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MyLLC Review

Are you ready to form an LLC and thinking about using an online formation service?

Maybe you’re just not thrilled about figuring out the legalese and fighting through red tape necessary for the DIY route. Perhaps, you’re just tired of trying to figure out those complicated state resource sites.

Regardless of the reason, I’ve created these reviews as a way of supplementing your own research to find a reliable LLC formation service. My team and I invested hundreds of hours researching every major online LLC formation provider, and this helps us determine which services offer good overall value.

In this MyLLC review, we’ll discuss the pros and cons, pricing and features, customer reviews and more. Let’s find out if they’re the right provider for your business.

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Recommended Step Before Using MyLLC to Form an LLC

It’s important to name your LLC before going through the business formation process with a professional service. TRUiC’s Free LLC Name Generator will help you to do the following:

  • Find the perfect name for your new LLC.
  • Conduct a name search to make sure your desired LLC name is available.
  • Help secure a domain name for your company.

MyLLC Pros & Cons

Pros of MyLLC

  • Customer feedback for MyLLC is almost uniformly positive, with clients raving about how easy their services were and how helpful their support reps are.
  • Find a lower price elsewhere (which we did)? MyLLC has a price match feature that ensures they’ll never lose your business on account of money.
  • “Limited Liability Companies for Dummies” book was written by MyLLC staff members, using their vast knowledge of LLC formation and compliance regulations to quite literally write the book on it!
  • MyLLC will do a free corporate name check for you, even if you’re not one of their customers.
  • Their website is covered by McAfee SECURE, which protects against malware and encrypts data, and GeoTrust, which verifies merchant identities.
  • If you choose to add registered agent services, you can save a significant amount of money with their volume discounts for multiple years of service.

Cons of MyLLC

  • From my perspective, MyLLC’s website is difficult to navigate and can be confusing at times.

MyLLC Alternative

Incfile is one of the best services to choose if you're forming a business on a budget but are still looking for all the essential features. Read Review

Incfile ($49 + state fees)

Pricing & Features

MyLLC doesn’t have a variety of formation packages like many of their competitors. Instead, MyLLC has a flat $99 rate, to which you can add other features on an a la carte basis.

The base package includes only the formation basics. This is a no-frills service without any of the add-ons, which is all you might want or need. As for the registered agent add-on, the annual rate with a 5-year order is just over $66, a nearly unbeatable price.

Here’s what else you can add to your formation package:

  • A Certificate of Good Standing costs $45, but each additional copy is just $10.
  • “Limited Liability Companies for Dummies” book details the ins and outs of LLC formation and compliance for $24.99.
  • Optional business loan consultation service.
  • Federal tax ID numbers (EIN) cost $69, a low rate compared to competitors, and they’ll prepare your related tax forms for another $35.
  • License research service is available for $99, determining which licenses and permits you need to stay compliant, and sending you the forms to acquire them.

MyLLC Customer Reviews

We only found a few dozen MyLLC reviews online, but I’m impressed by how many of them are positive. Their happy customers frequently comment on how fast and easy the services were, and how helpful their support reps are.

Customer Reviews Section Last Updated 7-25-17
  • BBB: A+ (16 reviews)
  • Google: 5/5 (16 reviews)

Conclusion: While I like to see a larger volume of reviews in general, we could find only one critical review and it’s over 4 years old. That’s a good sign.

How MyLLC Compares

I’ve spent lots of time going over the details of these LLC formation services, and one thing I’ve discovered is that some of them simply have better deals than others.

The big question remains the same though: which one has the right combination of pricing and features for you?

MyLLC is a top LLC formation service thanks to their price match and great customer service. Still, it’s worth looking at what the competition’s up to, so let’s check out my personal favorite, IncFile.

Pricing: IncFile’s pricing starts at $49, less than half of what MyLLC charges. (However, keep in mind MyLLC offers a price match guarantee, which evens that out.)

Turnaround Time: These tend to vary quite a bit by state. In some, MyLLC is faster, and IncFile is quicker in others. In general, from what I can see, they’re pretty much even.

Customer Support: While both companies employ knowledgeable reps who can help you with a variety of issues, MyLLC can be a little bit easier to get in touch with. Sometimes IncFile will need to take a message and call you back the next day, whereas MyLLC feels like a more personal company.

Years In Operation: MyLLC opened their doors back in 1998, while IncFile started up in 2004. MyLLC holds a slight longevity advantage.

Explore Your Options


Pricing Starts at $49

150,000+ Businesses formed so far

Perfect for: Anyone starting a business on a budget and need quick LLC formation with added features


Pricing Starts at $99

Unknown Businesses formed so far

Perfect for: Anyone looking to work with a company that has exceptional customer service

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Just Form a Business Myself?

Absolutely. With any of these processes or services, the option is available for you to file on your own. Companies like MyLLC act more like helping hands, so you can focus on the day-to-day of running your business. If you're interested in filing independently, head over to our step-by-step guides for Forming an LLC or Forming a Corporation. They walk you through the steps and give you a feel for what the process looks like.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

Nope, in fact MyLLC is very up-front about all pricing matters. Additionally, we didn’t find any customer complaints regarding billing issues. Another good sign.

Is My Information Secure?

With the combination of GeoTrust and McAfee SECURE, their website is as safe and secure as any competitor’s site.

Does MyLLC Offer Ongoing Support?

They certainly do. Simply give them a call, send them a live chat message or an email any time you encounter questions you can’t answer yourself. They’re very responsive.