10 Entrepreneurs Share Their Advice to Overcome Challenges and Failure

Entrepreneur sharing his advice on how to overcome challenges.

As an entrepreneur, failure, challenges, and roadblocks are an inevitable part of the process of launching and growing a startup. And, while they may seem like setbacks, these circumstances can be impactful lessons that may even propel your startup in a new, more fruitful direction. Learn from founders who have been there — we asked ten startup entrepreneurs for their advice for overcoming challenges and failures in business.

Startup Founders Share Their Advice For Overcoming Failures

1. Elliot Cao, Hast

“Focus on what you can improve.”

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2. Marcy Ewald, ThinkNimble

“Managing failure is more about what space can you give yourself to actually reflect on who you want to be in a situation and then show up acting like that person. So even if there’s a failure around you, if you’re being the person you want to be, then those failures will eventually culminate in something good. It’s all a learning opportunity.”

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3. Derrick Fetz, KOLLAB

“Expect them, because it’s an important part of the process and helps turn you into the entrepreneur you need to be.”

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4. Manel Hernández Tomás, KiKi Social

“I always remember and apply a quote from the superhero oath that we recited every morning during my time at Draper University: ‘I will fail and fail again until I succeed’ because the storm will pass and you will achieve what you proposed.”

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5. Christian Käser, Luca Serratore, Gregor Heusser, Nicolas Wild, Linus Lingg, Bottle+

“You are never the first person who has solve[d] a certain challenge, so don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Every startup was once early-stage and was supported [by] more advanced startups, so they will also be happy to support you. It’s a give and take! 

When it comes to failure, it’s important to not discourage yourself. Every single successful entrepreneur has to deal with failures, and he/she only became successful because he/she stayed persistent. Every failure is a learning opportunity.”

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6. David Eberle, Typewise

“Have mentors who you can share your concerns with and who’ll re-energize you. This is really important and has really helped in my own journey so far.”

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7. Victoria Duben, Viewst

“Don’t take it personally. Try to learn the lessons to avoid similar problems going forward. Sleep well before making up your mind about a hard decision or a hard choice. Lean on facts and not on your emotions.”

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8. Patrick McCarthy, Commissionly

“Learn from your mistakes. All the advice I have given above are lessons I have learned. If you give it your all and it still fails, you can still be proud of the effort. If you invest money and time only to do something half-baked, you will have regrets.”

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9. Josh Campbell, Human Improvement

“Realize very quickly that there will be many. Dust yourself off and get back out there.”

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10. Gonçalo Martins Ribeiro, YData

“Surround yourself with people that believe in what you do and encourage you to achieve more. It will be a painful journey, and you’ll need all the support available. Learn as fast as possible because failure is unavoidable.”

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