The Best Resources for Branding a Business

Best Resources for Branding a BusinessBranding is unavoidable. Brand perception is critical. These two parts of business should be tackled from the beginning, not avoided. Don’t worry, this is supposed to be the fun part of bringing your business idea to life.

We’re going to focus on the major branding triad – logo design, your website, and hard copy assets like business cards which are still astonishingly effective despite our digital paperless age. Along with each section we’ll cover the best resources for building a brand and directly link to our top reviews of them. Enjoy!


Business Website Builder

Getting a website up and running is nowhere near as hard/expensive as it used to be in the 2000-2010 era. Whether you need a simple agency-style site, a fully-functional ecommerce platform, or a responsive one-pager with a blog and contact form attached, the internet is getting somewhat simpler.

For business owners, it’s more about what users can’t see: analytics, dashboard, content publishing, how your widgets fit in, marketing automation and everything else involved with successfully running a website. Once again in the links below you can check out our reviews of the most highly-used website builder platforms or discover Wix which is an increasingly popular option.


Business Card Service

When was the last time you contacted someone via their business card? They’re not as common anymore, but maybe that’s one of the reasons they remain relevant. If you haven’t used them in a while, you’d be shocked at the possibilities thanks to online printing providers that don’t just make cards, but can brand entire kits and send them in the mail – brochures, stickers, postcards, etc.

You can keep it simple and conservative, or get really creative to further set yourself apart. It all comes down to branding, and using these forms of marketing assets to represent your company. Just keep an eye on costs because printing isn’t exactly cheap once you start throwing in tons of bells and whistles.

Questions to Ask Yourself

If your business had a mascot, what or who would it be?

It could be an animal, a historical figure, or a character you create out of thin air. We’ve all seen countless examples, the hard part is putting yours together. Look closely at your company environment and culture, there may already be something there you aren’t seeing.

What kinds of qualities or virtues does your company stand for?

All these types of words conjure feelings, images and pictures in our mind – like loyalty or transparency. What does the word “reliable” bring to mind for you? Word association can be a great exercise for fleshing out ideas for your brand logo.

Long term, what will your brand logo invoke in peoples’ minds?

Brand logos change and evolve over time in almost every case. And, in most cases what prompts these iterations are customer/user engagement and feedback. If you don’t have the information yet, just the process of putting yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes can help get the creative juices flowing.

What kinds of imagery should be associated with your brand?

Remember, there are no rules. Anything goes. But, by taking a closer look at brand logos you can start to see commonalities: unique designs, simplicity or levels of detail, color contrasts, sizes, etc. within your industry.