The 5 Best DBA Filing Services

Best DBA Filing ServicesNot comfortable filing a DBA by yourself or just don’t have the time? Interested in working with an online filing service that often delivers tons of other helpful resources and solutions involved with forming/maintaining your business?

Great, you’re definitely in the right place! We’re going to look at the best DBA filing services to choose from who all have their own unique approach.

From free business name searches to getting proof of publication when needed, you can get everything handled professionally. Below each section will be two links – one takes you to a more detailed provider review and the other will whisk you directly to their website so you can file a DBA immediately. Enjoy!


Swyft Filings

While they’re one of the newer kids on the block in this industry, Swyft Filings has been really making a name for themselves based on great customer service and a very thorough business model. Fast and easy service with options of course for expedited services.

Plus if you ‘Google’ their customer reviews, on TrustPilot you’ll find that they have a 4.6/5, which is impressive in this industry.


$99 to $199

LegalZoom has over 1800 reviews on their DBA Filing Services page, with over 1400 being 5-stars so they can be a safe bet. Plus, they make their pricing super-simple to understand, with only two straightforward packages that include name search, completing and filing DBA application and more.

The biggest pull of their Premium package is a 30-day trial of access to attorney advice, but we had a hard time finding feedback on this part of their services so can’t say whether it’s really worth it or not. They have great customer service reps though, so don’t be afraid to reach out.


Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is another popular, simple, and affordable option to getting some help filing a DBA, whether to open up a business bank account or secure a client.

And let’s not forget that they proudly offer a 100% money back guarantee so if you’re not fully satisfied you won’t be out any cash. We had some trouble finding their specific prices because their system is organized around a questionnaire to get your basic information and they need to account for specific state fees and things.


$99 + Add-Ons

MyCorporation offers a 100% money back guarantee and has put their system together in such a way that you really need to either give their customer support staff a call to get specifics or go through their initial questionnaire.

Filing a DBA isn’t brain surgery and typically the complexities involved are all the same so there’s not going to be huge differences in services from one provider to another. It really comes down to who you feel most comfortable with and who you trust based on feedback from other customers. You can learn more about their platform in our review linked below.


$99 + Add-Ons

BizFilings has a great system as well, covering all the most basic services needed to get your DBA filed in the state of your choice. Nothing super-fancy, and no bells and whistles. Typical turnaround time is 4 to 6 weeks and here are their two add on choices.

  • $25 name check in specific states.
  • $60 expedited UPS 2-day service to get documents really quickly.

Pros & Cons of Using a DBA Filing Service


  1. If you’re a super-busy entrepreneur that could do this on your own but just don’t want to and don’t mind the fees, then filing service providers are great!

  2. If you simply have no idea what any of this means and don’t want to pay for an official business attorney, these providers can be a huge help (they aren’t law firms though!)

  3. Each provider has made the process as quick and painless as possible, but do keep in mind not everyone has a picture perfect experience. Some issues can pop up because of the complexities involved in certain states and banking systems.

  4. For those that have a stellar experience filing their DBA through one of these providers, they can then leverage all the other countless services that are relevant to their type of business entity.

  5. The money back guarantees that some of the providers offer are really nice, dependable and help the process feel less stressful when you don’t really understand the legalities involved.


  1. To be frank, there are a percentage of people who find out this is something they could have easily done on their own in less time and for far less money.

  2. Some of these providers are huge corporations so your experience is either going to be great, or, not so great. You understand, it’s par for the course when you’re working with a company that sports such large volume.

  3. None of these companies are law firms, so in most cases they cannot give you any real legal advice. That being the case, if you don’t know everything you need, every little detail involved, it’s not their job to tell/instruct you

Which DBA Filing Service Should You Choose?

Winner - Which Should You ChooseAt the end of the day any of these DBA filing services are going to be a pretty solid bet. They all have a relative good standing in the industry, plenty of customer reviews/testimonials, and pretty good support across the board.

If you want to now who our favorite is, well, it’s going to be Swyft Filings because we feel their system is the most polished and easiest checkout process. If you’re looking to get started and aren’t interested in hours of more research, use the link below to dig a bit deeper.