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LegalZoom Online Legal Subscription Review

LegalZoom LLC ReviewIn this LegalZoom online legal subscription review we’re going to get down to the nitty-gritty in a hurry to help you decide if they’re the right choice. Listen, it’s nice to be able to lessen the weight on your shoulders while working though running a business, getting a non-profit off the ground, changing your name, etc.

We live in a VERY litigious society and the costs of conventional legal advice has gone stratospheric. LegalZoom is a great resource for less expensive strategic information when there’s a lot at stake and you can’t afford a posh law firm. Enjoy!

LegalZoom Online Forms Pros & Cons


  1. If you read through digital piles of reviews, you’ll come across the names of SO MANY different legal professionals that people are thanking for polite, knowledgeable, professional and prompt service.

  2. LegalZoom is known to give courtesy calls before customers finish their order to ensure everything is right and above board.

  3. Let’s be frank, their services are as popular as they are in part because of how much money they save people in legal fees!

  4. Convenience is a huge factor. Instead of having to make “30 minute calls” or pay for each answer as you go, LegalZoom’s buffet-style where you just pay a monthly fee saves so much time and hassle.

  5. Whether you need LegalZoom to help form an LLC, a DBA, or just as a resource for high-quality document templates, each service category is executed comprehensively with 360-degree support.

  6. They’ve done a great job at being transparent in who they are, what they do, why they do it, for who, and displaying customer testimonials for most services.


  1. By the numbers, or odds, you’re likely to have a great experience. But, because of the size LegalZoom’s reached it’s not 100% certain. You may get a less professional attorney or deal with unsatisfactory customer service.

  2. LegalZoom is awesome, but, they aren’t going to be the right choice for every situation. There are times when a genuine attorney or law firm are in order. That’s a fact. Some issues are a bit too complex.

  3. For those new to using online legal subscription services, or LegalZoom in general, you can’t really rush through the process. You need to get specific and take your time.

  4. There are some limitations. Once you become a subscriber it’s not a free for all. You have to choose between personal/family or business-related, and can only ask questions regarding this matter (without more fees) within reason instead of any legal matter that pops up in general.

What Do You Get?

Over the years LegalZoom’s built a stellar network of legal help, then created a nice user-friendly platform to connect them on a categorical and state-based level with folks like you. There’s HUGE demand for less expensive legal help and services like them are filling in. They’re the disruptors who can provide access to professionals on an easy subscription basis.

LegalZoom Legal Services

We’ll get to pricing momentarily, but keep in mind it’s through sheer volume they’re able to offer online legal features like those at such affordable rates.

And, there’s almost no legal matter they don’t have independent specialists for – you name it, from family trusts and wills, to name changes, patents, power of attorney, per-nuptial agreements, property leases, trademarks, divorce, immigration, DBAs, copyrights, business formation, etc.


how much are Their Subscriptions?

Below is a screenshot showing the most basic subscription prices. Obviously you save money by going annually, just be absolutely SURE you fully understand the terms you’re agreeing to and exactly when/how often you’ll be charged.

LegalZoom Business Advisory Plans


Are their Online Legal Services Easy?

For what looks like 90% of the people who’ve bothered to leave a review, yes, the process is a snap. The #1 thing people appreciate is being able to work with the same legal professional again and again instead of getting a new one each time. Here’s another screenshot from their site that shows the basic process.

LegalZoom Online Legal Services Process


any extra perks to subscribing?

Sure, once you’re a subscriber they’ll securely store your documents for you so they’re in one safe place. Then of course there’s free revisions.

There’s also the fact that LegalZoom spends the money to conduct thorough vetting/background checks on their legal professionals and continually improves their state/category-based matching system. The list could go on, like discounted document review, regular “checkups” and unlimited access to relevant legal documents…


How does it compare to others?

That really depends on who you ask. Tons of their customers will say they’re the best, but it’s situational. Maybe you’d find Rocket Lawyer more suiting. Maybe all you need is access to legal forms, and a small number at that, in which case would be better.

Generally, LegalZoom is a leader in the online legal services “industry” so to speak, arguably based on popularity (social proofing). Do your homework and really get an idea of your needs, even if you need to splurge a little on a couple hours with an in-person lawyer at full price beforehand.


ARE Their Customers Happy?

Sure. While there are plenty of others on 3rd party sites, here’s a screenshot of the current breakdown of the reviews left on their online legal subscription services page.

LegalZoom Online Legal Subscription Reviews

Who is their typically customer? Or who are these legal subscription services ideal for? Basically anyone, or any team, that can’t afford (or doesn’t really need) a conventional attorney charging $150/hr or whatever the case may be – independent professionals/freelancers, partnerships, individuals, and bootstrapping startups.

Ready for LegalZoom?

Chances are if you made it this far in our LegalZoom online legal subscription review, yeah, you should give them heavy consideration. It's as true for personal/family matters as for simple things like getting an LLC established. Use the links below to dig deeper into LegalZoom or other similar providers and maybe even take the leap today. Cheers!

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