Zoho Books Alternatives: Our Top 3

Zoho Books is one of the most promising newcomers to the accounting software industry. But there are also a number of alternatives available if you’re looking for something similar.

Today, we’ll be looking at some of the top Zoho Books alternatives. We’ll talk through our favorite three, give you an idea of the kinds of features they offer, as well as what you can expect to pay per month. So without further adieu, let’s get started!

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1. Xero - $9 to $70/month

First up on our list, we’ve got Xero. Xero has been one of the most popular accounting software companies in the last couple years, and it’s no surprise as to why. They offer a robust platform that’s filled to the brim with useful features. Some of our personal favorites include:

  • Conversion from QuickBooks: If you’re looking to switch accounting software companies, Xero can make it much easier for you to get set up in a snap. They offer an option to convert the data from an existing QuickBooks account, so you can get started right away, no need for time consuming data entry.
  • 500+ app integration: Xero offers one of the largest selections of app and widget integrations. You can add in tools like Shopify, Square, Google Suite and more.
  • Payroll: In addition to all of the apps available, Xero also offers full payroll capabilities so you can manage your business and employees. You can set up multiple users to help you imput and approve time for team members while managing everything else.

All of these features and many more are included in Xero’s offerings. They have created three distinct package options for customers to choose from so you have access to the features you need. Their packages range from $9-$70 so you can choose which option fits your budget best.

Xero logo

2. FreshBooks - $15 to $50/month

Moving on to pick number two, we’ve got another titan within the industry. FreshBooks has been around for a little under 15 years, so they’ve had some time to perfect their packaging and available tools in order to produce a well organized, fully functional platform. They offer a number of helpful additions, such as.

  • Estimates: With FreshBooks, you can create and send estimates to clients before you get started on a project. This is a great initial step so that you can start a new project off on the right foot.
  • Per-Project Organization: FreshBooks helps you stay on top of things by allowing you to organize by project or client. It may seem like a small feature in comparison to things like payroll for example, but those little touches really help to make your daily financial management that much easier.
  • Time Tracking Tools: After you’ve sent out estimates, FreshBooks also helps you track your time moving forward. With their time tracking tools, you can start, stop and pause your time and then tack the recorded amount onto the next outgoing invoice.

Much like Xero, FreshBooks has three plans available for a variety of different businesses. Their pricing ranges from $15-$50. The main distinction between the two companies is that Xero charges based on features, while FreshBooks charges based on the number of active clients you can add.

FreshBooks logo

3. LessAccounting - $20 to $54/month

Rounding out our countdown, we’ve got LessAccounting. This company offers a slightly different approach to online accounting software. They’re a smaller company than our previous choices, so they make a great resource for new entrepreneurs who are still learning. To help with that goal, they’ve created a number of tools like:

  • Customizable Invoices: LessAccounting offers a invoicing feature that allows you to customize your invoice before you send them by including your logo and branding.
  • Personalized Customer Support: This is the thing that really sets LessAccounting apart from the others. They’ve got a great customer service team and have created their platform with that in mind.
  • Full Service Bookkeeping: In addition to their accounting software, they also offer a full service bookkeeping option. You can add this option into your monthly subscription so that everything is conveniently handled in one place.

When it comes to pricing, LessAccounting offers a number of different options available. They have 4 plans available, with monthly prices ranging from $20-$54 a month, but there’s also an option to include a full service bookkeeper for an additional $250 so you have the chance to customize your setup to fit your needs perfectly.

LessAccounting logo

Ready To Get Started?

All of these options offer some great solutions for your accounting and bookkeeping needs, but at the end of the day, our top pick still goes to Xero. We love their extensive list of features and easy to use tool. If you’d like to learn more about what Xero can do for you, click the link below to try it free for 30 days. Cheers!