Pet Bathing (and More) Made Easy

Rinseroo products.

If you’re a pet owner, you are probably aware of the struggles of pet bathing — especially if you don’t have an extendable shower head. Fortunately, Rinseroo, the ecommerce pet care startup, has a solution. “At Rinseroo, we are reinventing the way we rinse, clean, and bathe with our patented, slip-on shower attachment hoses.” Lisa Lane, the founder of Rinseroo, explains. This is the story of how Rinseroo started rethinking how pet owners bathe their furry friends.

A Startup for Pets and People

“I was a pharmaceutical sales rep out of college, and I always loved sales and marketing. Back then, there was no Internet and no such thing as ecommerce, so the thought of running my own business was always in my head, but it wasn’t as easy back then in the ‘80s,” Lane says. “I really started to think about having my own business when Amazon first launched. I had young kids back then, and I started to dream about what it would be like to have an online business and be able to be home with them. I started by writing a couple of books about how to break into pharma sales and sold them online. The income from my books allowed me to earn enough money to be a stay-at-home mom. From there, I have always had the motivation to continue with entrepreneurial pursuits.” The result of this dream is Rinseroo, a pet care startup that is proving Lane’s knack for entrepreneurship.

The Rinseroo product itself is a patented, slip-on shower attachment that makes bathing, rinsing, and cleaning inside your shower easier than ever. “The Rinseroo happened as an ‘ah-ha’ moment in my shower,” Lane explains. “I was at my beach house with my extended family. There were 15 of us in all and four dogs.” As one might imagine, things got messy: “I was constantly cleaning my showers and bathing my dogs and thought, ‘there has got to be a better way!’ It was right there in the shower when I realized that it could have a product with mass-market appeal.” Lane then set out to engage in market research, and she ended up with a prototype that would parlay into the Rinseroo. 

While the product is chiefly marketed to pet owners, the Rinseroo Instagram is full of adorable pups, Rinseroos have several functions. Lane explains, “The Rinseroo really is a mass-market product. Virtually anyone who sees it can find a use for one. It’s great for bathing dogs, cleaning showers, bathing the elderly who need to shower [while] seated. It’s also great for filling a bucket from a sink, rinsing hair or a baby in a sink, or filling a fish tank.” Essentially, anyone who could use an extension in their shower at home or on the go can find a use for Rinseroo. 

What’s more, Lane isn’t stopping at just pet care solutions. The overarching company name is Lane Innovations, and the founder plans to expand the company’s offerings to include a variety of innovative home products, “Our mission is to create problem-solving tools for the home in the cleaning and bath space,” Lane said. “We are dedicated to creating innovative products that save time and money, and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We believe that happy customers help to grow our brand.” With the innovative, real-life application of the Rinseroo, we are willing to bet Lane Innovations will be delivering even more products to make life easier for pet owners and many others.

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