11 Best Finance YouTube Channels for Entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur, you need to be on top of your finance game and stay informed about the latest trends and insights in finance. Starting on a self-education journey that allows you to dig deeper into the financial realm doesn’t have to be daunting, though; you certainly aren’t alone in it. There are several YouTube channels that can provide tips, strategies, and the wisdom needed to propel your startup to lasting success.

In this guide, we’ll explore each of these channels in detail, discussing their unique strengths and why you should add them to your daily rotation.

Top Finance YouTube Channels to Watch in 2024

Finance YouTube can offer invaluable insights and advice specifically tailored for entrepreneurs like you. Below are the best finance YouTube channels that are both enlightening and engaging, making them an ideal resource for startups.

1. MarketWatch

As a go-to resource for financial insights, the YouTube channel MarketWatch offers a wide range of practical advice, strategies, and ideas on different aspects of finance. With topics ranging from how teenagers can plan for retirement to the nuances of passive versus active investing, this channel caters to audiences of all ages and levels of financial know-how. It strives to present complicated financial concepts in an easily understandable manner and paves the way for anyone, including startups, to make more informed decisions.

MarketWatch places emphasis on its pragmatic and detail-oriented approach. With the channel’s expert analysis and data-driven content, their videos provide relevant and practical knowledge that can be of significant help to entrepreneurs. Whether it’s exploring the world of bonds or understanding tax laws, MarketWatch helps startups navigate complex financial terrain with more confidence.

2. Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is an impressive collection of financial news, trends, and analyses. It offers real-time stock market coverage and dives into critical economic issues, giving viewers a comprehensive perspective of the global financial landscape. It also features interviews with industry leaders and experts who explore various financial topics. This breadth of content makes it an excellent resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of finance, including startups.

The channel’s explicit focus on keeping its audience updated with financial happenings around the globe makes it a must-watch for entrepreneurs. The discussions around economic agendas and their influence on markets are particularly useful for startups as they provide context to market trends and potential investment opportunities. Yahoo Finance, in essence, equips entrepreneurs with the knowledge necessary to navigate the financial world confidently.

3. Ryan Scribner

Ryan Scribner’s YouTube channel is a collection of ingenious tips on managing finances effectively. Known for his approachable style of explaining complex financial concepts, Scribner covers a wide array of topics ranging from side hustles and passive income ideas to in-depth investment strategies. His channel is tailored to make financial education accessible to everyone.

This channel stands out because of its focus on actionable advice. His videos on diversifying income streams or exploring novel investment avenues are peppered with tips that viewers can implement right away. This emphasis on practicality makes the channel a great guide for startups beginning their financial journey.

4. ClearValue Tax

ClearValue Tax is a niche YouTube Channel that primarily focuses on making taxes less intimidating. From step-by-step tax filing guides to IRS updates and inflation reports, the channel offers a wealth of information and knowledge. The content is designed to decode the often confusing world of taxes for everyday people, making it a great tool for startups and small business owners.

ClearValue Tax especially distinguishes itself with its clarity and simplicity in presenting intricate tax-related issues. Whether it’s diving into the implications of new fiscal policies or providing tips on how to avoid being charged by the IRS, ClearValue Tax covers it all without overwhelming its audience.

5. Money & Macro

The Money & Macro YouTube channel is a treasure trove of financial and economic information, and the best part is that it always provides a thorough explanation of complex subjects. It carefully analyzes global economic trends, touching on a number of topics such as inflation, digital currencies, and in-depth analysis of various countries’ economies. This makes it a great resource for startups and entrepreneurs looking to keep a finger on the pulse of the financial world, enabling them to make more informed business decisions.

In addition to offering valuable insights into the dynamics of the global economy, Money & Macro makes these subjects accessible to a broad audience. The channel succeeds in breaking down potentially daunting economic content into understandable, bite-sized pieces. This emphasis on clarity and comprehension makes it an ideal learning platform for both budding and established entrepreneurs alike.

6. The Plain Bagel

If you’re after simple, clear-cut insights into finance and investing, then The Plain Bagel YouTube channel is just that. As its name implies, the goal of this channel is to strip back the jargon and complexity often associated with finance, making it an excellent resource for startups and entrepreneurs. From analyses of current market trends to reactions to financial TikToks, The Plain Bagel covers a broad spectrum of content designed to educate and engage its viewers.

One of The Plain Bagel’s unique offerings is its focus on real-life applications of financial knowledge. Notably, it provides a step-by-step guide to fundamental investment analysis – a skill set that can greatly benefit entrepreneurs looking to navigate their financial journey. With its commitment to explaining the ins and outs of finance in an uncomplicated manner, The Plain Bagel is a must-watch channel for professionals at all levels of business growth.

7. Patrick Boyle

Patrick Boyle’s YouTube channel brings a fresh perspective to the financial YouTube scene. Distinguished by his engaging storytelling approach, Boyle guides viewers through the economic landscape with depth in everything he teaches. This channel touches on a wide variety of topics, such as economics, emerging markets, and even the financial implications of geopolitical events.

In offering detailed insights into the world of finance, Patrick Boyle’s channel can be incredibly valuable for startups and entrepreneurs. Boyle’s content is not only informative but also contextual, helping viewers understand how macroeconomic events can impact business operations. With its consistently updated content, the channel ensures that viewers always stay up to date with the latest in finance, making it a vital resource in the fast-paced entrepreneurial world.

8. Bigger Pockets

The Bigger Pockets YouTube channel is a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to dip their toes into the real estate market, whether for your business or personally. With a focus on rental property investment, the channel offers key insights into market dynamics, financial strategies, and practical tips that can turn novices into seasoned investors.

Offering content like “Steps to Investing in Real Estate” and “How to Buy Your First Rental Property,” the channel positions itself as the go-to resource for property investing. For startups and entrepreneurs who are considering venturing into real estate, either as their core business or an additional income stream, Bigger Pockets provides the knowledge and confidence to make that leap.

9. The Financial Diet

The Financial Diet is a breath of fresh air for viewers, new entrepreneurs, and business owners looking to learn about the world of money management. With its commitment to open discussions about personal finance this channel offers a refreshing change from how money is typically talked about. The Financial Diet’s videos dive into a broad range of financial topics and provide practical advice on wealth building, discuss the societal effect on our shopping habits, and even explore the ethics of being a landlord. 

In addition to advice on managing personal finances and wealth building, The Financial Diet also puts attention on the societal and cultural aspects of finances. Budget travel tips, the impact of social media on childhood, and insights into shopping culture are merely glimpses into the variety of topics tackled by this channel.

10. Graham Stephan

Graham Stephan’s YouTube cleverly intertwines humor with financial education, providing an engaging learning experience for his viewers. His content covers comprehensive financial concepts ranging from wealth generation to smart investing. What makes his channel particularly interesting for startups is that he doesn’t shy away from sharing his personal successes and failures in wealth building. Step-by-step guides on the stock market and investing, understanding housing market dynamics, and the progression of Graham’s own coffee company are just a few examples of the content found in his videos.

This channel isn’t just about building wealth; it’s about maintaining it through smart decisions. Stephan provides insights into potential market shifts and advises viewers on how to best prepare for them. The channel explores diverse subjects like housing, the influence of consumer spending habits on the economy, and even the implications of federal rate hikes on stock values.

11. WhiteBoard Finance

With a mission to provide “financial education that doesn’t suck,” WhiteBoard Finance has positioned itself as a go-to source for clear and engaging content on a wide range of financial topics. The channel owner, Marco, simplifies complex financial concepts into digestible chunks, perfect for entrepreneurs who are just beginning their financial education journey. The topics include understanding compound interest, predicting stock market trends, and assessing the impact of consumer debt on the economy.

What sets WhiteBoard Finance apart is its utilization of current trends and predictions to establish a wider understanding of finance. With videos discussing the impact of a Bitcoin ETF approval on considerations for investing in AI, this channel ensures that its viewers stay ahead of the curve. It doesn’t merely tackle traditional financial topics but dives into futuristic ideas that could redefine the financial landscape.

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