Firstbase vs. Clerky 2024

Firstbase and Clerky review ratings.

Using a formation service to register your startup is key to ensuring your new business is compliant and formed correctly with the state. Firstbase and Clerky are two popular startup formation services, both offering a robust suite of features that extend far beyond the business registration process.

This Firstbase vs. Clerky review outlines the key differences and similarities between the two platforms to help you choose the right startup formation service for your new business.

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Firstbase vs. Clerky: What Sets Them Apart

While Clerky and Firstbase are both formation services, their offerings, pricing, and features have key differences that are important to know before settling on a service for your startup. 

Formation Variety

Both Firstbase and Clerky offer incorporation services in Delaware. However, Firstbase also offers incorporation services in Wyoming while Clerky does not. With Firstbase, users also can choose between a limited liability company (LLC) or a C corporation (C corp).


Firstbase’s formation package is significantly cheaper at $399 compared to $819 for Clerky’s lifetime package. However, Clerky does offer á la carte formation services for just $427. 

Registered Agent Service

One of the key differences between Clerky and Firstbase is that Clerky offers one year of free registered agent service with its formation packages. To obtain registered agent service through Firstbase, you will need to subscribe to its Firstbase Agent package that starts at $149 per year per state. 

Firstbase vs. Clerky: Similarities

In addition to their differences, these providers also have a few key similarities such as services offered, customer support, and user experience. 

Customer Support

Both services offer comprehensive customer support. Whether you choose Clerky’s Company Lifetime Package or Firstbase’s Firstbase Start package, you will benefit from lifetime customer support. 

Ease of Use

Whether you choose Firstbase or Clerky, you can expect a user-friendly and intuitive platform that makes forming your business simple.


Both services offer robust business tools for everything from formation to compliance, exceeding the feature offerings of many other basic formation services. 

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Clerky vs. Firstbase: Customer Reviews

Clerky has very few reviews online. On Trustpilot, the company has three out of five stars.  Many customers praised the service’s great customer service and ease of use. However, negative reviews centered primarily around hidden charges and a slow turnaround.

Here are some verified Clerky reviews (from Trustpilot and G2) by customers who used this formation service to help launch their business:

“Simple to get started, easy to understand, great continued customer service.”

“Excellent service!!! Recommend everyone! I have just registered a Delaware C-Corporation with them. Clerky provides excellent customer support and incredibly valuable services. I wish Clerky many good clients and prosperity in their business.”

“Hidden charges unscrupulous business practices, incredibly late with everything” 

Firstbase has four out of five stars on Trustpilot with 87% of reviews earning five stars. Many customers boasted about the ease of formation — especially business owners residing in countries outside the United States. Negative reviews centered largely around poor user experience and difficulty accessing customer support.

Here are some verified Firstbase reviews (from Trustpilot) by customers who used this formation service to help launch their business:

“Firstbase is an amazing company. The customer experience has been more than superb!! I got my company registered in the USA despite residing in another country without any hassle. The entire automated process was seamless and outstanding! I’ll definitely recommend Firstbase to my fellow startup owners. You should go for them too!.”

“I created two companies with Firstbase. It was a bumpy ride with a few UI issues and long delays in company creation but support came through in the end and made things right.”

“Firstbase has a straightforward process for incorporating a company. Fast and efficient the main portal has a simple and nice layout. When you take in all costs and other items they offer and compare them to separate services they are on par and in some cases cheaper. Would recommend it to others for ease of use and set up.”

Clerky vs. Firstbase: Pricing & Features

While Firstbase does offer other services, such as business compliance and insurance, here’s how the two services stack up against each other in terms of incorporation services alone. 

Firstbase Pricing and Features

Firstbase Start 

Pricing: $399 one-time fee

  • Formation in Delaware and Wyoming
  • All filing fees included with the price 
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)-free business bank account 
  • Expedited EIN setup 
  • Venture capitalist introductions

Clerky Pricing and Features

Company Lifetime Package 

Pricing: $819 one-time fee

  • C corp formation in Delaware 
  • Expedited filing fees
  • Free first year of registered agent service 
  • Annual report and franchise tax reminders 
  • Stock plan adoption 
  • Post-incorporation setup, including board director election and bylaw adoption 

Pay-Per-Use Incorporation 

Pricing: $427 plus third-party fees 

  • C corp formation in Delaware 
  • Expedited filing fees 
  • Free first year of registered agent service 
  • Annual report and franchise tax reminders 

Pay-Per-Use Post-Incorporation Setup 

Pricing: $299 one-time fee 

  • Action of incorporator
  • Bylaws
  • Initial board consent
  • Pre-filled 83(b) election and filing instructions

Clerky offers more incorporation options than Firstbase’s single formation package offering. However, Firstbase is significantly cheaper than Clerky’s Company Lifetime Package as well as their pay-per-use services. In terms of features, both of Clerky’s incorporation offerings include a free year of registered agent service while Firstbase requires you to subscribe to their Firstbase Agent plan as well at $149 per year per state. 

The Bottom Line

Clerky and Firstbase both offer comprehensive formation services that extend beyond initial business registration. For an all-in-one formation package that requires only a one-time fee or extensive legal documentation preparation, Clerky is the best choice. However, Firstbase is a better candidate for startups seeking less expensive formation services or to customize their package with insurance, compliance, and mail features. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clerky?

Clerky is a formation service built for startups offering both incorporation and post-incorporation services as well as robust legal documentation preparation support. 

What does Firstbase do?

Firstbase offers formation services for startups based in the United States and beyond. Their extensive offerings include services for opening a business bank account, payroll tax compliance, and obtaining business insurance.