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If you’ve ever tried to navigate the many factors that contribute to SEO, you are probably aware of how inaccessible it can be to do this without proper SEO experience. For those who are novice website owners, using SEO tools can be frustrating and, oftentimes, unmanageable, leaving them without the tools they need in order to compete with other websites. Luckily, SiteGuru is here to help. “SiteGuru is an SEO tool that helps marketers and agencies to improve their website, get more traffic from organic search, and monitor their performance. Our SEO audit gives marketers an actionable to-do list, helping them succeed even without in-depth SEO knowledge,” says SiteGuru founder Rick van Haasteren. This is the story of how the startup founder launched this SEO startup.

SEO Expertise for Experts and Non-Experts Alike

Search engine optimization isn’t a new tool for websites, and if you’re familiar with building a website or operating an online business, you’ve most likely thought about how you can effectively leverage the power of search engine rank to boost site traffic. Therefore, launching a startup based solely on SEO services requires skill, exceptional services, and visible results — all of which van Haasteren has in spades due to his experience in the online marketing world. He says, “I was working at an online marketing agency, and noticed how often there were issues with a website that no one was aware of. Doing an SEO audit required all these complex tools that weren’t really inviting or helpful. That was super challenging for most of our customers: they just didn’t understand the complex reports, and I can’t blame them.” 

Upon recognizing this, he set out to create a solution that would help customers optimize their website for a higher ranking without overcomplicating or overcharging for the experience. “I wanted to build something better that my customers would understand, so they could improve their online presence without having to work with complex tools or learn all these new skills,” he says. “It’s our mission to make succeeding in search engines attainable for everyone, without having to become an SEO expert.” However, the exceptional capabilities of SiteGuru provide SEO experts with advanced tools as well, allowing SiteGuru to more effectively stake their claim in the SEO space. 

Since this is a startup built around a prominent online marketing strategy, tracking the success of the startup thus far is reliant on the analysis of data from beginning to end. However, SiteGuru incorporates this as well as ensuring the company is connecting with its customers to continue to improve and innovate the company’s offerings. “At the top of the funnel, I focus on organic traffic, especially non-branded traffic. Next, it’s all about conversion to free trials. I especially monitor whether people remain active after signing up. And then ,it’s about whether they convert to a paying customer,” van Haasteren says. “It’s not just about KPIs: I really try to get a feel of how people are using the app, what they see in their reports, and how it helps them. Having real conversations with customers is often more valuable than looking at [the] dashboard.”

Using the feedback and data from real customers, van Haasteren’s plan for SiteGuru is to, ultimately, provide the most exceptional and effective SEO services possible. As he notes, “To me, a guru is someone friendly who has a lot of knowledge and wants to help you. That’s exactly what I wanted SiteGuru to be: a helpful friend that guides you.”

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