14 Best SEO Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

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When it comes to marketing your startup, there’s no shortage of solid advice and insights that can help you learn how to grow your business. Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to get new business and boost sales in our current digital landscape, though it can seem like an undertaking. 

Before you get overwhelmed, know this: SEO is a skill set that can easily be learned and honed, and there are plenty of helpful podcasts that can help you succeed. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the top podcasts for entrepreneurs to start their SEO journey. 

Top SEO Podcasts of 2024

Get your headphones ready – we’ve compiled some of the best SEO podcasts for entrepreneurs in the following list, perfect for listening to any time you’re ready to learn something new about making your startup the best it can be. These podcasts are a popular and easy way to get inside tips and tricks from others who have most likely been in your shoes at some point or another.

(Note: All podcasts listed are available on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts.)

1. SEO 101

Perhaps you’re a startup who’s never had to worry about marketing and SEO before. What better place to start than at the very beginning? SEO 101 is the perfect podcast for introducing SEO and helping budding entrepreneurs figure out where to start in a way that’s easily understandable. 

Hosted by Ross Dunn and Scott Van Achte, SEO 101 has a plethora of resources that allow listeners to both understand SEO (what it is, how it works, etc.) but also current goings-on in order to stay up-to-date on trends and industry updates (AI and ChatGPT, various tech company updates, etc). Available wherever you listen to your podcasts. 

2. Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing leans a little more into the traditional podcast route as host John Jantsch sits down with industry experts of all types to conduct interviews on their business practices. Jantsch is one of America’s top small business experts, and his insightful questions (and guests) bring a wealth of knowledge to all listeners. 

The podcast discusses SEO, lead generation, and other aspects of marketing strategy, but it also covers topics about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and how to stay motivated and believe in your business idea, making it a go-to resource when it comes to marketing and business growth.

3. Branded Search (and Beyond) With Jason Barnard

Jason Barnard’s Branded Search podcast is a fun, informative podcast that strives to make learning more about marketing intelligent, interesting, and fun. Barnard specifically seeks out fellow entrepreneurs to interview, meaning listeners get solid insight into what did and didn’t work for their particular visit. 

With guests like Callum Scott, Olesia Korobka, and Olga Zarr, Barnard’s listeners are sure to glean plenty of gems of information from other knowledgeable entrepreneurs about more than just SEO (though there are plenty of gems there, too).

4. WTSPodcast

WTSPodcast (short for “Women in Tech SEO Podcast”) is a female-led and interviewed podcast. Join hosts Isaline Muelhauser (international SEO consultant) and Areej AbuAli (founder of Women in Tech SEO & SEO consultant) as they interview other knowledgeable women in the industry in order to uplift and support other female entrepreneurs in a positive manner. 

Not only does this podcast discuss SEO tips, tricks, and tactics, it also discusses how to juggle a career as an entrepreneur and other business information in order to help other female business owners navigate tricky waters when they need help.

5. Local SEO Tactics and Digital Marketing Strategies

The Local SEO Tactics and Digital Marketing Strategies podcast is hosted by Intrycks’s Jesse Dolan, who shares with listeners the best way to optimize their business to appear in top search engine results as well as other digital marketing strategies in order to get ahead of your competition. 

With over 23 years of marketing experience, the Intrycks team is committed to helping their listeners succeed when it comes to ranking high on search engine results in order to drive customers to your business with proven tactics that can easily be applied to your startup.

6. Google Podcast: Search Off the Record

If you’re an entrepreneur who likes to learn from the best of the best, then the Search Off the Record podcast might be the one for you. This SEO podcast is a beacon in a sea of media as it allows listeners to get a behind-the-scenes look at Google Search and all of its inner workings. 

Folks from Google’s Search Relations team deep dive into the decision making that goes into new product launches, new projects from the Google Search team, as well as current SEO trends and topics. Listeners will also get fun tidbits of their day-to-day at Google and other conferences or events the team gets to attend for a fresh, exciting listening experience.

7. Marketing Speak

Marketing Speak is a podcast that doubles “as an MBA in your pocket,” according to their website. Hosted by Stephan Spencer, he offers listeners over 250 hours worth of content learning from the leading experts and top minds in online and offline marketing.

With guests like Graham Robins, Stu McLaren, and Bruce Clay, Spencer has a wealth of knowledge to impart to his listeners, covering topics like SEO growth, building a loyal customer base, new marketing trends like AI and what it means for the industry, and much much more.

8. The Recipe for SEO Success Show

The Recipe for SEO Success Show serves a fun, fresh twist on marketing podcasts. The show is hosted by Kate Toon, an award-winning copywriter and marketing consultant, and she interviews other entrepreneurs about all things Google, including search engine optimization case studies and critiques, news, updates, and engagement. 

Perhaps one of the most refreshing things about Toon’s show is that she often interviews entrepreneurs new to her show, giving listeners plenty of opportunity to learn from others as well as Toon herself, who has a segment called “Toon Tips” where she dives deep into what SEO tactics have worked for her over the years.

9. Search Engine Journal Show

The Search Engine Journal Show is another great podcast for listeners who are looking to understand all things SEO and how it connects to other marketing strategies like social media, PPC, and even content marketing. 

Join host Loren Baker as he sits down with brilliant entrepreneurs and industry thought leaders like Purna Virji, Jacques van der Wilt, and more as he explores what truly makes a business successful when it comes to digital marketing.

10. The Agents of Change Digital Marketing Podcast

The Agents of Change podcast is any entrepreneur’s go-to source for all things digital marketing. Their podcast episodes are usually a quick 30 minutes, making this a perfectly digestible podcast to listen to anytime, anywhere. 

Join founder Rich Brooks as he embarks on a digital marketing journey for the ages, ready to transform how you do business, as he interviews industry-leading marketers from around the globe to discuss successful SEO tips, social media, mobile marketing, and more.

11. The SEO Mindset Podcast

The SEO Mindset Podcast was created in order to give entrepreneurs actionable growth, development, and guidance not only when it comes to SEO and other digital marketing tactics but also your own personal and career growth in order to optimize your overall career rather than just the algorithm. 

Hosts Sarah McDowell and Tazmin Suleman team up to give listeners the ultimate podcast experience with insightful and knowledgeable interviews that will leave you feeling like you’re ready to take on anything, from simple SEO to conquering career goals.

12. Experts On The Wire (An SEO Podcast)

Dan Shure’s Experts On The Wire podcast dives into the world of SEO with a panel of expert interviews that discuss new trends and tactics that will bring plenty of growth to your new business. Past guests include the likes of Rand Fishkin, Vanessa Fox, Annie Cushing, and more. 

As an SEO consultant himself, Shure understands the world of digital marketing better than most. He knows just what questions to ask in order to see fast results, as well as how to avoid technical challenges and pitfalls.

13. Marketing Against The Grain

The Marketing Against The Grain podcast is another great option for entrepreneurs who want to learn from the top industry leaders. MATG is put on by the HubSpot Network and is hosted by HubSpot’s CMO, Kipp Bodnar, and Kieran Flanagan, CMO of Zapier. 

Join Bodnar and Zapier as they “lead you down the rabbit hole of marketing trends, growth tactics, and innovation.” They consistently post new episodes every couple of days with fresh and exciting methods of unfiltered SEO examination.

14. DoFollow

The DoFollow podcast is put on by SE Ranking and allows listeners to take a deep dive into the world of SEO and digital marketing with actionable insights, trends, and case studies to help inform how you want to run your own startup. 

DoFollow brings together entrepreneurs and thought leaders from all over the world to discuss the latest marketing trends and tactics so you can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to SEO advancements and developments.

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