Clerky Review 2024 — Is It Right for Your Startup?

Clerky review.

Incorporation is a crucial first step to launching your startup, but before you can form your company, you need to determine the right incorporation service for your business’s unique needs. But, with a number of options available, it can be difficult to identify the best choice. 

In this guide, we will walk you through Clerky, a startup-focused incorporation service, and look at what the service has to offer and how it matches up against the competitors. 

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Pros and Cons of Clerky


  • Several Included Services: Employer Identification Number (EIN), registered agent, and annual report filing services are all free with Clerky. 
  • Post-Incorporation Resources: Clerky’s services extend beyond formation from charter amendments to board consents. 
  • Fundraising Support: Clerky offers a variety of fundraising tools, including a financing checklist, signature escrow, and fully customizable safes and convertible notes.
  • Hiring Help: Legal paperwork needed for employees, advisors, and consultants are all accessible on the Clerky platform. 
  • A La Carte Pricing Options: If you’re looking for formation services alone, Clerky has pay-per-service pricing options available.


  • More Expensive Than Some Competitors: While Clerky offers pay-per-use formation services starting at $99, to utilize their entire suite of services, you’ll have to pay considerably more. 
  • Additional Legal Assistance Potentially Needed: While Clerky can help streamline some of the legal documentation requirements for your startup, you may still need the help of an attorney. 
  • Additional Home State Fees: To register to do business in your home state (outside of Delaware), you will be required to pay an additional fee. 

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Clerky Pricing and Features

As a startup-centric formation service, Clerky’s features are geared towards supporting founders in launching and maintaining their startups. Their formation services offer the standard functions, one year of registered agent service, annual report filing, and EIN service. However, the real benefit of using Clerky’s service is its post-incorporation resources, such as its legal dashboard, that can help with fundraising and hiring. 

Here are Clerky’s core product offerings: 

Core Products

  • Company Lifetime Package — $819 one-time fee 
    • Incorporation 
    • Expedited filing fees 
    • One year of registered agent services 
    • Annual report and franchise tax reminders 
    • Post-Incorporation set-up services 
  • Pay-per-Use Incorporation $99 plus third-party fees 
    • Incorporation 
    • Expedited filing fees
    • One year of registered agent services
    • Annual report and franchise tax reminders 
  • Pay-per-Use Post-Incorporation Setup — $299 one-time fee 
    • Action of incorporator 
    • Bylaws 
    • Initial board consent 
    • Notices of stock issuance 
    • Restricted stock purchase agreements 

Clerky also offers al la carte foreign qualification and stock plan adoption services at an additional cost. Overall, customers receive far more features and benefits from their Company Lifetime Package over the pay-per-use options.  

Clerky Reviews

Comparing pricing and features is important, but hearing from customers who have actually used the service is invaluable to understanding the customer experience you can expect. 

While there aren’t a large number of reviews available for Clerky online, there were a few customers sharing both positive and negative experiences with the service. 

Here are some verified customer reviews from Trustpilot and G2 about Clerky: 

“Excellent service!!! Recommend everyone! I have just registered a Delaware C-Corporation with them. Clerky provides excellent customer support and incredibly valuable services. I wish Clerky many good clients and prosperity in their business.”

"Hidden charges, unscrupulous business practices, incredibly late with everything."

"Quick and easy way to incorporate"

Clerky Alternatives

Clerky offers a variety of additional features for startups beyond incorporation, but that doesn’t mean it is a perfect fit for your startup if you’re on a budget. See how Clerky matches up against competitor 


$819 One-Time Fee (Company Lifetime Package) or $99+ Third-Party Fees = $427 (Pay-per-Use Formation)

Best For: Startup founders looking for extensive post-incorporation services.


$399 One-Time Fee

Best For: Startups looking for combined incorporation, banking, and compliance services. 

Not all startups opt for incorporation. If you think a limited liability company (LLC) might be a better fit for your business, we recommend Northwest Registered Agent

Final Thoughts on Clerky

Clerky is a great option for startup founders seeking extensive resources beyond formation. Specifically, resources to streamline the hiring, fundraising, and stock issuance process after the corporation is formed. However, for entrepreneurs looking for a simpler formation service, a cheaper alternative may be a better option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clerky?

Clerky is a startup-focused formation service offering incorporation and post-incorporation services. Built to grow with a startup, Clerky provides a litany of services for fundraising, hiring, stock issuance, and more beyond the incorporation stage. 

Who is the founder of Clerky?

Chris Field and Darby Wong are the co-founders of Clerky. 

When was Clerky founded?

Clerky was founded in 2011 by Chris Field and Darby Wong. 

What is a reviewer in Clerky?

When using Clerky, a reviewer is someone closely related to the business, typically an attorney, who confirms information before document drafts are created. 

How do I add a reviewer in Clerky?

To add a reviewer in Clerky, simply click “Review Information” in the workflow of your document set, then select “Add Review” and enter the reviewer’s email address.