Pros & Cons of Using Online Templates

Pros of Using Online Templates

  • Because meeting minutes are so common, all of these services keep their templates updated and regularly maintained by certified professionals. For some more complex documents, it’s still preferable to have a lawyer prepare them, but meeting minutes are fairly simple.
  • Templates are great if you’re not yet fluent in corporate wording. Just make sure to fill them out correctly for compliance purposes.
  • These services are extremely easy to use. Simply answer the set of questions that come with your selected document, and they’ll plug in that data. Save and print, and you’re good to go.

Cons of Using Online Templates

  • While legal document providers offer some solutions like independent legal consultants or quality guarantees, none of our picks will be liable if you misuse their templates.
  • Please note that If mistakes are made, the blame typically falls squarely on your shoulders. These services fill out forms using the info you give them, so make certain you’re providing accurate data!

Which Is Best For You?

At the end of the day, it depends on what level of service you need. If you’re solely looking for meeting minutes and don’t require any other document or legal/compliance services, we recommend taking a brief glance at each company’s sample form and pick your favorite.

However, our overall top choice is Rocket Lawyer because they offer theirs for free during your 7-day free trial - also allowing you to have the meeting minutes reviewed by an attorney in your state. With those two things in mind, it's an impressive option.

Rocket Lawyer