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From learning from your mistakes to learning from the Three Stooges, Life Skills will help you run your business without your business running your ragged. Learn from the best like Bill Gates and turn your passion into profits, all here in Life Skills.

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9 Incredible Business Lessons From Bill Gates

There’s probably not a single person alive who isn’t at least aware of Bill Gates. The man has given his life to personal computers and created innovations in information technology that will last generations...perhaps centuries.

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Ways Pro Entrepreneurs Organize Their Lives

Starting and managing a business is worth it, but it comes with a number of organizational challenges. “Clutter” doesn’t just refer to all the things piled high on your desk -- it can also apply to other aspects of your life as an entrepreneur.

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Productivity For Entrepreneurs 101

So, you’re working on upping your output and increasing your productivity? Good for you! We’re here to help you get there. In this guide we’ll talk in depth about entrepreneur-based productivity.

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4 young people excitedly preparing to launch a startup

5 Tips For Staying Productive & Motivated As A Millennial Startup Founder

It’s no secret that millennials are a different breed. We have divergent values, goals, habits, and communication styles from any generation before us -- differences that have been statistically proven by nationwide studies.

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A female celebrity exiting a limo onto a red carpet supported by her driver

3 Mistakes Startups Make When Working With Celebrities

We already know the popular examples of big companies using celebrities to greatly boost their awareness like Michael Jordan and Nike, or William Shatner and Priceline but start-ups can also utilize celebrities to do the same thing. A tweet from a celebrity could put a startup in front of thousands – even millions of people

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3 Things About Entrepreneurship That Make It A Noble Vocation

Entrepreneurship provides those who have the courage, drive, and desire the opportunity for self-expression, empowerment, and autonomous freedom.

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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A New Business

The truth is, out of the millions of startups that are launched annually in the U.S., over half fail within the first five years. While this sometimes happens due to catastrophic circumstances, often it’s because of a simple, fundamental flaw in an entrepreneur’s approach.

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The Hollywood Walk of Fame star for the Three Stooges

4 Things An Entrepreneur Can Learn From The Three Stooges

You have to look beyond the eye-pokes, face slaps, and crazy antics but every entrepreneur can learn a great deal from the Three Stooges.

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A woman holding a piggybank with money coming out of the top

4 Ways To Maintain Your Startup’s Financial Health

Running a successful business requires as much financial responsibility as it does creative passion. You need to be totally excited about what you’re doing, but you also need to keep a close eye on the numbers.

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A group of excited people discussing a plan using color profiles

5 Business Ideas: How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Turning your passion into a paycheck is totally possible, but it can be tricky. When you’re starting a business, you can’t just assume your interests are ripe for pursuing.

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5 Critical Questions To Answer Before Becoming An Entrepreneur

One of the most sought after positions in society today is that of an entrepreneur. However, the reality is that not everyone is cut out for the lifestyle.

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5 Easy Ways To Beat The Competition Without Competing On Price

One of the biggest mistakes I see newly formed businesses make in their business is trying to break into business by offering lower prices.

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5 Online Trends To Win New Markets With Your Startup

As a startuper who keeps up with the times, you understand the importance of online presence and reputation. Modern technologies and Internet trends make every business online today.

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5 Personal Challenges Of Starting A Business

Here at Startup Savant, we spend a lot of time focusing on the financial and personal challenges of starting a business. In this article, we will touch on five personal challenges entrepreneurs can face, and how to navigate them to avoid these pitfalls.

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5 Philanthropic Investors To Look Up To

Here are five philanthropic investors you should definitely keep an eye on.

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a woman sitting in front of a computer doing business paperwork

5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Be Your Own Registered Agent

Many entrepreneurs consider serving as their own registered agent. While this can save you some money over hiring a professional service, there are a number of drawbacks to this decision.

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A young child pointing to a lightbulb

6 Surprisingly Common Problems EdTech Startups Face

The education industry is without a doubt slow to adapt to changing conditions and in particular adapting to new technology. It takes a very convincing argument to get educational institutions to take on new ideas and pay out for new technology.

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Accounting software on a laptop screen

7 Clear Pros And Cons Of Accounting Software

Accounting software can save money and be highly effective. Learn if it is a good choice for your business.

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A woman with pen and paper in front of a computer

7 Registered Agent Myths You Need To Know

Are you starting your own LLC or Corporation? If so, you may already know that your state will require your company to designate a registered agent. There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about what a registered agent is and what role they play in a business.

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8 Highly Effective Ways To Promote Your Business

Marketing is such a different game today than it was in the past – no more untargeted ads, expensive commercials, or wasteful hard copy. Now promoting your brand (effectively) is all about refined, ultra-targeted, less expensive methods.

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A class looking at a presentation on budgeting

8 Tips To Boost Your Odds Of Startup Success

We've compiled 8 tips we believe will help entrepreneurs have the right mindset and habits to give them the best chance at managing a successful business.

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A woman holding a cup of coffee looking at business documents

8 Ways To Growth Hack Your Startup

One of the most important issues that all startups face is how to growth hack the business. In other words, how can a startup start generating revenue as soon as possible.

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Your Customer Segmentation In 4 Easy Steps

For a fragile brand new start-up, all customers are not the same. Knowing which ones you can serve profitably is one of the most important lessons you can learn.

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A building foundation

The 4 Critical Components For Building A Framework For Success

Success is not random, the result of luck or afforded to those who “wing it”.

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