6 Top Venture Capital Firms in Nebraska

Nebraska's low business costs and favorable government regulations make it a sensible place to begin startup businesses. Successful ones then have access to venture capital through the state's VC firms.

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Top Venture Capital Firms in Nebraska Article.

Best Nebraska VC Firms

1. Beckway Ventures

  • Location: Omaha, NE
  • Industries: Industry Agnostic (Not Tech)
  • Stage: Mature, Exiting
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Wasi, Diversified Logistics Training Solutions, Robinhill Senior Advisory Group

Beckway Ventures invests in non-flashing companies that have stable track records. The firm partners with executives who no longer have non-competes and are looking to start a new business soon. The firm's strategy is to grow an established company at attractive multiples and then exit the company within three to four years. Companies should be lower middle market upon exit, which makes them attractive to other private equity firms. 

Beckway doesn't invest in technologies, instead looking for proven "boring" industries.

2. Everest Group

  • Location: Omaha, NE
  • Industries: Technology, Data, Software
  • Stage: Early Stage, Growth
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Netflix, Yahoo, Facebook, Constant Contact

Everest Group is a family office that has more than $1 billion under management. The office has invested in behemoths such as Netflix, Yahoo, and Facebook, and these investments were made during early rounds. Companies should be service-oriented technology or software businesses. They also must align with Everest's current portfolio, as outsourcing to other companies is part of the office's core strategy.

3. Omaha Capital Management

  • Location: Omaha, NE
  • Industries: Technology, Healthcare, Cannabis, Real Estate
  • Stage: Early Stage, Late Stage, Growth, Mature
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Snowflake, Lemonade, Tilray, Juul

Omaha Capital Management is a single-family office that invests alongside other family offices/private equity firms. The office takes a diversified approach, of which private equity is part. Private equity is in technology, healthcare, and cannabis. Companies should have large addressable markets. Since Omaha Capital invests alongside others, it takes minority stakes.

4. 31st Street Capital

  • Location: Lincoln, NE
  • Industries: Industry Agnostic (Flooring)
  • Stage: Late Stage, Mature
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Floor Source, Total Flooring Inc, Flooring Expo, Floors for Living

31st Street Capital looks for long-term partnerships. The firm prefers companies to retain their management and to work with the firm's team indefinitely. Although companies from an industry can be considered, all of the family office's investments have thus far been in flooring companies.

5. McCarthy Capital

  • Location: Omaha, NE
  • Industries: Industry Agnostic
  • Stage: Early Stage, Late Stage, Growth, Mature
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Caraway, Blue Sky ELearn, U.S. Medical Staffing, Spreetail

McCarthy Capital manages two investment funds. The office's original private equity fund gives $20–$75 million to growing and mature companies. The newer emerging growth fund provides $5–$10 million for new startups with at least $1 million of recurring revenue. 

Although the family office will take majority or minority shares, it wants management to retain an active role and enough interest. McCarthy will help with strategic resources and collaboration but doesn't overtake the company. It views acquisitions as partnerships for the long term.

6. Panorama Point Partners

  • Location: Omaha, NE
  • Industries: Health Technologies, Business Technologies, Finance Technologies
  • Stage: Growth
  • Notable Portfolio Companies: Liqid, Coupang, Robur Group, Forge

Panorama Point Partners invests in technology companies that have strong ESG impacts. The firm seeks growing companies with large addressable markets. A board seat is expected with any capital infusion.