Top 3 IncFile Alternatives

IncFile, as an online business formation service, has prices that are nearly impossible to beat. Not only do they have some of the lowest formation rates out there — starting at just $49 — they also provide a full year of registered agent service with all packages, and charge only $119 per year for a registered agent after that.

However, they might not be the right service for you. To be prudent, let’s look at three solid IncFile alternatives that are popular and professional as well - Rocket Lawyer, LegalZoom, and Harbor Compliance. Enjoy!


#1 Rocket Lawyer - $99

Rocket Lawyer runs a bit differently from other business formation services, operating off a monthly subscription model. Sure, you can also just order business formation from Rocket Lawyer for $99, but the subscription is where the best features are. For $39.95 per month, Rocket Lawyer includes a truckload of services that go well beyond the scope of simple document filing into compliance and management. In fact, they offer consultations with genuine business attorneys at far more affordable rates than the conventional method of working with a law firm. If you just need to form a business, plain and simple, Rocket Lawyer probably isn’t for you. However, if you foresee requiring ongoing legal or compliance assistance, give Rocket Lawyer a few minutes of your time. They could be a huge asset for you long-term as a business owner.

Rocket Lawyer logo

#2 LegalZoom - $149

Do you place a high value on experience? Look no further than LegalZoom. Over the years, nearly 4 million customers have turned to LegalZoom for assistance with a number of legal needs, including business formation. No competing company even comes close to the level of experience offered by LegalZoom. Also, if you’re looking for more fully-featured filing options, but aren’t interested in Rocket Lawyer’s subscription model, LegalZoom is a nice fit. Their base-level formation package is $149, but it includes some features IncFile’s $49 package doesn’t, like an operating agreement and a financial resolution.

LegalZoom logo

#3 Harbor Compliance - $399

Finally, we get to Harbor Compliance. Business formation with Harbor Compliance isn’t cheap, starting at $399, but take a quick look at their customer reviews and you’ll understand why. Harbor Compliance is known for their elite customer service, as they assign a Compliance Specialist to every customer. No more waiting on hold with anonymous call centers — with Harbor Compliance, you talk to the same person every time you call and build an actual relationship! If you like the idea of personal, professional, ongoing compliance assistance from a knowledgeable representative, Harbor Compliance might just be the best option for you.

Harbor Compliance logo

Which Is Best For You?

IncFile or Rocket Lawyer? LegalZoom or Harbor Compliance? These are the final questions that we just can’t answer for you. Any of them are fine options for starting your business, and they all have slightly different approaches that may fit your company to varying degrees. No matter which one you choose, you’ll receive quick and reliable service from a reputable company. Still, it’s no fun if we don’t pick a favorite, right? Overall, we like Rocket Lawyer as the top IncFile alternative. We appreciate the flexibility of their pricing and subscription model, and the access to legal professionals that Rocket Lawyer provides to all of their subscribers.