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Step 1) Pick an Appropriate Business Structure to Incorporate

Why Incorporate a BusinessThere are several types of business structures you can incorporate when starting a business in Connecticut.  Picking the appropriate one is crucial to the existence of your business.

The taxes you pay, the amount of required paperwork, your capacity to raise money, and the personal liability of your business all depend on the type of structure you choose. When incorporating in Connecticut, make sure you choose the right structure the first time.

Use this guide to select the best structure to meet your needs.  It will walk you through the process of picking a business structure when starting a business in Connecticut. The advantages and disadvantages of each structure will be discussed to help you gain perspective as you start your business.


Step 2) Use the Guide for Your Business Structure

Business WebsiteOnce you have chosen the structure that best meets your needs, proceed to incorporating your business.

Once you incorporate, you are legally registered as a business entity operating under a specific structure (LLC, Corporation, Non-Profit). Learn how to incorporate in Connecticut using the following guides:


To-Do After Incorporating in Connecticut

Congratulations! You have followed the steps above and are officially a Connecticut business owner. Here are 5 additional steps to help you run a successful business.

1) Prepare Your Business for Success

Write a Business PlanWriting a business plan when starting a business is similar to writing a map to find a hidden treasure.

It may not guarantee that you will succeed, but it will bring you several steps closer to success. Writing a business plan isn’t rocket science. Write one with the help of the resources below:

Quick Resources to Writing a Business Plan:


2) Open a Business Bank Account

Best Business Bank AccountAs a new business owner, you need to keep your business and personal finances separate by opening a separate bank account. This keeps your finances simple and separate in the eyes of the law.

Opening a business account can help you keep finances on track. You should still monitor your ins and outs, putting your profits and assets where they belong.

There are many options available, from Bank of America to Chase. For a quick outline of the best place to open a business bank account, see this quick review.


3) Build a Business Website

Build a Business WebsiteThe next step when starting a Connecticut business is to build a website. This will give you added credibility and help future customers find out more about your products or services.

Use WordPress to create your website without hiring an expensive web designer or building everything from scratch. WordPress is a great option to create a customized business website without having any tech skills. Walk through the entire process with this step-by-step guide.


4) Continue Learning as a Business Owner

Continue LearningWhen you are done with the Connecticut incorporation process, keep in mind that it is your responsibility to continue learning as a Connecticut startup owner.

Continuing education will ensure that your business thrives despite new trends and competition. Jumpstart your knowledge of entrepreneurship by following the links below.

Please keep in mind that this article is not legal advice and is for information purposes only. If you have any questions about the process of starting a new business, speak with a professional.