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The 5 Innovator’s Skills: Your Complete Path To Innovation

No way.

You can’t just copy what’s out there.

Successful entrepreneurs innovate.

And if you’re after innovation, you’re after the new.

New stuff you can use to wow your customers.

New value propositions. New ways of reaching them. New ways of solving their greatest pain point.

The Innovator’s DNA lights the way.

It shows us the 5 skills every innovator needs to discover the new.

In this 5-part series, we’ll do a deep dive on each.

Use it to accelerate your journey to the space of valuable ideas.

1) Observation: How To Discover Good Business Ideas In 2 Simple Steps

2) Idea networking: 3 Steps to Develop Your Ideas With Other People

3) Questioning: How to Escape Prison By Asking the Wrong Questions

4) Association: Connecting Ideas on an Empty Brain

5) Experimentation: All Your Answers Are Wrong

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Harry is the founder and CEO of Infyrno, a startup that's laser-focused on accelerating innovation through technology. He's fanatical about learning, questioning things and most of all, taking action. Always wears a red shirt. Connect with him on Twitter.