. This makes them an especially great option for web-based businesses for obvious reasons.

  5. The penalties for not having a registered agent heavily outweigh the price tag. If you don’t have one, you can lose business licenses, pay hefty fines and potentially even face criminal charges.


  1. There aren’t many downsides to working with an online registered agent service provider, unless you’re setting up shop in one of the few states where you can be your own registered agent. This could save some money.

Which Should You Choose?

Winner - Which Should You ChooseOverall, our favorite is Northwest Registered Agent because of their next-level customer service and local document scanning and delivery. Their entire company was built on providing registered agent services and that’s been their focus for almost 20 years. We highly recommend checking them out.

Special Offer: Get their registered agent service free when you form an LLC or Corporation through Northwest. Right now it’s just $49 + state fee. (See Details)