MyCompanyWorks vs LegalZoom

Which Is Right For You?

Woman gesturing to four-star MyCompanyWorks and three point six star LegalZoom.

It can be tough to decide which business formation service is right for you. To make it easier, we’ve created this MyCompanyWorks (formerly My New Company) vs LegalZoom comparative review to help you size both providers up in one swoop.

We’ll look at some of the most important features to consider when selecting a business registration service including commonalities, differences between the two and customer feedback. Without further adieu, let’s jump in!

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Recommended Step Before Using LegalZoom or MyCompanyWorks

It’s important to name your LLC before going through the business formation process with a professional service. TRUiC’s Free LLC Name Generator will help you to do the following:

  • Find the perfect name for your new LLC.
  • Conduct a name search to make sure your desired LLC name is available.
  • Help secure a domain name for your company.


Within the online business formation industry, there are core services that most companies fulfill (research, filing, DBA, EIN, etc.). Along with those, here’s a handful of commonalities between MyCompanyWorks vs LegalZoom:

1) A+ Ratings: Both companies have gone through the 13-step BBB checklist and maintain spotless records. Considering the volume of companies they work with it’s impressive!

2) Compliance: MyCompanyWorks uses Compliance Lock and LegalZoom offers a few compliance options such as Compliance Calendar and Registered Agent services.

3) Customer Service: Helpful, friendly, and readily available via phone and email.

4) 100% Satisfaction: Not thrilled with their services? Both offer money back guarantees.

5) Affordable: Both companies offer reasonably-priced packages with tons of different features included.

As you can see, there’s plenty of great commonalities between MyCompanyWorks and LegalZoom. Now let’s take a brief look at some of the important places where they differ.

What Sets Them Apart

First and foremost, MyCompanyWorks starts out at $79, while LegalZoom’s introductory package is almost $70 more at $149. Other noticeable differences include:


  • MyCompanyWorks' website is organized and easy to navigate with an intuitive interface.
  • A Free Business Tax Consultation is included which is super-helpful if you are learning how a business entity is taxed, how to pay yourself/employees, and more.
  • Unsure about business structure? They’ll get you started with a free startup guide tailored to state-specific requirements.
  • We mentioned ComplianceLock earlier, but additionally, they also provide annual compliance checklists to keep you in-the-know all year round.
  • After 16 years in the business, they maintain a 98% customer recommendation rate!


  • LegalZoom is one of the few business formation services that provides members with on-call legal consultants. Through their contact page, you can schedule a meeting and ask questions on certain legal matters.
  • Filling out legal forms can seem confusing, so LegalZoom takes out the guesswork by utilizing simple questionnaires.
  • LegalZoom is incredibly committed to making their documentation error-free. Along with their satisfaction guarantees and guiding questionnaires, they also have an automatic checker that keeps a lookout for any possible mistakes.

Pricing & Packaging

Like most companies within the industry, both companies utilize the same packaging style. LegalZoom and MyCompanyWorks both offer three package — Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced. In general, they look like this:

MyNewCompany Vs Legalzoom_Pricing

For each, there are three options. The first offers the essentials, including legal filing for your business, e-delivery, and personalized corporate forms. From there, the two offer a number of additional features as the packages move upward.

A few things to take note of:

  • Only LegalZoom includes EIN filing with their packages. In order to utilize this service, you will need to purchase their Express Gold Package at $359.
  • MyCompanyWorks actually compares their packages to the most popular in the industry right on their homepage, so you can see how they stack up to other Incorporation services like BizFilings and
  • If you’re looking with a critical eye, you get more bang for your buck with the Basic package from MyCompanyWorks than the Economy package from LegalZoom. Not only will you be saving $70, you’ll also receive personalized meeting minutes and faster filing times.
  • As we mentioned previously, LegalZoom’s key distinction is their ability to provide legal counsel to members.

Because of these subtle distinctions between packages, we always recommend you make a note of the specific features that you’d like in an ideal package. Then, you can compare the different options and see which serves your business needs best.

Customer Reviews

We love seeing companies with great customer feedback. And fortunately, both of these online incorporation services have done an excellent job maintaining a collection of glowing reviews.

To illustrate, we’ve include three of the most recent reviews from each company so you can see exactly what people are saying.


MyCompanyWorks has over 702 customer reviews from verified users on their website. While they don’t quite have the traffic or the name recognition of LegalZoom, they have been steadily increasing their presence in the industry.

My New Company Customer Reviews


LegalZoom is a heavy-hitter for sure, which means they’ve collected thousands of reviews. Most are positive, but there are some so-so reviews mixed in.

Although, to be honest, this is to be expected. It would be odd if they had no challenges to overcome with such a huge amount of clients.

Legalzoom Customer Reviews 1

Legalzoom Customer Reviews 2

Legalzoom Customer Reviews 3

Which Should You Choose?

Overall, we think both of these companies are among the best incorporation services for modern entrepreneurs.

But, if we’re being selective, MyCompanyWorks gets our vote. Their prices are up to $70 less than LegalZoom’s and they’ve maintained an excellent customer satisfaction rate. To get started today, use the links below. Cheers!

MyCompanyWorks for $79
You're protected by a 100% money back guarantee