10 Best Tech YouTube Channels for Entrepreneurs

Man filming tech video for YouTube.

If you want to stay updated with the ever-evolving tech landscape, good news: there’s a whole world of knowledge that’s just a click away when you step into the world of tech YouTube. But with millions of videos to choose from, where do you begin?

In this list of the 10 best tech YouTube channels, we’ve highlighted some of the top creators that offer a blend of expert insights and engaging hosts to fuel your passion and guide you through your entrepreneurial journey.

Top Tech YouTube Channels to Watch in 2024

Staying informed on tech can be a challenge, especially for entrepreneurs. That’s where the best tech YouTube channels come into play. These channels offer knowledge and insights that can help startups navigate the “turbulent seas” of technology. 

Whether you’re hunting for the latest market trends, looking for advice on growth hacking, or just wanting to satiate your curiosity about the latest gadgets, these tech channels have got you covered. Let’s dive in!

1. The Verge

Arguably a titan in the tech world, The Verge thrives on providing viewers with an in-depth look into the ever-evolving field of technology. From reviewing the latest gadgets and gizmos, digging into artificial intelligence’s implications on art, exploring a day in the life of a CEO at massive tech companies like Roblox and Rivian, and showcasing futuristic innovations, The Verge is a haven for tech enthusiasts and startups alike. Its content is as engaging as it is enlightening, truly capturing the pulse of an industry that refuses to stand still.

The beauty of The Verge is not just in its vast amount of covered topics but also in its ability to make complex concepts accessible. Startups can get an invaluable wealth of knowledge about current trends, industry standards, and emerging technological innovations, which could potentially influence their entrepreneurial journey. 

As the tech world continues to grow exponentially, The Verge stays at its forefront, giving startups a seat at the table as we venture into the uncharted territories of technological advancement.

2. TechCrunch

Famed for its unique content touching on every facet of the technology industry, TechCrunch gives viewers a unique perspective on developments and news in the tech world. From deep dives into how AI companies can learn from Web3 to live discussions with industry giants like Shaquille O’Neal at TechCrunch Disrupt events, there’s an endless amount of information for startups and entrepreneurs. The channel also provides intriguing insights into how tech companies like Instagram grew massively despite having a lean team of engineers.

TechCrunch isn’t just about giving out information though; it provokes thought and fosters discussion around these topics. With podcasts and roundtable discussions, it dares to question, understand, and predict where tech is headed in a way that very few platforms do. Because of this, startups can glean valuable insights into venture markets, strategies for building capital-intensive startups, and future trends in sectors like AI, quantum computing, and embedded finance. 

In the fast-paced world of tech, TechCrunch is an essential pit stop for any startup wanting to stay informed and innovative.

3. Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy is a channel that delivers on its premise – offering engaging and exciting unboxing videos of a wide array of tech products ranging from affordable gadgets to high-end devices. The channel brings a unique blend of entertainment and review-based content, making it a great resource for startups and budding entrepreneurs alike. While primarily focused on unboxing the latest devices, like the reMarkable 2 or the Ultimate Galaxy PC, the channel also gives viewers a chance to win some neat tech through their giveaway events.

What truly sets Unbox Therapy apart is its candid and straightforward approach to reviews. Their content is simple and engaging and provides a real-time user experience with each product, making it an excellent source of information for startups set on understanding the practical functionality of different tech products. Their showcases of emerging tech products and exclusive first looks also offer startups an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in terms of current market offerings and future trends in the tech industry.

4. Coding with Lewis

Coding with Lewis is a goldmine for anyone interested in understanding the more granular aspects of the coding universe while also gaining insight into broader tech discussion. Video content ranges from practical coding project ideas for beginners through advanced levels, explanations of why games lag, and discussions on the journey of becoming a self-taught programmer. The channel combines both practical coding guidance and thought-provoking discussions on pressing/current topics like Web3.

Since the tech startup scene is often dominated by developers and programmers, Coding with Lewis provides valuable insights into this world. For startups especially, resources on how to build your AI app, coding takes, and predictions about emerging trends in Python could be beneficial in defining new tech strategies. And, with live streams that even include company startup work, the channel provides a well-rounded view of the life of a tech entrepreneur and programmer, thus making it an excellent resource for any tech-based startup.

5. Fireship

Fireship is an incredible channel (mixed with humor and puns) for those passionate about the tech world. This YouTube channel gives deep dives into tech concepts and technologies with videos ranging from explorations of advanced algorithms to discussions about new AI advancements. The channel is particularly known for its humorous and informative content that breaks down complex ideas into digestible insights. Each video is designed to enrich your understanding of the ever-evolving tech landscape.

For startups and entrepreneurs, Fireship can serve as a guide in making informed decisions about tech tools, trends, and strategies. The channel keeps viewers updated on the latest developments in the tech world, including changes in popular programming languages and the emergence of disruptive AI technologies.


WIRED has been a leading authority on tech news and trends for years. Its YouTube channel is a treasure trove of insights about the latest happenings in science, technology, and innovation. You can find no shortage of interviews, how-to guides, breakdowns of complex topics, and insightful discussions with industry leaders. This channel is where cutting-edge technology, culture, and business intersect.

For startups and entrepreneurs on the journey of learning, WIRED is an invaluable resource. It can give you a rich perspective on the intersection of tech, business, and society. From tech support Q&A sessions to deep dives into game-changing innovations, WIRED is a comprehensive guide that keeps viewers on top of the trends shaping our future.

7. iJustine

iJustine is a YouTube channel that brings technology to life in an engaging way. From unboxing the latest gadgets to offering tutorials on new software, iJustine covers a variety of tech-related topics. Her light-hearted and accessible approach to technology makes this channel an entertaining yet informative platform for tech lovers.

For startups and entrepreneurs, iJustine can act as a barometer for consumer technology trends. Her reviews and discussions are a great source of user experience insights, making her channel an excellent tool for entrepreneurs wanting to stay informed on what’s hot in tech. Her extensive coverage of Apple products and other tech industry giants provides startups with insight into the strategies and products of these successful companies.

8. Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips is a must-visit destination for all things tech. Covering a wide range of topics from PC hardware, software, and everything in between, the channel holds a reputation for its honest and in-depth reviews. Whether it’s building an all-screen PC or exploring the capabilities of a gaming mouse, Linus Tech Tips makes the complicated world of technology easy to navigate.

For startups and entrepreneurs in the tech sector, Linus Tech Tips offers a wealth of knowledge. The channel’s detailed discussions on various tech products provide viewers with insights that can help in making informed decisions on tech investments. Their weekly WAN show is also a great source for keeping up-to-date with the most recent developments in the world of technology.

9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT’s official YouTube channel is a treasure trove of information, capturing the spirit of innovation and technological advancement. With a wide range of topics spanning from generative AI and its impact on commerce to tackling climate change with machine learning and in-depth explorations of protein structure prediction models, the channel provides a comprehensive view of the cutting-edge technologies shaping our world. 

It’s not just a source of theoretical knowledge, though; MIT’s channel also enumerates practical applications by sharing insights into using AI for understanding neurological diseases and their therapies, as well as other intriguing subjects like morphing fabrics and spacecraft colliding with asteroids. 

For startups, the mixture of theoretical knowledge and practical know-how given by MIT is very valuable. This channel can guide entrepreneurs in leveraging emergent technologies, inspire them with real-world problem-solving approaches, and inform them about the latest breakthroughs that might impact their businesses.

10. HubSpot

If you’re in the startup world, HubSpot’s YouTube channel is one you can’t miss! The channel’s content revolves around generating business growth through strategic marketing strategies, consumer behavior analysis and insightful case studies. With offerings like tutorials on how to start affiliate marketing with no experience or money and insights on experiential marketing strategies, HubSpot’s channel is like a comprehensive course for marketers wanting to excel.

HubSpot uses its platform to share the success stories of various entrepreneurs, dissecting how they transformed ideas into billion-dollar businesses. You can find posts looking at the strategies of successful businesses like Fabletics or Native Deodorant, guides on Kilmer creative briefs, and secrets from successful TikTok marketing campaigns. 

This blend of theoretical knowledge and real-world examples makes HubSpot’s channel a very good resource for startups looking to accelerate their growth trajectory through innovative and successful marketing.