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Texas Registered Agent: Everything You Need to Know

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In general, a Registered Agent is an important component to compliance for the legal registration of your Texas business.

Throughout the duration of your business’ life cycle, retaining the services of a Registered Agent is required, but essentially, it helps your business take care of its service of process and other legal notifications.

Statutory requirements are often the primary consideration when hiring a Texas Registered Agent, but it is also prudent to look into other factors such as reputation, track record, etc.

This guide is all about providing startup entrepreneurs with significant information on the requirements and restrictions of a Texas Registered Agent, and why you really do need one.


Texas Registered Agent Requirements

File Annual Reports & Publication RequirementsThere are certain Texas state law requirements and restrictions that must be observed for the compliance of a Texas Registered Agent. The following should be strictly adhered to so your business can legally registered in the state:

1) You cannot be your own Registered Agent in Texas;

2) A Registered Agent must be a person residing in Texas or it might be a business entity, either domestic or foreign, provided that it is duly registered with the Secretary of State Office to conduct business in the state.

3) The Registered Agent must provide a physical street address in Texas.

4) Lastly, the Registered Agent must be at his designated address during office hours to ensure that all legal notifications are received.


5 Reasons to Have a Texas Registered Agent

The role of a Registered Agent exceeds the usual requirement for incorporation and compliance. In fact, a Texas Registered Agent fulfills a crucial role in the entire life cycle of your business. If you still don’t know why you need a Registered Agent, look into these reasons for enlightenment.

1) Facilitates for smoother and more efficient business operations

Hiring a Texas Registered Agent allows a business owner to focus all his time and energy on running his business while at the same time, keep tabs on all legal and government notifications, submitting necessary paperwork promptly and efficiently. This is because your attention won’t be divided between taking care of business and monitoring legal notifications. The latter task will all be done by a Texas Registered Agent.

2) Guards your privacy

The Registered Agent’s address is made public the moment your business is in operations. If you do not have your own Registered Agent, you could be in danger of exposing your home or business address to the public. In an age where data piracy and identity theft are prolific, this could be a danger to your privacy as well.

3) You do not keep regular business hours

If the nature of your business does not require regular hours, a Texas Registered Agent would come in very handy. You can still keep flexible business hours without having to worry if you’ve missed a service of process or any legal notification since these correspondence will all be forwarded to the office address of the Registered Agent.

4) Protects business image

Your public image and credibility are both important to business success. When you are served a service of process or any legal notification in front of your customers, this causes people to talk and cast doubt on your credibility. Whereas, when all these legal notifications are forwarded to the Registered Agent, you won’t risk anything related to your business.

5) You conduct business in different states

For each of the states you conduct business in, you will be required to hire a Registered Agent at each state. This must be so that you have a representation to accept legal notifications from each state you have business in.


How to Find a Reliable Registered Agent in Texas

Get a Registered AgentA reliable Texas Registered Agent is vital for stress-free, smooth-sailing business operations. At the forefront of your business’ success is the Registered Agent, so find one that has the credibility and proven track record that can deliver the job.

Look around, consider your options, compare services, then choose a service provider than delivers more than the usual package in a Registered Agent service. Also, verify that the Registered Agent has a physical office from where the legal notifications will be received.

For more reliable options for your consideration, the services below are great starters.

Get a Reliable Registered Agent

Both services will act as your Registered Agent and handle all legal notifications from the state on your behalf.

IncFile (for $99) or LegalZoom (for $159)

This Texas Registered Agent guide is for informational purposes only, and it is not intended as a legal document/notice. For your legal concerns when it comes to hiring a Texas Registered Agent, consult a business lawyer.

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