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Zoho Books Review: Is It Right for You?

Zoho Books ReviewWelcome to Startup Savan’ts Zoho Books Review where we breeze through the basics of this easy-to-use accounting software helping entrepreneurs, small-biz owners and freelancers keep their financials in order. Although it’s not as popular as Xero, Zoho Books has some very solid features. Let’s go through those first in a pro/con fashion so you can starting getting the gist. Enjoy!


Popular Zoho Books Features

Zoho Books Pros

And finally, two big hits are the multi-country and multi-language features so no matter where you are in the world, what nationality you are, and whether or not English is your first language…you’re covered. A fair amount of other accounting software solutions don’t have these. Now let’s get to the handful or “cons” although we don’t mean anything negative here.


Zoho Books Cons


A Quick Look Inside Zoho Books

Now, with all those bullet-points on the table let’s take a closer look inside the software through a handful of screen shots. These will give you an idea for how it behaves and feels to use. Most people judge their accounting software based on style of data-presentation, or rather, how easy data is to understand and implement.

Zoho Books Reviews

Pretty simple and straightforward without endless spreadsheet-style data. The graphs are sleek and the overall dashboard is considerably streamlined. And yet STILL, people without much savvy find it challenging at first.

Zoho Books Review

The screen shot above shows you where you can sync your dedicated business bank accounts to let the software collect and work its magic. Here’s what the account looks like through your dashboard banking section.

Zoho Books Review and Features

The invoicing is very quick and easy as well, along with sections for credit notes, orders, payments received, etc. Notice the little details like overdue notices with time, data, streamlined details so you can scan and easily find things or sort them. Nice!

Zoho Books Invoicing


Zoho Books Pricing & Package Options

As you can see below you’ve got three options depend on your needs/platform: Basic, Standard and Professional. So they’ve broken it down by the amount of contracts you have available per package along with users and workflows.

Zoho Books Review Package Options


Zoho Books offers two types of subscriptions: monthly and yearly. If you choose the yearly subscription, you’ll be able to take advantage of their discount so instead of paying for 12 months, you’ll only pay for 10 months. Regardless of which option you choose, you can start and stop your subscription anytime. Zoho Books will not require you to sign up for a certain contract period. You’re free to go as you please.


Zoho Books Is Right For You if…

Final Verdict

Zoho Books is great if you're just starting as an entrepreneur, but in our opinion, Xero has much more to offer for equally competitive prices. At the very least if you haven't quite decided, check them and their package options out as well.

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