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QuickBooks Online Review: Is It Right for You?

QuickBooks Review Well howdy there, and welcome to Startup Savant’s QuickBooks Online Review where we breeze through their most popular features, their package options, pricing, and more.

The goal here is of course to help you figure out whether they’re the best accounting software not just for your company, but for you (or your team member who’s in charge of managing financials). Let’s jump right in.


Popular QuickBooks Online Features

A Handful of Considerations


A Look Inside QuickBooks Online

Here’s three good screenies to give you an idea of how it feels and behaves. Aesthetics mean a ton when we’re talking financials because your ability to comprehend and USE this data is essentially.

QuickBooks Online ReviewQuickBooks Online FeaturesQuick Books Online Features and Review


QuickBooks Online Pricing & Features

QuickBooks has three plans: the Simple Start, the Essentials and the Plus. The most affordable plan is obviously the Simple Start priced at a mere $10/mo. Not too shabby! don’t you love modern-tech?

The Essentials and Plus are great to sort of evolve into, unless you’re in need of those features right away which is possible relative to the size and complexity of your platform. QuickBooks Pricing


QuickBooks Online Is for You If…

Right? See, this is why accounting software is such a mind-blower when entrepreneurs first discover it or first update from older versions/types. Things have come A LONG WAY in just the last four or five years. Anyhow, assuming you’re not quite sold yet, let’s talk a smidgen about who we consider to be the ideal alternative.

The Final Verdict?

Our #1 favorite, and the software SS uses is Xero. After a couple years of winging it, integrating the software into the financial aspects of our startup was incredible.

It freed up tons of time, gave us great insight into operational costs and more. Is it "better" than QuickBooks Online? Yes and No. But, that's for another article. Check out our Xero Review

Try Xero Or Try QuickBooks

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