Stripe Atlas Review 2024 — Is It Right for Your Startup?

Stripe Atlas review.

A formation service takes the headache out of structuring your business, leaving you with more time and energy to focus on your new business. Stripe Atlas is a popular startup formation service offering C corporation and LLC formation, but is it right for your startup? 

Keep reading for a comprehensive overview of Stripe Atlas’ features and pricing, advantages, and disadvantages to determine if this is the right formation service for your startup. 

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Pros & Cons of Stripe Atlas


  • Community Benefits: Customers gain access to the Stripe Atlas Community of founders and leaders. 
  • Access to Stripe Products: By forming your startup with Stripe Atlas you gain access to the Stripe payments platform. 
  • Tax Features Included: Stripe Atlas includes an employer identification number (EIN) and 83(b) election filing included in their services. 
  • Makes Formation Simple: Using a formation service like Stripe Atlas to structure your business saves time and effort. 
  • Included Discounts: Customers receive free credits for discounts from Stripe partners. 


  • Higher Cost Than Some Competitors: Stripe Atlas costs more than competing incorporation services offering similar features. 
  • Only Specific Business Structures Offered: Stripe Atlas only offers services for C corporation and LLC formation, which may not suit every company's initial ownership structure.
  • Business Model Requirements: In order to use Stripe Atlas’ services, you are required to have a defined business model. 

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Stripe Atlas Pricing & Features

Stripe Atlas costs more than competitors. The service costs a $500 setup fee (plus Delaware state filing fees), which includes formation, state filing, stock issuance, EIN registration, and one year of registered agent services. Then, $100 each year after for registered agent services. 

Stripe Atlas website

Core Products

Included with Stripe Atlas’ $500 setup fee: 

  • Business formation 
  • Stock issuance documents
  • One year of free registered agent services 
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) filing 
  • Access to the Strip platform for payment processing 
  • IRS 83(b) election

Stripe Atlas’ pricing isn’t competitive. However, in addition to a suite of formation services, customers also gain access to the Stripe Atlas Community Membership as well as document templates for hiring, selling, and business management.

How It Works

Stripe Atlas website

Starting your business with Stripe Atlas involves a straightforward yet comprehensive incorporation process designed to streamline the formation of your startup. Here's a quick overview on how it unfolds:

Account Creation

The journey begins by creating a Stripe Atlas account. This initial step is crucial as it serves as the gateway to accessing the platform's array of services tailored for startup formation.

Information Submission

Stripe Atlas requires detailed information about your company, its founders, and the intended ownership structure. This includes choosing between forming a Delaware C Corporation, Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), or a C Corporation subsidiary.

You'll then need to provide a legal name for your company, a brief description, and optionally, a company website. If applicable, details about an existing parent company are also necessary.

Documentation and Filing

After submitting your information, Stripe Atlas generates template entity formation documents based on the details provided. These documents are crucial for legally establishing your company and include necessary filings with the appropriate government offices.

It's important to review and ensure accuracy in this information, as corrections post-submission may require legal assistance. You can keep everything organized and track progress using your Stripe dashboard.

Payment and Fees

Stripe Atlas charges a $500 fee for company incorporation, which covers the creation of your company, stock issuance (for corporations), and the appointment of Stripe as your registered agent for the first year. An annual fee of $100 is required thereafter for continued registered agent services.

Tax ID Registration

Part of the service includes assisting your company in obtaining a Tax ID (Employer Identification Number or EIN) from the IRS, which is essential for various operations, including opening a business checking account and filing taxes.

Legal Document Access

Upon the successful formation of your company, Stripe Atlas provides access to essential legal documents, such as the Certificate of Incorporation for C Corporations or formation documents for LLCs, alongside governance documents like bylaws or operating agreements.

Additional Tips

When navigating the setup and ongoing management of your startup with Stripe Atlas, here are some additional tips that can help you maximize the benefits of the service and ensure compliance with relevant regulations:

Understand the Importance of 83(b) Elections

If you're issued stock that's subject to a vesting schedule, be aware of the critical timing for Section 83(b) elections. You must mail your election no later than 30 calendar days after the stock is issued, with no exceptions. This deadline includes weekends and holidays, counting from the day after your stock issuance. Missing this deadline could lead to significant tax implications, so it's crucial to act promptly.

Consult with Legal Professionals

While Stripe Atlas provides a comprehensive framework for starting your business, it's not a substitute for personalized legal, tax, or accounting advice. Engaging with a legal expert or lawyer can provide you with tailored advice that considers your specific business circumstances, helping you navigate complex legal landscapes and make informed decisions.

Leverage Partnerships

Stripe Atlas partners with a variety of companies, including legal services, to offer additional resources and discounts to its users. Take advantage of these partnerships to access expert legal advice (e.g., on topics like corporate income tax, obligations, etc.), financial services like opening a business bank account (Stripe partners with Mercury bank), and other essential tools that can support the growth and sustainability of your startup.

Stay Informed and Compliant

Keeping up-to-date with legal and tax requirements (e.g., the need to pay corporate tax) is crucial for the health of your startup. Use the resources provided by Stripe Atlas and its partners to stay informed about your obligations, especially as they evolve with your business growth.

Essentially, think beyond the initial setup of your company. Consider how decisions made today, such as the choice between a Delaware C corp and an LLC, will impact your business in the long term. Planning for future scenarios can help you pivot and scale more effectively as opportunities arise.

Review and Update Business Information Regularly

Ensure that your business information, including company structure, ownership details, and contact information, is accurate and up-to-date on your Stripe account. Regular reviews of incorporation documents can help you avoid compliance issues and streamline operations as your business evolves.

These tips, combined with the comprehensive services provided by Stripe Atlas, can help set a solid foundation for your startup and support its growth trajectory.

Stripe Atlas Reviews

While Stripe’s formation service, Stripe Atlas, didn’t have many customer reviews online, there are a large number of reviews for Stripe itself. The company received a 3.0 on TrustPilot with mixed reviews about its customer support and account security. However, the company has responded to 86% of negative reviews. 

Here are some verified customer reviews from Trustpilot by people who used Stripe: 

“Overall Stripe will perform everything I need. However, there are times I wish it was a little easier to understand how to set certain things up. (i.e. subscriptions, recurring payments. etc.)” 

“I am utterly disappointed with the lack of professionalism and accountability from Stripe. Despite submitting all required documents multiple times, my Stripe business account remains unverified. I have reached out to their customer care support repeatedly, but each time I'm met with vague responses and no solutions.”

“We are happy with our payment processing, that all goes very smoothly. We do find the reports/analyticals a bit challenging to work with and the overall "backend" of the site to be cumbersome.”

“Solid payment system though I was having an issue and trying to get a live person to assist me was virtually impossible. The only method of communication was via email and my repeated requests for a customer representative to reach by phone were ignored. Issue was eventually resolved but their customer support has room for improvement.”

Stripe Atlas Alternatives

Choosing the right formation service for your startup is an important step in launching your business. While Stripe Atlas offers some benefits to startups, here’s how it stands up to competitor 

Stripe Atlas

$500 Setup Fee

Best for: Startup founders looking to grow their network. 


$399 One-Time Fee

Best for: Startups seeking an extensive suite of features. is a great choice for incorporating a startup but if you think an LLC might be a better structure for your business, we recommend Northwest Registered Agent

Final Thoughts on Stripe Atlas

Stripe Atlas is a great incorporation option for startup founders looking to build their network of fellow founders. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper option or more robust features, another startup formation service may be for you.

To explore more options, visit our review of the best incorporation services for startups.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stripe Atlas?

Stripe Atlas is a business formation service offered by Stripe, a fintech platform for businesses. 

Is Stripe Atlas legit?

Stripe Atlas is a verified payment platform and formation service used by entrepreneurs in over 140 countries. 

How long does Stripe Atlas take?

According to Stripe’s website, applying for Stripe Atlas services only takes ten minutes in their app. 

Does Stripe Atlas set up a bank account?

No, Stripe Atlas does not automatically set up a business bank account when forming. However, users are able to establish a Mercury bank account (Stripe’s partner,) after company formation.

Is Stripe Atlas expensive?

Stripe Atlas is more expensive than many competitors at $500 plus $100 per year after the first year for registered agent fees. You can explore more budget-friendly options in our list of Stripe Atlas alternatives.

What are the benefits of Stripe Atlas?

Forming your business with Stripe Atlas grants you access to their community of founders, the Stripe payment platform, and one year of registered agent services for free. Beyond networking and payments perks, Stripe Atlas aims to simplify the entire process of establishing your company as a legal business entity. This saves you the hassle of DIY incorporation.