Rocket Lawyer Legal Services Review.

Are you in need of legal documents and services for your business or nonprofit, but not quite ready to bring in an attorney? There are many online legal services out there, but it can be tough to tell which ones are worth entrusting. We’re here to take a look at Rocket Lawyer, one of the heavy-hitters in the industry since 2008.

In this Rocket Lawyer legal services review, we’ll share pros and cons, pricing and features, customer reviews, and more. Within a few minutes, you’ll know whether they’re a good fit for you or if you should investigate other options.

Interested in professional legal advice and help past LLC formation? TRUiC partnered with Rocket Lawyer to provide an exclusive deal for our users!

Pros & Cons of Rocket Lawyer

Pros of Rocket Lawyer

  • If you need legal representation, Rocket Lawyer offers their subscribers free consultations, discounts on conventional legal fees, and unlimited questions to legal professionals.
  • The TRUiC and Rocket Lawyer New Business Bundle offers a 46% discount! Our deal provides free incorporation services, one year of registered agent services, and quality legal services such as easy-to-use documents and contracts, fast legal advice from attorneys, and further discounts on future services.
  • Rocket Lawyer allows you to try out their legal services with their seven-day free trial. If you’re not satisfied with your experience, simply deactivate the account to avoid paying any fees.
  • Their extensive library of legal documents is backed by a protection system they call Document Defense, which allows you to connect with a qualified attorney whenever you’re in need of help polishing off or enforcing the document.
  • If you have some specific legal questions but don’t require a full consultation, you can use their on-call attorney service to receive a response within 24 hours from a business lawyer in your area. This is an impressive feature, as some of their competitors charge as much as $39 per question!
  • If you need any help with your account or assistance with their other services (for example, forming an LLC with Rocket Lawyer), you can send an email or call the Rocket Lawyer phone number at 1(877) 881-0947, Monday - Friday, 6am-6pm PST.

Cons of Rocket Lawyer

  • Rocket Lawyer is more focused on providing legal services. If you just want to start a small business and do not need extra legal help, there are other choices such as our highest-rated LLC service, ZenBusiness.

Should You Use Rocket Lawyer?

Based on the information we've discussed in this review, we'd give Rocket Lawyer’s online legal services an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5. We particularly love their abundance of templates and accessible legal help.

Start with Rocket Lawyer

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Rocket Lawyer Pricing & Features

Rocket Lawyer offers one plan and customers can become premium subscribers to access a plethora of legal services; however, our partnership with Rocket Lawyer provides these premium legal services and more through the New Business Bundle, which will save you both time and money. Check out the details of our exclusive deal below, as well as information on Rocket Lawyer’s normal premium subscription:


  • Free incorporation services
  • 1 year of registered agent service
  • 1 year of premium legal services such as the following and more:
    • Easy-to-use contracts and documents
    • Quick answers from on-call attorneys
    • Free 30-minute phone consultations for legal issues
    • Excellent customer service
    • More exclusive discounts on future services


  • Full access to their legal document library.
  • Unlimited document revisions with digital signature functionality and Document Defense review/enforcement services.
  • Attorney services including answers to legal questions, 30-minute consultations and deep discounts on their in-network lawyers.
  • Secure cloud storage to keep all your legal files safe and easily accessible through your account.

Rocket Lawyer Reviews

According to a lot of Rocket Lawyer reviews online, customers seem impressed with the great customer support and valuable, high-quality legal services provided. In fact, their rating on is 4.7/5 with over 2,000 reviews.

Here are some Rocket Lawyer reviews from those who used their service:

“The forms were easy to fill out and easy to print off and understand. I wish I would have found Rocket Lawyer sooner.”

“Loved the ease of using this site and drawing up my papers. The ease of filling in forms was great.”

“Rocket Lawyer is the easiest, clearest online experience you'll ever have. It's a wonderful service especially for those who need to draft pretty straightforward documents occasionally or frequently. The first time I used it, I wondered why I had bothered to pay a lawyer in the past. It was a matter of answering a bunch of questions (some were specific to my State's laws), and the document was DONE! Thank you Rocket Lawyer!!”

“Very good resource to get a base idea of a contract and then to tweak it to your needs. The lawyers reply to emails and help to correct it.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need an attorney?

Possibly. You can create excellent legal documentation on your own by using online templates, but it's a good idea to have an attorney look through all of your documents just to be sure. The good news is that Rocket Lawyer can give you access to one nearby!

Are there any hidden fees?

No, but there are plenty of customers out there who have had a hard time navigating Rocket Lawyer’s pricing. To make sure you don't face any surprise fees, read through everything very carefully while signing up, or save money with our exclusive New Business Bundle deal!


Based on the information we've discussed in this review, we'd give Rocket Lawyer’s online legal services an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5. We particularly love their abundance of templates and accessible legal help. That being said, if this doesn’t sound like your perfect fit, check out our Best Online Legal Services for Business review. Cheers!