IncFile Alternatives: Top 3

Online Incorporation AlternativesEven though we absolutely adore this company, to be fair we wanted you to have 3 IncFile alternatives so your options are open. Confidence is critical as you take this big step with your business.

Now, just a couple things before we dive in. First, none of these options are better or worse than IncFile, they just have their own approach to the incorporation process and offer different packages, features, etc. Secondly, and what’s most important, is that no matter who you choose, at the end of the day you and your brand will be in good hands.



CorpNet is a smart, reliable and affordable document filing company founded by a husband-wife team from Southern California in 2008. Although it doesn’t offer legal, tax or financial advice/service, CorpNet is one of the best online incorporation providers for small businesses trying to save on cost yet wanting quality service.

  • Like LegalZoom, or IncFile, or Rocket Lawyer…incorporating with CorpNet is risk-free, stress-less, and quick.
  • CorpNet Coupons. CorpNet is the only incorporation service that provides customers with loads and loads of cost-saving coupons. You can even use them for your deluxe and complete packages for up to 10% off.


LegalZoom is one of the pioneers in the online incorporation industry. Founded in March 2001 by Brian P. Y. Liu, Brian S. Lee, Edward R. Hartman, and Robert Shapiro. Since then LegalZoom has become a well-known brand with an army entrepreneur fans worldwide.

  • 100% satisfaction: Out of the tens of thousands of startups and small businesses they’ve worked with, were 100% of them pleased? No. But the vast majority are. LegalZoom stands behind their guarantees.
  • Legal Network: Looking for the best lawyer in town? Sign-up with LegalZoom and the company will help you connect with a lawyers and business professionals to solve or address any concern.
  • Simple Process: Over the years they’ve refined and optimized their process to make it as easy, intuitive, and user-friendly as humanly possible.

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is a full service online legal-tech provider that helps businesses and individuals create legal documents, connect with a lawyer and incorporate the easy way. The company was founded by Charley Moore in August 2008 and is currently based in San Francisco.

  • Fast Incorporation: Compared to other incorporation providers, Rocket Lawyer offers an efficient and swift way of processing your registration. The company organizes and prepares your work without delay and makes sure you’re in the loop. You don’t have to wait for weeks or months in the dark!
  • Easy Compliance: Complying with state/federal requirements after incorporation can be stressful. With Rocket Lawyer, you get a Registered Agent service to do the heavy lifting.
  • Continued Support: You can obtain and sign contracts online, talk to an attorney, and be guided on certain legal procedures throughout the lifespan of your company.

Ready To Get Started?

Open for BusinessMost of you competitors will put off the process of incorporation for way too long. Protect yourself, safeguard your brand, take massive action and get to the next level now instead of waiting for years. The desire to become an officially recognized and incorporated company is as old as the entrepreneurial spirit. Take the leap and incorporate your company today, or at least begin the process.

Any of these IncFile alternatives will do, but if you want our honest opinion it’s pretty hard to top them for a large variety of reasons. Get the ball rolling!