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LawDepot Meeting Minutes Template Review for Corporations

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Finding a solid go-to option for a corporate meeting minutes template is part of good housekeeping. These templates keep you on track and help you to maintain productivity. To aid you in your search, we’ve reviewed LawDepot meeting minutes template and we’ll be taking a look at some quick pros & cons, features offered and pricing options so you can be sure you’re getting the most from your templating service. Enjoy!

Pros & Cons of Using Their Template


  1. LawDepot consists of easy to fill out and simple questionnaires. Submit the data, let the program plug it into the formal corporate sections, and presto! You’re meeting minutes are ready to print/download.

  2. Their platform is a great tool for internet beginners. It’s designed for the basics so you’re less likely to get caught up in dozens of options or tiny fine print.  

  3. Security is a breeze too. LawDepot keeps track of all your documents and saves them so you can enjoy hassle-free record keeping.  

  4. With a subscription comes a $10,000 legal guarantee and a 100% money back guarantee on all their forms, so you can use their templates with almost zero risk.  

  5. If you’re looking for some beginner information on legal documentation, they also offer great resources for those starting out.  


  1. Although LawDepot does offer a significant legal guarantee, it doesn’t compare to the super-customizable, expertly prepared and reviewed meeting minutes for corporations that an attorney can provide.  

  2. LawDepot, unlike some other online documentation services, doesn’t provide access to professional help. We highly recommend you have all documentation looked over by a legal professional, so unless you’re a rockstar with legal jargon or know someone else who is, you’re taking a bit of a risk.  

  3. While there are some resources for beginners, LawDepot lacks a large array of legal information.  

How Does it Work?

LawDepot’s platform is overwhelmingly easy to use. First and foremost, choose what type of document you would like to create from their extensive list. They offer templates for shareholder forms, incorporation paperwork and of course, meeting minutes for corporations.

After selecting, fill in the questions that coincide with their step-by-step process and when you’re ready to submit your responses, the program will populate the selected document with your answers aside from the basic corporate verbiage.

LawDepot Corporate Meeting Minutes Process

Still need to get the last few little details? No need to worry, as LawDepot makes it easy to save changes along the way, alternate back and forth between sections and edit as you go. Your documents will always be stored safely so you can update agreements as new information surfaces.

LawDepot Forms Step-by-Step

Their template takes care of all the basics you need to get standard meeting minutes up and running. It’s super-easy to edit and add by checking all the relevant boxes.  

Add Resolutions Example


How Does it Compare?

There’s quite a few online legal documentation services out there, so it’s best to know exactly what you could be getting with each one.  LawDepot has quite a few impressive features included with the basic subscription package, but their are a number of key things to be aware of before signing up.

LawDepot Guarantees

As we mentioned in our round up of the pros and cons, LawDepot is committed to their $10,000 legal guarantee. Should you run into trouble with the validity of your documents, LawDepot will cover any fees to clean up the mess. Besides this, they also include a quality guarantee, so you can be sure you’re getting the best they offer.

Outside of that, they also provide several options if you’re in need of technical support while creating your meeting minutes.  

LawDepot Customer Support Options

They’ve been in the business for over 15 years and are still committed to bringing their customers the best in support and documentation.  

With all that said, there’s a considerable difference between using an online service to craft your meeting minutes for corporate use, and hiring a qualified attorney. If you have the funding to hire an attorney, do it. A professional pair of eyes makes a huge difference when it comes to looking over your legal documentation.  

But, if you’re not quite in that position yet, their platform can be a valued resource. Services like this can be massive time savers when used properly and suite a lot of busy professionals.


How Do I Sign Up?

LawDepot allows you to create your first document, whether that be meeting minutes or otherwise, without the hassle of creating an account right off the bat. They’ll even save your information so you can pick up where you left off, as long as you don’t close the browser window before saving.

LawDepot Pricing Structure

After you’ve created your meeting minutes for corporate use and you want to print/download, it’s time to create an account. Signing up is pretty painless, so once you’ve filled out the majority of your information, LawDepot provides a few different payment options.  

  1. Pay $7.99 a month, or roughly $100 a year for access to their platform and unlimited legal documents.  
  2. Pay $15.50 once for just the corporate meeting minutes. You can print/download and the document will be accessible through their website for two weeks.  
  3. You can also try their whole program free for 7 days. Just be sure to cancel before the trail ends, or you will be charged $33 a month.  

As a whole, the program is a great tool for those who are looking for the basics. Their forms are easy to follow, their platform is super-simple and it saves a huge amount of time. So head on over to their website today and start your free trial!


Work with an attorney instead?

Choose a Registered Agent

Absolutely. If you can afford your own attorney, then that’s an ideal way to go. No doubt. If you can’t afford a good attorney and have no access to legitimate legal advice or you’re somewhat familiar with business formalities in terms of documents/contracts like corporate meeting minutes, then consider providers like LawDepot.

Just be forewarned that 100% DIY business is risky in our ultra-litigious society! But LawDepot can definitely be a big time saver; convenient. There are so many circumstances where having to get hard copies is a nightmare, both personal and business forms. And, yeah, attorneys charge more to draft/review them as well.

Disclaimer: This review is not to be considered legal advice. Also, some of the links in this review are affiliate links and we earn a small commission if you decide to use them, allowing us to invest hours of research into every review – so you don’t have to.

Is the Template Right For You?

Maybe, unless you require more extensive features and legal assistance. So listen, there are two links below this paragraph. One whisks you over to where you can grab a corporate meeting minutes template. The other takes you to an article where we’ll introduce two other providers of corporate/business/personal forms and online legal services. Cheers!

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