Struggling to understand the real difference between a business model and a business plan? Wondering which you should be focusing on? There are tons of software solutions for both, but before you can settle one, you’ll need to know which type you’re looking for.

In this Strategyzer vs. LivePlan review, we’ll take a look at these two software options and shed light on the similarities and differences between them. By the time we’re through, you’ll have a clearer idea of whether a business modeling software (Strategyzer) or a business planning software (LivePlan) will better suit your needs. Enjoy!

Note: Business planning software can help you write a professional business plan that will lead you to success.

Strategyzer & LivePlan Commonalities

  • Both provide tools for testing and validating your ideas.
  • Both allow you to get a realistic, more objective perspective on your business.
  • Both increase the odds your brand will be proactive and able to evolve when necessary.
  • Both are cloud-based, which means they’re compatible with any OS and accessible on any device with an internet connection.
  • Both have collaboration/sharing features.
  • Both offer educational materials to help you get accustomed to the software.
  • Both have money-back guarantees!

What Sets Them Apart


  • Their app allows you to strategize with your team using digital sticky notes on their interactive canvases.
  • Provides estimation and testing tools to assess the validity of your ideas.
  • Includes unlimited collaborators, as well as unlimited business model and value proposition canvases.
  • Super in-depth training is available through their Cloud Academy, online courses, and in-house workshops.
  • Annual payments and a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Over 22,000 users have utilized their web app so far.


  • Allows you to monitor your financials, set and track specific goals/objectives, and create a presentation-ready plan for potential investors.
  • You can still craft a business model using their 1-page business model template.
  • Syncs with accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks for easy, up-to-date financials.
  • Offers month-to-month and annual payment options and a 60-day money back guarantee (Strategyzer’s lasts 30 days).
  • Super-streamlined live chat customer service, in addition to phone and email support.
  • Customer base of over 400,000.

Customer Reviews


Their Business Model Canvas has tons of support across the web, and around the world. In fact, their books Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design are printed in 36 languages. Take a look at the Amazon review breakdowns of their books:

Strategyzer Customer Reviews Amazon

And that’s just representative of U.S. readers. Here are a couple testimonials they’ve posted on their own website:

The Business Model Canvas is now taught to every full-time MBA student at our school. It has become the standard for describing and designing Business Models.
The Business Model Canvas puts the thought process of successful serial entrepreneurs within the grasp of the rest of us — it has completely transformed how we teach planning for new businesses.

Strategyzer’s methodology is widely used and highly regarded, for sure - but unfortunately, the web app itself doesn’t have any customer reviews. This is likely due to the fact that it’s still fairly new to the market, but unfortunately we can’t speak to its functionality without referencing any customer feedback.


LivePlan’s primary customer review platform is Shopper Approved, although they do have 20 or so testimonials scattered across other third-party review sites, and several posted on the LivePlan website. Take a look at their Shopper Approved rating breakdown below:

Liveplan Reviews Overall Rating

So about 83% 5-stars, 16% 4-stars, and 1% other. According to our research, LivePlan has only received six ratings lower than 4-stars since it’s been on the market - two of which were subsequently changed to 5-stars by the original reviewers. For a frequently reviewed software that’s been on the market since 2010, that’s outstanding.

Here’s one of their testimonials that specifically situates LivePlan against business modeling software like Strategyzer:

I’ve also resorted to purchasing the much touted business model canvas. While it’s a great tool to analyze my business model, even graphically modify its contents, it gave a view from the forest top but lacked needed details.

LivePlan gave us the opportunity to get into the “weeds” of our business and understand some of our missing components. With LivePlan, I was able to complete our business plan in 5 days. As a non-finance person, I think that’s pretty awesome.” This doesn’t negate the fact that the business model canvas is the perfect tool for many entrepreneurs - but when it comes to comparing the two approaches, it’s valuable to hear from folks who’ve used both and found one more helpful and comprehensive.

Pricing & Feature Differences


At the time this review is being written, Strategyzer only offers one package and payment option. The Small Team package costs $299.99/year, and although their Enterprise plan is listed on their site, it’s still in development:

Strategyzer Pricing

Their package comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, unlimited business model and value proposition canvases, and unlimited users. Strategyzer’s collaboration capabilities definitely set them apart from LivePlan, which only allows you to have one collaborator.

Now let’s actually take a peek inside the software. Here’s the menu you’ll see when you’re starting a new project:

Strategyzer Dashboard

And once you’ve entered your business model canvas:

Strategyzer Modeling Canvas Preview

Pretty simple: design, estimate, test. Use their sticky-note-style canvases to design your business model and value proposition, their estimation tools to get an idea of your costs, revenue, and market size, and their testing dashboard to determine the feasibility of your ideas. And again, you can allow access to as many partners or team members as you wish.

For an in-depth look at its features, check out our comprehensive Strategyzer Review!


LivePlan offers one package and two billing options: monthly and annual. Both come with 60-day money back guarantees. The month-to-month cost is $19.95, but they’re currently offering your first month for half off.

Liveplan Planning Pricing

Simply put, a major way that LivePlan differs from Strategyzer is the sheer volume of features you get. Take a look at how their dashboard compares:

Liveplan dashboard

Pitch, plan, forecast, benchmarks, schedule, scoreboard, and tons of subsections within each category. While Strategyzer focuses on helping you achieve one thing (a business model), LivePlan manages to provide a massive quantity of tools for planning, launching, and running your business without compromising quality.

Their scoreboard, for example, is an excellent tool for tracking your financials:

Liveplan Expenses/Revenue Dashboard

You can also import your financial data from accounting software like Quickbooks to keep everything consolidated and up-to-date. As far as your actual business plan goes, it’s easy to make it presentation-ready using their customizable templates:

Liveplan Themes

Again, LivePlan has many more helpful tools, but we won’t get into all of them here. For a more comprehensive look, check out our LivePlan Review!

Which is Right For You?

Strategyzer and LivePlan are both immensely valuable resources, with one huge difference to keep in mind: one’s a business modeling tool, and one’s a business planning tool.

That said, LivePlan still enables you to create a lean business model as part of the planning process. For this reason and many others, we prefer LivePlan - but we can’t make this decision for you. Only you know what’s right for your business!

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