FreshBooks vs QuickBooks Online: Which is Better?

FreshBooks Vs QuickBooks

Why hello and welcome to Startup Savant’s comparative guide that addresses the FreshBooks vs QuickBooks Online question – which is the ideal accounting software for you and your brand? Honestly, that’s a tough question to answer. The best thing you can do is get in there and tinker, test, and try out their features.

That said, in this article we’ll do our best to give you a well-rounded look at both through their commonalities, differences, package options, pricing and so forth. It’ll be fun. Enjoy!

What Freshbooks & Quickbooks Have In Common

What Sets Them Apart

  • Has a payment history feature that allows both you and your clients to view your transactions and payments. Your clients can also request for a copy of their account statement which FreshBooks will gladly provide.
  • Gives you access to a downloadable copy of your expenses (which is a huge time saver).
  • FreshBooks is less expensive.
  • Features a late payment reminder which QuickBooks Online doesn’t have.
  • Has forecasting and budgeting features that are indispensable in terms of planning.
  • Has a multiple-user feature that allows you to completely control accessibility.
  • Collaboration features allowing you to sync all your files and allow other team players to access it. FreshBooks does this, just not as extensively.
  • Offers a 50% discount if you integrate a payroll application into your account.
  • Can handle complex inventory situations unlike FreshBooks.

Pricing: FreshBooks vs QuickBooks

FRESHBOOKS Starts at $8.96

FreshBooks has 4 very simple and creatively named plans: Sprout, Seedling, Evergreen and Mighty Oak. You have the option to pay these plans monthly or annually. Below’s a table that shows you their specific features and prices.

All 4 plans have basic features which include an invoicing tool, invoice history, backup and security measures, customer support service, business solutions integration, free automatic updates, and automatic recording of recurring profiles. Although the Mighty Oak has the most complete features the Evergreen plan is more popular and widely used.

For an in depth look at the features you get with Freshbooks, check out our comprehensive review.


QuickBooks STARtS AT $7.99 (50% off)

QuickBooks Online has 3 small business-friendly plans: Simple Start, Essentials and Plus. The Plus plan is the most popular and has complete features among the three accounting plans. If you’re an independent contractor or freelancer, you can also use QuickBooks Online for only $7.99 every month.

For an in depth look at the features you get with QuickBooks, check out our comprehensive review.

Which Should You Choose?

Our #1 tip to you, if you’re like most of the good folks who visit this particular chunk of content, is to ease into savvy new accounting software like these two titans. On the one hand, you’ve got QuickBooks that’s been around a while and boasts of millions of users. On the other, you’ve got FreshBooks which is very modern and curated for new breeds of entrepreneurs.

Either way, start where you need to start then work your way into the features that make sense for your platform and where your brand is in its evolution.

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