Top Venture Capital Firms in Singapore 2024


In the city-state of Singapore, known for its robust startup ecosystem, VC firms are continuously on the lookout for the next generation of businesses with substantial growth potential. Whether you’re in tech, biotech, or any other sector, these firms offer more than just financial backing; they lend expertise, mentorship, and a valuable network.

In this guide, we’ll highlight the top venture capital firms in Singapore that aren’t just the finance powerhouses of the region but also have a proven track record of backing the brightest and most innovative startups. 

Best Singapore VC Firms

Choosing a venture capital firm isn’t as simple as finding one with available funds. Rather, it’s about aligning business goals and building lasting partnerships that are mutually beneficial. A VC’s specialization, track record, and networking opportunities are just some of the factors to be considered.

In the next section, we’ll walk through a list of some of the best Singaporean VC firms, picked based on their investment portfolio, successful startups they’ve helped fund, industry focus, and overall reputation.

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1. Wavemaker Partners

  • Industries: Fintech, Agtech, Enterprise, Robotics
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Mindbody Business,, Gem

If you’re on the hunt for a venture capital firm with a strong track record in early-stage investments, Wavemaker Partners is the one to beat. Dual-headquartered in Los Angeles and Singapore, this cross-border powerhouse has poured over $600 million into more than 400 companies over the past 18 years. 

With an active presence in both Southern California and Southeast Asia, startups can leverage the firm’s broad network and breadth of expertise to fuel their own growth trajectories.

2. Jungle Ventures

  • Industries: Media, Fintech
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Livspace, Builder, Leap

Based in Southeast Asia, Jungle Ventures offers both early- and growth-stage funding supporting startups from infancy to maturity. Jungle Ventures is a firm that prides itself on a richly diverse portfolio, providing dynamic and versatile support for startups. 

Their consistent commitment to innovation paves the way for startups to break boundaries and make meaningful impacts in their respective markets.

3. Spiral Ventures

  • Industries: Education, Healthcare, Fintech, Mobility
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Kudo, PawnHero, First Circle

Established in 2012, Spiral Ventures began as a subsidiary of IMJ Corporation, eventually spinning off and operating independently as a venture capital firm. Offering an investment bridge between Asia and Japan, Spiral Ventures has robust operational capabilities in Southeast Asia and India through its Singapore headquarters. 

The company’s regional focus sets it apart, making it a particularly appealing choice for startups looking to target growth within these markets.

4. Vertex Ventures

  • Industries: SaaS, Deeptech, Insurtech, Fintech
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Metaview, Ambi Robotics

For early-stage founders who are breaking new ground in infrastructure and SaaS companies, Vertex Ventures can provide the much-needed fuel startups need for accelerated growth. Their portfolio spans software infrastructure, developer tools, data, security, and vertical SaaS. 

As part of a global network of venture capital funds, Vertex’s startups can tap into a wealth of experience and resources to catalyze their success.

5. KK Fund

  • Industries: Consumer, Healthtech
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Metareum, Motion Elements

KK Fund is a venture capital firm operating in Southeast Asia, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. It opens the door for early-stage tech startups to take flight and grow quickly across various industries, including blockchain, fintech, and edtech. 

With successful portfolio companies under their belt, KK Fund offers a solid foundation and support system for startups to achieve significant milestones.

6. Singtel Innov8

  • Industries: Gaming, Blockchain, Cloud, Enterprise Security
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Handprint, Intellect, Datahunter

Singtel Innov8 doesn’t just invest money in startups—it helps them grow. With an extra $100 million being funneled into tech innovation, this arm of the Singtel Group is poised to bolster its portfolio companies with funding, customer opportunities, and key partnerships. 

Startups looking for a venture capital firm that brings more to the table than just financial support will more than likely find significant value in a Singtel Innov8 partnership.

7. Quest Ventures

  • Industries: AI, Entertainment
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Carousell, Carro, Glife, Shopback

With an investment focus on the flourishing digital economy across Asia, Quest Ventures stands at the cutting edge of technological innovation. From artificial intelligence to ecommerce, their portfolio shows a diverse range of startups making waves in their respective markets. 

Backed by a commitment to social initiatives and industry transformation, Quest Ventures gives startups not just funding but also a platform for creating meaningful impact.

8. GIC

  • Industries: Real Estate, Infrastructure
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Quantexa, Syngene

As a global long-term investor, GIC has made a significant impact on Singapore’s foreign reserves since its establishment. With a workforce of over 2,100, this firm is known for its comprehensive investment strategies, which span across more than 40 countries. 

The primary benefit for startups lies in GIC’s focus on long term investing and specialization in sectors like technology, sustainability and risk management, making it a promising choice for startups with long term goals.

9. Insignia Ventures Partners

  • Industries: Consumer, Healthcare, Logistics, Proptech
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Aspire, Beam, Growthwell

Insignia Ventures Partners has made a name for itself in Southeast Asia as a venture capital firm that provides timely backing/funding for startups. They go beyond just financial investments and offer a wide range of additional resources like playbooks, frameworks, and even online courses to help steer businesses toward success. 

Startups have much to gain from their wide range of founder tools, such as a cap table calculator, term sheet generator, cybersecurity scanner, and much more.

10. Golden Gate Ventures

  • Industries: B2B, Edtech, Entertainment
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Carro, Stripe, Homage

Known for investing in early- and growth-stage companies since 2011, Golden Gate Ventures is based in Singapore but extends its influence across Southeast Asia. Notable companies in their portfolio include Carro, Stripe, Homage, Lifepack, Tititada, Finku, and Locofy. 

For startups having an association with Golden Gate Ventures could mean tapping into a larger network given its presence in major Southeast Asian markets.

11. Life.SREDA

  • Industries: Banking, Fintech, Enterprise Software
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Fastacash, Mobikon, Simple

Life.SREDA emphatically focuses on fintech and building and connecting fintech ecosystems across the globe. As a venture capital fund, it offers access to two of its funds: Life.SREDA I and Life.SREDA II. The bottom line is that any startups engaged in the fintech space would significantly benefit from their dedicated focus and the possibility of being part of a proven accelerator program.

12. JAFCO Asia

  • Industries: Media, Electronics
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Curaco, Grandsys

JAFCO Asia operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of JAFCO, extending its reach beyond Japan to Asia with a focus on technology companies. With headquarters in Singapore and additional offices in Chinese territories, it provides an extensive network for startups. 

The considerable experience they have had since 1990 makes it a very attractive option for startups interested in the tech sphere.

13. iGlobe Partners

  • Industries: Tech, Bio
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Aicent, Celestry, Hippo

Since 1999, iGlobe Partners has been scaling startups into global leaders with accumulated investments totaling over $400 million across five funds. With a portfolio spanning multiple different industries, they give startups access to a wide network and opportunities for global expansion. 

With their track record of developing unicorn companies, there’s a lot for startups to gain from their proficiency in nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship.

14. UOB Venture

  • Industries: Greentech, Technology
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Appier, Halodoc

UOB Venture Management is a prominent player in Southeast Asia and Greater China’s finance industry, providing financing to privately held companies through direct equity investment since 1992. They have a robust team with varied backgrounds and local presence that allow them to evaluate numerous companies in the ASEAN-China region annually. 

UOBVM’s ability to provide financial advice, management recruitment, and regulatory knowledge places startups in a secure position for growth and expansion.

15. Monk’s Hill Ventures

  • Industries: Healthtech, Fintech, Ecommerce, Edtech
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: CrediBook, Elsa, Escapex

Monk’s Hill Ventures is a Singapore-based venture capital firm with an eye for potential. Their focus on investing in tech startups during their early stages makes them ideal for entrepreneurs dreaming of making an impact through technological innovation. 

A major benefit offered by Monk’s Hill is their emphasis on backing entrepreneurs rather than just their business concepts, implying a commitment that goes beyond mere financial support.

16. Openspace

  • Industries: Consumer, Health, SaaS, Media
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Halodoc, FinAccel, Bonito

Openspace Ventures is a venture capital firm with an impressive commitment of $800 million to startups in Southeast Asia. Their focus on the intersection of technology and life sets them apart from the competition, targeting companies that aim to create transformative impact in sectors like consumer, healthcare, finance, and enterprise. 

They offer startups a key advantage with their “Active Intelligence” approach, which enables businesses to benefit from their close collaboration and singular focus on Southeast Asia.

17. Arbor Ventures

  • Industries: Big Data, Fintech
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Fundbox, Heyday, Beam 

Arbor Ventures brings international expertise to the table when partnering with innovators to build a smarter future. Their focus on supporting new discoveries and entrepreneurs creates a vibrant atmosphere of innovation and creativity. 

Arbor encourages risk-taking, acknowledging the bumpy journey associated with entrepreneurship; this ultimately results in startup founders getting a very understanding partner on their journey toward success – someone who knows what they’re going through and is actively there to help.

18. EDBI

  • Industries: Technology, Healthcare
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Biofourmis, Bitmain, Adamas

EDBI, known for its diverse investment portfolio, is a well-established firm that has partnered with a large number of innovative companies across multiple sectors for over three decades. They give entrepreneurs access to various sectors such as digital economy, healthcare, engineering, manufacturing, financial services, and urban solutions. 

With EDBI, startups can also get more than just financial support; other benefits include market & tech access, ecosystem growth, and talent support, which are all part of the package they provide to partnered startups.


  • Industries: Edtech, AI, Healthtech, Media
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: AngelList, BharatPe, 42 Cards

Beenext breaks geographical boundaries with its global community of passionate founders and investors. They have successfully invested in a vast number of companies across different countries and continents. 

For startups, BEENEXT offers the unique benefit of belonging to a global community where learning and idea exchange are facilitated, giving them access to a wealth of knowledge and experience from all over the globe.