12 Best Finance Podcasts for Business Owners

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As an entrepreneur or business owner, keeping up with the financial aspects of your startup can sometimes feel like navigating a labyrinth. Numbers, finances, investments, and ledgers – it can all get overwhelming. 

That's where the magic of podcasts comes in. With the rise of podcast popularity in recent years, business and finance have emerged as topics of discussion. There's a wealth of knowledge out there, but sifting through it to find the best startup finance podcasts is a whole other challenge altogether.

Whether you're starting from scratch or are an established business looking to scale, we've curated a list of the best finance podcasts that are sure to help you navigate your financial journey with clarity and confidence as an entrepreneur.

Business Finance Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

There is a sea of finance podcasts out there, and knowing which ones to tune into can be a task in and of itself. From industry gurus to startup veterans and financial advisors, we highlight some of the best startup finance podcasts that are truly worth your time in the sections below.

1. Small Business Finance

Hosted by Tiffany Phillips, who is a seasoned CPA and small business money mentor, Small Business Finance is a podcast channel designed to empower entrepreneurs with financial literacy and tools. With over two decades of experience advising small businesses, Phillips does a great job of peeling back the complex layers of business finances and covering a multitude of topics such as taxes, deductions, financial planning, and much more.

Going further than simply providing knowledge, Phillips hopes to dispel the confusion and frustration often accompanying the management of business finances. She has some great episodes highlighting tax savings strategies, stress reduction during busy seasons, avoiding audits, organizing bookkeeping, and offering practical guidance for entrepreneurs. With over 100+ podcast ratings praising her valuable insights, this podcast is an invaluable resource for small business owners to manage their financial hurdles.

2. Masters in Business

The Masters in Business podcast channel, run by Barry Ritholtz, dives into the intricate world of markets, investing, and business. Through insightful discussions with prominent figures such as Dave Nadig on mutual funds and ETFs, Joel Tillinghast of Fidelity Investments, Michael Mauboussin of Morgan Stanley reflecting on investing success, to interviews with private equity fund heads like Michael Fisch, there’s no shortage of great data and advice.

With excellent guest lineups and a broad scope of financial topics Masters in Business serves as a very valuable platform for individuals looking to grow their understanding of global financial trends and investment strategies.

3. The Finance & Accounting Show

Terrell and Lola Turner take center stage on The Finance & Accounting Show, delivering practical business insights at the intersection of finance, accounting, and business strategy. Leveraging their experience with large companies, the duo provides insight on learning from CFO interviews and unpacks lessons from finance experts, just to list a few topics they cover.

Some of their best episodes revolve around business lessons, the importance of data-driven decision-making, and effective cash flow tracking. Their podcast has received rave reviews for its comprehensive coverage of a wide array of finance and accounting topics, and with engaging narratives and relatable experiences, The Finance & Accounting Show makes complex financial topics more digestible and actionable for listeners.

4. Goldman Sachs Exchanges

Goldman Sachs Exchanges looks to capture the pulse of the global economy with discussions that focus on the significant challenges and opportunities in the marketplace. In this podcast, experts from Goldman Sachs decode the complex world of finance, touching upon key topics such as M&A deal negotiations and ESG impacts on real estate and foreign property sector analyses.

To add to its credibility, the podcast features high-ranking Goldman Sachs executives sharing their market outlook and insights into the industry's future direction. Based on some reviews, the presence of disclaimers at the end of each episode has been seen as “devaluing” the content by some listeners, but we believe their content is excellent nonetheless. Goldman Sachs Exchanges brings invaluable market insights straight from the horse’s mouth.

5. The Twenty Minute VC

The Twenty Minute VC is hosted by Sam Corcos, who wears multiple hats as the founder and CEO of Levels as well as the founder of CarDash and Sightline Maps. With a staggering $89 million raised for Levels, Sam's knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship are worth listening to. 

This podcast isn't just about Sam's journey – it also highlights the pitfalls he encountered and how he navigated them, offering invaluable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. One noteworthy piece of advice from Sam includes the importance of "creating theater" in pitches and strategically utilizing investors' expertise.

6. Real Vision Daily Briefing

You’ll get to understand finance, business, and the global economy in depth with the Real Vision Daily Briefing podcast. To sum it up, it’s a treasure trove of expert analysis and insights, making it more than just a daily market update. 

Real Vision breaks down complex financial concepts, providing a comprehensive understanding of the factors influencing markets worldwide. The podcast features interviews with experts and offers a deep dive into prevailing economic trends.

7. The Rich Dad Radio Show

Hosted by Robert Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” The Rich Dad Radio Show has set a goal to challenge mainstream financial advice. Kiyosaki offers his unique perspective on investing, finance and economic trends urging listeners to control their own financial future. 

Notable guests like James Rickards and Rick Rule share their insights on precious metals investment, price action in gold, and the possible economic shifts looming ahead. The podcast stresses the importance of personal judgment in financial matters and encourages listeners to design their financial decisions based on their risk tolerance level and financial situation.

8. Acquired

Hosted by Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal, Acquired dives into the stories behind the creation of some of the world's most successful companies. They dissect their strategies, business models, and paths to success. 

Some remarkable episodes include the lesser-known history of Visa's rise to being a global financial force and a rare interview with the investment legend Charlie Munger, who partnered with Warren Buffet for nearly 50 years. Case studies of titans like Nvidia and Costco also offer valuable business insights, making this podcast a must-listen for finance enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs.

9. Money Guy Show

Hosted by wealth management specialists Brian Preston and Bo Hanson, the Money Guy Show takes you on a journey of financial wisdom. Their backgrounds in the finance field offer tried and true strategies and tactics that go beyond standard tips, unlocking a treasure trove of wealth-building advice. The hosts' friendly demeanor and engaging discussions encourage listeners to take charge of their finances with topics ranging from deciding between leasing or buying a car to handling a whopping $1 million debt.

It's not just about money management, though; it's also about enhancing quality of life. The Money Guy Show paves the way for listeners to embrace a worry-free life while making their assets work for them. Some of their great episodes include an insightful Q&A with Caleb Hammer tackling the budgeting issue in “food deserts,” among other business-focused topics.

10. Wall Street Breakfast

Seeking Alpha's flagship podcast, Wall Street Breakfast, gives listeners a fresh dose of key investment news every morning and afternoon. Hosted by industry experts from Seeking Alpha, this podcast is your daily digest of what's happening in the world of investment. Its objective evaluations and concise delivery of information make it a morning favorite for many entrepreneurs and business owners.

Bringing together expert opinions and analyses, Wall Street Breakfast makes sure you are well-equipped to make informed investment decisions. It offers a unique blend of news and perspectives, helping listeners navigate through the ever-changing landscape of the investment world. All of this and more is what makes it the perfect companion for those busy mornings where every minute counts.

11. On Investing

Hosted by Charles Schwab experts Liz Ann Sonders and Kathy Jones, On Investing is a weekly podcast that unfolds market moves, economic news, and their implications for investors. The hosts' expertise and approachable demeanor ensure that even complex financial terms and trends are broken down into easy-to-understand insights.

Past episodes have given listeners a deep dive into the market outlook for the coming year and what it means for the economy. Based on reviews, this podcast is praised for looking beneath the surface and offering listeners fresh perspectives on market events, making it great for those with an interest in the financial world.

12. Money Talks

Money Talks from The Economist offers listeners an exciting weekly digest of the most critical financial and economic stories. Hosted by financial and business experts from The Economist, you can get insight into how economic influences shape the world around us, tackling everything from inflation and recessions to the enigmatic world of cryptocurrency.

What sets Money Talks apart is its deep exploration of a very wide range of topics. Its commitment to covering a broad scope of financial topics extends to discussing new trends like artificial intelligence's influence on celebrity and fame. While this podcast’s delivery (based on some reviews) is sometimes criticized as pedantic, we believe its thorough and informative approach appeals to many who are looking for a deep dive into financial and economic stories.

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