The 10 Best AI Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Man listening to AI podcast.

Technology waits for no one, and these days, it's all about artificial intelligence – possibly the most transformative tech of our era. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to keep ahead of the curve and keep up with the latest AI innovations, podcasts can be a great way to stay in the know.

In this guide, we help you get started with a look at the best AI podcasts for entrepreneurs. These podcasts will give you a grasp on AI that's not just theoretical but practical, boosting your decision-making, streamlining your operations, and driving your startup to new heights.

Top AI Business Podcasts of 2024

With so many great options out there, where should you even begin when it comes to AI podcasts? 

In the sections below, we’ve curated a list of AI podcasts that are sure to give you a good bit of valuable insights and help you navigate your startup journey in this increasingly AI-driven world.

1. AI for Creative Entrepreneurs

AI for Creative Entrepreneurs is the brainchild of The Copywriter Club. Being experienced wordsmiths, they're known for their ability to navigate through dynamic topics like artificial intelligence. They’re well-versed in guiding people to fully harness the power of AI in boosting creativity and enhancing focus and profitability, making this podcast a great pick for entrepreneurs craving valuable industry insights.

Topics range from the process of designing effective AI interactions to optimizing content for AI. One particular episode involved sharing tactical tips on how entrepreneurs can optimize their content for AI, which resonated with listeners struggling to decode AI algorithms and how they work. With entrepreneurs specifically, they can look forward to learning how to leverage artificial intelligence to maximize their creative output and streamline their business models.

Guests of this podcast are often industry professionals who bring a unique blend of tech-savviness and creativity to the table. Their perspectives on AI give a refreshing take on how artificial intelligence can be harnessed by businesses. If you want to explore the intersection of creativity and AI, then there’s no doubt that this podcast is well worth a listen.

2. AI and the Future of Work

Hosted by PeopleReign CEO Dan Turchin, AI and the Future of Work is a deep dive into the profound changes AI is making in the modern workplace. He is known for his foresight and understanding of AI's ongoing transformation of work, and interviews a wide range of thought leaders and technologists from both industry and academia, making this podcast a treasure trove of insights on AI.

The podcast discusses a wide range of topics related to AI and entrepreneurship, including AI’s influence on employee experience, the future of work, ethics, regulation, innovation, and human-centric models in AI-impacted industries. Each episode is packed with practical insights into how AI is shaping work culture, teaching listeners about emerging trends that can help guide their decision-making processes.

The guests featured are a diverse lot with backgrounds in tech, academia, and entrepreneurship. Their expertise and unique perspectives shine a light on the many ways AI is changing the workplace and creating opportunities for technological advancements and improvement. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a tech enthusiast, or just someone fascinated by AI, this podcast should definitely be on your list.

3. The AI Podcast

NVIDIA's AI Podcast takes a broad approach to exploring the impact of artificial intelligence on the world. From the perspectives of extraordinary people to that of data scientists grappling with intricate supply chains, this podcast is a journey through AI's transformative power. NVIDIA’s deep roots in AI, coupled with its global reach, make this podcast a great source for AI insights.

Episodes cover topics ranging from ethical AI development to job replacement and user trust. The podcast episodes also cover advances in large language models and how early-stage techniques like retrieval augmented generation stand to enhance their capabilities. Some other notable items to mention include the exploration of how NVIDIA's startup program assists organizations in experimenting responsibly with these technologies.

Guests often include hands-on experts who have a passion for solving meaningful problems in the AI and healthcare arenas. The narratives shared are with the goal of inspiring listeners to take similarly motivated paths in their own careers. If you’re interested in responsible and ethical AI, then this podcast by NVIDIA is an excellent resource that will keep you clued into the ongoing adventures/progress of artificial intelligence.

4. Artificial Intelligence Podcast

Jonathan Green, a bestselling author, hosts The Artificial Intelligence Podcast. He brings to the table his expertise in navigating the waters of AI with a podcast that aims to dissect the practical uses of artificial intelligence for personal and business life while separating the wheat from the chaff.

The podcast brings on several guests ranging from AI company founders to machine learning experts who share success stories and strategies for using AI tools effectively. Some great recent episodes include John Jackson's story on how he spun a beard care passion into Braw Beard Oils and Alesia Galati offering strategies for turning podcasts into profitable businesses.

This show also offers a platform where guests share tips for crafting successful businesses and maintaining balanced lifestyles. The business models and strategies discussed are diverse and give listeners a wealth of advice from successful professionals across different industries. If you are an entrepreneur wanting to get more acquainted with AI, then this podcast is definitely worth tuning into.

5. Last Week in AI

Last Week in AI is hosted by the team at Skynet Today. With an in-depth understanding of the field, the hosts bring a plethora of useful information and insights to their listeners. Their expertise is clearly reflected in their discussions about the latest developments in AI, robotics, deep learning, and much more, and the podcast's main theme is the discussion of the most interesting developments in this rapidly growing field with an emphasis on accessibility and understanding for all listeners.

Notable past episodes have covered topics such as Google's Gemini model launch and OpenAI's CEO changes. They've also discussed significant advances in computer vision and robotics from leading companies like DeepMind. Commendations for the show have frequently noted its ability to provide an accessible yet informative overview of the fast-paced changes in AI in a remarkably engaging and informal discussion format.

6. The AI Breakdown

The AI Breakdown, brought to life by The Breakdown Network, has daily news analysis about all things artificial intelligence. The hosts' understanding of AI is evident throughout their podcast, as it results in thorough and informative discussions. The show dives into AI from multiple angles, exploring the creative explosion brought on by new tools and the potential disruptions to work and industries.

Past episodes have covered topics ranging from cutting-edge AI tools like Midjourney, ChatGPT, and AutoGPT to the challenges and impacts of advanced general intelligence (AGI), alignment, and x-risk. For instance, one episode features insights about text-to-code platforms like GPT-Engineer and v0 that are expanding creativity and democratizing app development. Another episode discusses a study that found that American workers who use AI the most are also the most fearful of its impact on their jobs.

7. Practical AI: Machine Learning, Data Science

Practical AI, a production of Changelog Media, is dedicated to making artificial intelligence practical, productive, and accessible to everyone. The hosts are experienced technology professionals whose knowledge and passion for the subject matter are clearly seen throughout each episode. They provide insights about AI and related topics such as machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks.

One of their recent episodes involves a guest from Shopify explaining the company's approach to generative product image generation using Hugging Face. Meanwhile, another features stories from Mozilla's podcast that highlight trailblazers implementing people-first practices with AI. These episodes reflect the podcast's commitment to showcasing productive real-world scenarios and making AI accessible to professionals, students, and enthusiasts alike.

8. This Day in AI

This Day in AI, hosted by Michael and Chris Sharkey, is an hour-long conversation about the influence of AI on technology and society. The Sharkey brothers, with their deep understanding of artificial intelligence, make complex AI concepts accessible to listeners.

One of their notable episodes involves a discussion around Google's announcement of Gemini AI models, the capabilities of SimTheory's platform that allows users to interact with AI agents, and speculation about OpenAI. In another episode, the hosts question if GPT-4 is lazier compared to previous models and test different open-source models like Wizard 33B and China's Qwen 72B. These insightful discussions give listeners an in-depth understanding of AI's current state and future trajectory.

9. Me, Myself, and AI

Known for its thoughtful, well-planned content, the Me, Myself, and AI podcast is hosted by MIT Sloan Management Review and Boston Consulting Group (BCG). These hosts bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, digging into the critical aspects of AI implementation in various industries. Aimed at providing lessons from leaders who've achieved big wins with AI in their companies, the podcast adds an indispensable wealth of knowledge to entrepreneurs navigating the complex world of AI.

Tackling a wide variety of topics, the podcast features conversations with leaders keeping the ball rolling in their organizations using AI. In one episode, for instance, Vandi Verma of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) highlights how AI is used in simulations and operations for Mars rovers. Ellen Nielsen from Chevron speaks about the use of AI for safety inspections, digital twins, and empowering employees. Miqdad Jaffer of Shopify also gives insights into the application of generative AI to support merchants while maintaining user control.

The podcast stands out not just for its rich content but also for its representation of AI applications across different industries. You can quickly go from episode to episode where a Harvard professor discusses opportunities for AI in market research, while in another, an executive from LG Nova focuses on scouting startups using AI to identify innovations. 

Every episode brings fresh insights and perspectives on practical AI usage, making this podcast a must-listen for entrepreneurs looking for a deep dive into real-world AI applications.

10. The AI in Business Podcast

The AI in Business Podcast hosted by Daniel Faggella, CEO of Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research, is a treasure trove of information on practical AI adoption. Faggella brings his extensive knowledge and experience to the table with fascinating interviews with top AI executives from Fortune 500 firms and unicorn startups. The podcast helps non-technical business leaders align AI capabilities with strategy and deliver an ROI, making it ideal for entrepreneurs wanting to harness AI to propel their businesses forward.

Some great episodes include interviews with Pablo Vargas of FanDuel, who discusses managing fraud risk in the gaming industry, and Fabrizio Burlando of Mastercard, who sheds light on the impact of generative AI on financial services. 

The breadth and depth of the content in the AI in Business Podcast is impressive. Whether it's discussing AI-enhanced defense systems, challenges in B2B customer experiences, or the impact of AI on legal workflows, Faggella ensures that each interview provides tangible insights to the audience. What listeners appreciate is his knack for drawing out practical advice and tips from his guests and making the podcast an informative and valuable resource for entrepreneurs making their mark in the field of AI.