The 7 Best Annual Report Filing Services

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Do you need to file an annual report to stay compliant with your state? Are you already familiar with the requirements for annual reports in your state, or would you rather enlist a trustworthy and reputable service provider to handle it for you?

Thankfully, there are a handful of companies providing online assistance with annual reports, but how do you figure out which one is the best fit for you?

This annual report filing services guide is structured to give you the important details on the 7 best services in the industry. Along the way, we hope you’ll find the right choice for you!

1. LegalZoom - $35

LegalZoom has some unique advantages that make them an ideal annual report filing service. In other words, they’re our top pick for a reason!

They’ve served an incredible volume of customers, with nearly 4 million clients since they opened their doors in 1999, but that’s not the only area where they excel.

  • LegalZoom has the lowest price for annual reports that we could find online, and it isn’t even close. At $35 (plus state fee), their prices are over $50 cheaper than most other companies in this guide.
  • They cover their annual report service with a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy for any reason, simply ask for your money back, and LegalZoom will repay their service fees.
  • They have longer customer support hours than any other competitor. LegalZoom’s service representatives are available from 8am to 10pm ET on weekdays, and they’re even open on weekends from 10am to 7pm ET.

For the most part, LegalZoom doesn’t have the best customer reviews. However, when it comes to annual report filing service, it's difficult to find any other faults with what they have to offer.

LegalZoom logo

2. MyCorporation - $98

MyCorporation is another highly experienced service provider. They’ve helped over a million companies with business services since they opened in 1995, but how do they compare in other areas?

  • At $98, MyCorporation is considerably more expensive than LegalZoom. However, MyCorporation keeps track of your due dates for you, which is one of the biggest selling points of the higher-cost “fully managed” services (more on those shortly…).
  • Their hundreds of online customer reviews are mostly complimentary in nature. MyCorporation’s customers often rave about the support they receive, as well as the ease of use that comes with MyCorporation’s services.

Overall, they’re a solid company across the board and a strong choice for annual report service. They’re an especially good option for businesses operating in one state — that therefore probably don’t need a fully managed service — but would still rather not bother maintaining a compliance calendar.

MyCorporation logo

3. Harbor Compliance - Price Varies

Harbor Compliance is a relatively recent addition to the industry, as they’ve only been open since 2012. Still, they’ve already served 10,000+ customers in that short time period, and they have some advanced features that are tough to match.

  • Their full-service annual report management is a great time-saver for busy business owners. Harbor Compliance will track your annual report due dates, prepare and file your reports, and keep complete records of your compliance history with advanced tracking software.
  • Do you need to file annual reports in multiple states? Harbor Compliance offers billing consolidation that combines all your payments into one account. With most competitors, you’ll have to send each payment to the relevant state entities yourself.
  • With any purchase from Harbor Compliance, you get access to their premium customer service department. Rather than staffing an anonymous call center with barely trained employees, they assign a Compliance Specialist to every order. This Specialist is familiar with you and your company, and is your direct contact if you have any questions or concerns.

It's worth noting that their prices vary depending on your state, the nature of your business, etc. Even though Harbor Compliance can be a bit more expensive than some other options, the level of customization they offer is second to none.

Harbor Compliance logo

4. MyCompanyWorks - $49

MyCompanyWorks (formerly MyNewCompany) is a mid-sized company, with over 50,000 customers served since they opened in 2001. Here's why they're #4 on our list:

  • MyCompanyWorks charges $49 to file your annual report. Other than LegalZoom’s $35 price point, that’s the lowest price we’ve seen for this service.
  • Like LegalZoom, they also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Low prices paired with a confident guarantee like this is always a great combination.
  • Their customer service is super-quick. As long as you contact them during business hours, they’ll usually respond within 20 minutes. When some competitors can’t be bothered to get back to you until the next day, this is a big advantage for MyCompanyWorks.

Throw in their excellent customer reviews, and there’s a lot to like about MyCompanyWorks.

MyCompanyWorks logo

5. Bizee (Formerly Incfile) - $99

Bizee has served 150,000+ businesses since 2004, giving them a strong balance of longevity and customer volume. They have a great reputation providing online business solutions, including annual report service.

  • With a price point of $99, Bizee is right in the middle of the pack for annual reports. They’re not the cheapest, but they’re also far from the most expensive.
  • If customer feedback is important to you, Bizee makes an impressive case. They have well over 2,000 online reviews, and even with such a large volume of feedback, they maintain high rating scores.
  • The state-by-state guides on their website make it easy to get specific info about your state, from fees to turnaround times and more.

They may not have the best prices for annual reports, but Bizee does so many things well that they’re always a good option for any online business services.

Bizee (Formerly Incfile) logo

6. - $150 (formerly The Company Corporation) is by far the most experienced company in this guide, as they’ve been open since way back in 1899 and have served 750,000+ customers.

Here's how they stack up next to all of these other service providers:

  •’s $150 price point is much higher than some competitors, but like Harbor Compliance, they track your filing due dates and maintain your compliance history on their website. They’re truly a fully managed annual report service.
  • With this subscription service, you won’t have to deal with an annual report again if you don’t want to. They’ll file your annual report every year unless you cancel.

The main reason to use over another managed annual report service like Harbor Compliance is experience. If you’re more comfortable using a provider that got their start before the “internet age,” you can’t go wrong with a company that’s been successfully serving businesses since the 19th century. logo

7. CorpNet - $118

With CorpNet, you’re getting a level of experience equal to Bizee's. CorpNet’s ownership group has offered annual report filing services since 1997, with 100,000+ clients served.

They have well-rounded service packages and a great reputation, so let’s see what they have to offer:

  • Their price point of $118 is cheaper than managed annual report services like Harbor Compliance and, but it’s more expensive than the other simple filing services in this guide.
  • CorpNet gets excellent customer feedback. In fact, over 99% of their 300+ online customer reviews are positive. It’s difficult to find any unhappy CorpNet customers.
  • Their 100% satisfaction guarantee is a welcome safety net. If you’re less than entirely pleased with your annual report service, they’ll refund the fees you paid to CorpNet.

Even though they don’t really stand out in any way for this specific service, CorpNet is a reliable option.

CorpNet logo

Pros & Cons of Annual Report Filing Services

Pros of Annual Report Filing Services

  • If you choose to file your own annual reports, you’ll need to keep track of the due dates, and keep records of your filings. You also won’t have anyone to call if you have questions, as you’re on your own to find the answers. These services can make the annual report process essentially stress-free.
  • You can save time with these providers, as they just need some basic info about your company to complete your reports. The simplicity that comes with using these services is another nice bonus.

Cons of Annual Report Filing Services

  • Annual reports are simple and can be filed rather easily for most small businesses. You can avoid paying the $35+ service fee these companies charge by doing it yourself.

Which Service Should You Use?

Any of these 7 annual report filing services are worth looking into. While our personal preference is LegalZoom, each of these companies appeal to a portion of the market, and they each have their own advantages.

If you'd like to learn more about any of the companies featured in this guide, please explore our detailed reviews by clicking the links above!