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QuickBooks Online Review

Is It Worth It? (Pros, Cons & More)

QuickBooks Online ReviewFacing the complexities of business accounting and looking for some help? Understandable, and if you can’t afford a conventional accountant right now, that makes your situation even stickier. Thankfully accounting software like QuickBooks Online exists to make everything so much smoother and more manageable!

In this QuickBooks online review, we’ll be taking a look at some of their basic pros and cons, briefly comparing them to others in the industry, feature options, pricing, and more to give you a good idea of what QuickBooks brings to the table. Are they the best choice for you? We’re about to find out, enjoy!

Some Pros & Cons of QuickBooks


  1. The QuickBooks bank reconciliation tool allows you to download, categorize, and sync your bank/credit transactions so you don’t have to deal with manual entries from multiple accounts.

  2. Easily monitor business expenses through the QuickBooks tracking tool; create and customize invoices and send them to clients in one click.

  3. QuickBooks has a mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones/tablets for convenient access. What’s neat is you don’t have to pay separately for this because it’s included in your QuickBooks Online subscription.

  4. Want to upgrade your QuickBooks subscription to get more of the goods? No problem, you can do so without additionals fees (they brag about their “no contract or annual commitment” approach).

  5. Connect multiple third-party apps with your account and sync, link, and import their data, which can be easy and accessible because of the QuickBooks user-friendly interface.

  6. You can add up to five users, plus customize their permissions so that you only give the right access to the right people.

  7. Check on the status of your finances at any time – profit and loss statements, balance sheets, reports, and plenty more.


  1. No internet connection = no QuickBooks Online. Some users report that the software has occasional downtime and server maintenance, which may affect your work.

  2. QuickBooks’ mobile app doesn’t have all the features of the QuickBooks Online web version, and we should mention that QuickBooks doesn’t have late payment reminders either (yet).

  3. The software is only limited to one kind of invoice, unlike FreshBooks, which allows you to customize and create different types of invoices.

  4. If you want the downloadable version of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online is not for you. It has no ability to forecast your sales and expenses.

QuickBooks Online Pricing & Features

QuickBooks Online has three plans: the Simple Start, the Essentials, and the Plus. The most affordable plan is obviously the Simple Start, which is priced at a mere $10/mo (when you sign up for 6 months, remember, otherwise $15). Not too shabby! Don’t you love modern tech?

The Essentials and Plus are great to evolve into unless you’re in need of those features right away, which is possible depending on the size and complexity of your platform. You can also add on expanded features for an additional cost, such as enhanced and full-service payroll.

Quickbooks online pricing and features


A Quick Look Inside QuickBooks Online

Here’s a trio of good screenshots to give you an idea of how QuickBooks Online feels and behaves. Aesthetics mean a ton when we’re talking financials because your ability to comprehend and USE this data is essential.

Quickbooks Dashboard

Your home screen gives you an overview of your business’ financials at a glance: see a breakdown of your income, expenses, profit & loss statements, as well as your account balances, current action items and activity.

Quickbooks Dashboard Customers

Navigate to the customers tab for an overview of each of your clients, including pending invoices and account balances associated with each one. From here, you can click each name in the list for additional options and more detail from their history.

Quickbooks dashboard sales transaction

Each sales transaction is recorded automatically, and you’ll get an organized list of each one where you’re able to sort and filter by date, type, customer, and more. You can also choose additional actions for each transaction for easy updates.

Customer Reviews: Are Other Entrepreneurs Happy?

Customer ReviewsSo, here’s the deal: you can Google “QuickBooks reviews” and gain access to over 1,000 on the first page in just seconds. As you’ll see overall, QuickBooks comes highly rated from users…unless you head on over to the Consumer Affairs website which is where everyone with a gripe seems to go.

Millions of people have used or currently use QuickBooks, so it’s unthinkable that at least a portion of their users wouldn’t think they’re heavenly.

For example, not everyone has a great customer service experience, or appreciates their UI, or feels their suite of features in certain packages is worth the price, etc. And there’s really no way to know if you’ll be happy or disgruntled until you give it a shot, right? Or, at least some similar software so you get the gist.

Lucky for you, you can get a free 30-day trial of any plan, so you can give it a test drive before committing long-term. You may find that certain features prove especially helpful, or that you have a different experience from previous reviewers who had a less-than-stellar go at it.

How Does QuickBooks Online Compare?

QuickBooks online ComparisonQuickBooks is definitely one of the titans of the bookkeeping software world, no doubt about it. As of 2017, they’re still responsible for the vast majority of small-business accounting-software sales. They’re the most popular, partly because over time they’ve developed such a comprehensive suite of solutions and versions to fit just about any business need.

The simplest version is $10/month (base pricing is $15, but if you sign up for 6 months, it drops to $10) for their Simple Start plan. Then it goes up to their full-desktop version for $379.95, which includes complete managerial features, can generate up to 150 reports, and more.

That being said, because they’re the titan, many competitors like FreshBooks and Xero have been coming up to challenge the dominance of QuickBooks. These competitors boast sleek, user-friendly interfaces and easy-to-understand functionality, as well as robust customer support and customizable reports, invoices, and tools specific to small businesses.

While many of these platforms’ tools complete the same tasks as QuickBooks, you’ll want to compare the available features (and their pricing models) to decide which suits your business. For example, QuickBooks integrates payroll at an additional cost, but offers in-depth financial reporting at every level. And if you’re already running third-party apps, be sure to check out which ones integrate with these software options to avoid headache and optimize automation.


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    Anyone needing affordable, comprehensive & flexible accounting software

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QuickBooks Online
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  • 4.8 million+ users so far

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    Anyone wanting the original & most recognized accounting software available

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I even need an accounting software?

We highly recommend that every small business invest in accounting software that scales with you as you grow. Having a process in place that lets you keep track of expenses, invoice clients, and more will streamline your operations and ensure that you’re recording everything you need in one place. You’ll thank yourself later!

Does QuickBooks replace my need for an accountant?

QuickBooks doesn’t necessarily replace your need for an accountant, but it gives you the option of taking control of your finances while minimizing the risk of missing any legal hoops or incorrect reporting. And if you already work with an accountant, you can give them access to your software so they can jump in where you left off, making collaboration easier than ever.

Are there any hidden fees?

With QuickBooks, you pay for the base plan you choose per month, but if you commit to six months or more, you’ll also get a discount. You can also choose to upgrade your plan or cancel at any time without any penalty or fee, and the Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus plans also include a 60-day money-back guarantee. You’ll have to chip in extra if you want advanced payroll tools, but it’s easy to build those in up-front so you always know your total cost. Additionally, if you’re accepting card payments, QuickBooks will take out a small fee for each transaction.

How secure is my information on QuickBooks?

QuickBooks guarantees to secure your info, and even provides automatic backup so you never have to worry about losing data. Adaptable permissions let you only share the information you want to share. Plus, QuickBooks always uses password-protected logins, firewall-protected servers, and advanced encryption technology for 24/7 privacy and security.

Are You Ready for QuickBooks?

Now that you know QuickBooks is the most widely used bookkeeping software, are you ready to jump in? If you are, use the link below to pay them a visit, or if you're still into compare/contrast-mode check out Xero because it's also an astounding piece of software. Either way, your financials are about to really get kicked up a notch or two.

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