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Strategyzer Review: Is It Right for You?

Strategyzer ReviewWelcome to Startup Savant’s Strategyzer Review where we breeze through their major strengths when it comes to business planning, take a quick look inside their platform, and compare them to our favorite in the industry…LivePlan! Sound good? If you’re ready to learn about modern planning software, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy!

Let’s begin with our rock bottom opinion:

Strategyzer can be an effective tool to create a Business Model Canvas. Not to be confused with comprehensive business planning software.

The Benefits of Strategyzer

First and foremost it really is quick and painless to start modeling and refining the pieces of your business on Strategyzer. As a side-note, we’re not going to touch on their app in this Strategyzer review because that’s a completely different animal altogether with hundreds of testimonials that seem all over the map between 1 and 5-stars. As far as their primary platform goes, it’s very streamlined and user-friendly without any app-style bugs or issues. Here are more of their strengths.

Strategyzer Review Example Business Plan Modules

Morale of this part of the Strategyzer Review is, they’re a very straightforward platform to turn to. Great for hardcore newbies at business modeling that want to dip into the kiddie end of the pool so to speak. Can you get more complex? Sure, but there’s simply not enough functionality to float our boat. But that’s subjective, so take it for what it is.

Two Small Considerations

  1. If you’re still in the process of brainstorming a business idea vs serious planning, in our opinion Strategyzer is a bit pricey. Whiteboards are much cheaper, just sayin.
  2. The Business Canvas Model has no specific flow, so for some people (especially first-time business owners) it may be challenging to use at first.

Cool? With all that said, let’s take a look at the core of your dashboard, or the center-piece of your account on Strategyzer.


A Quick Look Inside Strategyzer

Below is a screenshot from their website that shows a partially filled out “canvas” broken into modules with sticky-notes. Pretty simple. There’s definitely more to it than this like graphs and charting data, and you can get as many people involved in conversations with each little component…but this is the core of how it feels to use their platform.

Strategyzer Reviews

To compare though so you have a better idea of what’s possible, here’s a screenshot of what a real business plan can look like. Section by section you can get walked through and really fill things out so the end result is a presentation-ready business plan.

Sample Executive Summary


Which one feels more official to you? Which seems more suited for brainstorming and simple collaboration rather than professional-grade business planning? Plus, there’s so many gorgeous ways to present your plan/data that goes beyond modeling. Would a potential investor want to see your business model, or your business plan?  This following screenshot shows some of the themes you can choose from and customize on LivePlan.

LivePlan Business Plan Examples


Simplified Strategyzer Pricing

Strategyzer Pricing

So it’s $299 to get started modeling and you get a full year’s worth. The price makes sense if you want to utilize their brand of training perhaps, which is great, but keep in mind that for the prices below you can have so much more with all the training to boot!

LivePlan Pricing


To Summarize this Strategyzer Review: Our Verdict Is…

LivePlan Review and Promo CodeListen, here’s our honest opinion, if you’re just brainstorming, flirting with opportunity, and looking to start modeling your business idea Strategyzer is an option. Maybe the price doesn’t bother you and if not that’s sweet! Head to Strategyzer, join their community, check out their forums, and get started. On the other hand, if you’d like truly comprehensive planning software powering your brand with all the bells and whistles for a fraction of the price our #1 pick is LivePlan.

Thanks so much for reading our Strategyzer Review, what’s important is that you take this step. Get serious about planning your business because you’ll find it revolutionary is so many awesome ways. Cheer and here’s another super-productive year ahead.

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