Stripe Atlas vs. Clerky 2024

Stripe Atlas and Clerky review ratings.

Choosing the right formation service for your startup is a crucial step in getting your business off the ground. Two of the most popular online incorporation services for startups are Stripe Atlas and Clerky. Both offer incorporation services as well as additional perks to support your startup during launch and beyond.

If you’re weighing the two services to determine which is the right fit for your startup, we’ve got you covered with this Stripe Atlas vs. Clerky review that compares the pros and cons of each service, their included features, and more.

Stripe Atlas vs. Clerky: What Sets Them Apart

While both Stripe Atlas and Clerky offer formation services, the companies have unique approaches in how they offer their product. This includes differences in pricing, features, and plan options. Below, we’ve outlined the key differences between Stripe Atlas and Clerky. 

Plans Offered

Stripe Atlas offers only one formation package with options to renew some services for a fee while Clerky offers both a lifetime-access formation package and an á la carte option. 


The Stripe Atlas formation package is cheaper than Clerky’s primary formation package. However, you can opt to use Clerky’s pay-per-use options for a price decrease. 

Continuous Fees

In order to continue specific services with Stripe Atlas past the first year after formation, you’ll have to pay a $100 annual fee. In contrast, Clerky’s Company Lifetime Package grants business owners access to its suite of tools indefinitely. 

Types of Formation Services Offered

With Stripe Atlas, businesses can choose to form a limited liability company (LLC) or a C corporation (C corp) in Delaware. Clerky only offers incorporation services for C corps in Delaware. 

Stripe Atlas vs. Clerky: Similarities

Clerky and Stripe Atlas also have a few key similarities that make their services comparable, such as their included features.

Incorporation Services

Both services offer incorporation services, forming businesses as C corps in Delaware. 

Registered Agent Services

Stripe Atlas and Clerky both offer one free year of registered agent services when you form your business with their service. After the first year, Stripe Atlas charges $100 per year for continued registered agent services while Clerky charges $125 per year. 

Stock Issuance

Both services offer stock plan adoption features to help founders easily issue stock options to their employees or other desired parties. 

Clerky vs. Stripe Atlas: Customer Reviews

Clerky has very few reviews online and the reviews that are available offer a mixture of positive and negative customer experiences. The company has three out of five stars on Trustpilot and two out of five stars on G2.

Positive reviews praise Clerky’s excellent customer service and simplicity. However, negative reviews cite hidden charges. The company hasn’t responded to either positive or negative reviews online.

Here are some verified Clerky reviews (from Trustpilot and G2) by customers who used this formation service to help launch their business:

“Simple to get started, easy to understand, great continued customer service.”

“Excellent service!!! Recommend everyone! I have just registered a Delaware C corporation with them. Clerky provides excellent customer support and incredibly valuable services. I wish Clerky many good clients and prosperity in their business.”

“Hidden charges unscrupulous business practices, incredibly late with everything” 

Stripe Atlas has several five-star reviews praising their smooth incorporation process and fee structure. The company has responded to a handful of its online reviews both negative and positive.

Unfortunately, Stripe Atlas has only 2.5  out of five stars on Trustpilot with 43% of the reviews giving the service just one star. Many of Stripe Atlas’s negative reviews stem from unexpected account closures and poor customer service. However,  a fair number of reviews cite positive experiences using the service as well.

Here are some verified Stripe Atlas reviews (from Trustpilot) by customers who used this formation service to help launch their business:

“I was shocked to see so many 1 star reviews. My startup used Stripe Atlas to incorporate and it went as smooth as you could expect for a legal SaaS process. I had a question on a set of the forms which were emailed to us, I responded with a question, and had a personal response in under an hour.”

“The support system is amazing: we are using several services (Atlas, Payments, Invoices) and it has always been helpful. Extremely developer-friendly as well (amazing APIs, documentation, etc.). Definitely recommend!”

“My expectation was that I am part of the Stripe customer base but it turns out that Stripe Atlas is a separate customer group and I get referred to the Atlas part every time. I get the feeling I am being tossed around like when I deal with governmental organizations. Why is Stripe sending me email solicitations if I have to deal with Atlas. This just wastes my time.”

Clerky vs. Stripe Atlas: Pricing & Features

When comparing Stripe Atlas and Clerky, price and features are important considerations. Here’s how the two services stack up against each other: 

Stripe Atlas Pricing and Features

Pricing: $500 one-time fee

  • Choice between LLC or C corp formation in Delaware
  • Free first year of registered agent service ($100 each year following) 
  • Stock plan adoption 
  • 83(b) election filing
  • Stripe payment integration
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) filing and retrieval

Clerky Pricing and Features

Company Lifetime Package 

Pricing: $819 one-time fee

  • C corp formation in Delaware 
  • Expedited filing fees
  • Free first year of registered agent service ($125 each year following)
  • Annual report and franchise tax reminders 
  • Stock plan adoption 
  • Post-incorporation setup, including the election of board directors and bylaw adoption 

Pay-Per-Use Incorporation 

Pricing: $427 one-time fee 

  • C Corp formation in Delaware 
  • Expedited filing fees 
  • Free first year of registered agent service 
  • Annual report and franchise tax reminders 

Pay-Per-Use Post-Incorporation Setup 

Pricing: $299 one-time fee 

  • Action of Incorporator document
  • Bylaws creation
  • Initial board consent
  • Pre-filled 83(b) election and filing instructions

Clerky has more plan options than Stripe Atlas, offering two á la carte options for incorporation and post-incorporation services. While the Stripe Atlas formation package is cheaper than Clerky’s Company Lifetime Package, you’ll have to pay $100 annually to Stripe Atlas after the first year to continue registered agent services and access document templates and partner perks. 

Clerky’s Company Lifetime Package, on the other hand, grants founders unlimited lifetime access to its suite of features and products, making it an overall better deal. Additionally, Clerky offers features for both foreign LLCs to register in their home state and non-US businesses to obtain an EIN and secure a business bank account. 

The Bottom Line

While Stripe Atlas and Clerky are both solid choices for incorporation services for startups, Clerky offers more value in its Company Lifetime Package than Stripe Atlas’s formation package. Furthermore, businesses looking for á la carte formation or post-formation services can secure them through Clerky for only $299 to $427 per use. 

Recommended: Incorporate your startup today with Clerky and benefit from reliable incorporation services and lifetime access to business perks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clerky worth it?

While Clerky is more expensive than some competitors, the provider’s offering of lifetime access to their features and services makes it worth the price. Clerky’s also boasts reliable incorporation services, ensuring your business is formed correctly. 

How much does Stripe Atlas cost?

To incorporate a business with Stripe Atlas, you’ll need to buy their formation package for$500. 

What is the difference between Stripe and Stripe Atlas?

Stripe Atlas is a formation and business services platform launched by fintech company Stripe, which is known for their payment processing and financial services for businesses.