5 Ways to Support Design Startup QOR360

Man sitting on QOR360 office chair.

If you love QOR360’s business model and want to support them, you’re in luck. There are several ways to support startups that are easy and oftentimes — free! We have developed this list of five creative and impactful ways to support design startup QOR360.

1. Purchase and Review Dr. Turner Osler’s Book

“I wrote a book about the harms of passive sitting that’s for sale on Amazon:  ‘Sit Better: A Doctor Explains How ‘Ergonomic’ Chairs Undermine Posture and Health, Causing Back Pain and Shortened Lives.’  You could buy a copy ($0.99), or, even better, you could read it and perhaps leave a review.”

2. Visit the Website

“You could look around our website (QOR360.com) and send us an email if you find any of it interesting.”

3. Become an Affiliate

“You could buy one of our chairs, and, if it speaks to you, you could join our affiliate program.”

4. Engage in Research Efforts

“If you’re associated with an academic institution and are interested in the harms of passive sitting and the effects of active sitting, we’d love to partner with you to research the quantitative effect of sitting actively on metabolic rate, serum insulin levels, etc.”

5. Give a Child a Chair

“If you’re a teacher, we’d love to partner with you to get active chairs under children who are trapped in schools all day long.  We give away a design for a very inexpensive, active chair for kids: ButtOnChairs.org.  If you could make some chairs, put them under your kids, and let us know how it went, we’d be very grateful.”

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