The Future of Blockchain, NFTs, and Angel Investment with Joe Roets of Dragonchain

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#8: Joe Roets joins Annaka and Ethan to discuss blockchain and how his company, Dragonchain, plans to help other companies utilize this up and coming tech. Joe discusses the applications of blockchain technology and tells us about his own experience finding funding and working with The Walt Disney Company. 

Joe Roets is the founder and CEO of Dragonchain, a blockchain-as-a-service provider that works with companies to tackle problems using blockchain technology. A self-proclaimed software guy, Joe has been in the tech space for quite some time and has led multiple ventures. His company Dragonchain originated within The Walt Disney Company and now operates as an independent entity that plans to help the world take advantage of the benefits blockchain has to offer.  

Full Episode Transcript

Podcast Episode Notes

Jumping through hoops to get approval for an open-source project [7:00]

Quantifying behavior and building an objective historical record using blockchain [8:30]

The applications of using blockchain to create a living historical record [13:55]

Engineer speech and lawyer lingo: the importance of communicating technical concepts across  various teams [24:10]

What are the roadblocks to adopting blockchain? [29:50]

Bitcoin’s creation and the creation of scarcity and value from software [35:20]

How will blockchain break into other industries? [39:30]

Everything is a market — blockchain may be a better alternative to an AI algorithm [46:05]

The future of NFTs and their untapped utility [47:41]

Remote work may create more opportunities for startups outside of California [52:40]

Creating a community around your brand serves as a great tool and gives you valuable feedback [57:36]

Joe’s note to other entrepreneurs: VC funding and Angel investors may not always be the best way to get money [59:45]

One of the biggest challenges for growing Dragonchain — how do you build trust? [1:05:10]

Creating a HIPAA compliance tool using blockchain [1:08:42]

Joe’s next big project — Using blockchain to help create governance and create value [1:10:30]

Joe’s advice: Don’t be dogmatic, and make something that works. [01:16:42]

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