10 Best Virtual Assistant Websites for Startups

Woman looking at a virtual assistant site for startups.

As an entrepreneur, the less time spent on tedious tasks and instead dedicated to high-level objectives the better. A virtual assistant (VA) can provide much-needed help in accomplishing tasks, managing schedules, and executing ideas. 

As with any hire, finding the right virtual assistant(s) for your business can be a daunting task. Fortunately, virtual assistant agencies and platforms vet and train VAs to ensure you find the right hire. These are the best virtual assistant websites for startups.

Top Virtual Assistant Sites for Busy Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re inputting data or making travel arrangements, tedious tasks can quickly add up, taking away valuable time you could be dedicating to more high-level tasks. Hiring a virtual assistant who is trained and specialized in the tasks you need accomplished gives you time back. 

To find the right VA for your startup, you need to first determine the tasks you need accomplished, the amount of time you need a virtual assistant dedicated to your projects and your budget. Once you have those details squared away, you can start researching virtual assistant agencies and websites to find the right assistant or team to help your startup succeed.

1. Time Etc

Time Etc connects US-based virtual assistants with entrepreneurs looking for skilled, experienced VA services. To use Time Etc’s services, you simply consult with their team of experts, match with a dedicated VA, and begin assigning tasks. 

Requirements for VAs on the Time Etc platform are strict, with only 2% of applicants being accepted to join the platform. Those who are accepted average 12 years of experience at major corporations such as Apple and AOL and are vetted through a 10-step selection process. 

Pricing starts at $360 per month for ten hours of VA assistance and can grow up to $1,980 per month for sixty hours. 

2. Upwork

Upwork is a marketplace for contract and freelance workers in a variety of lines of work, including virtual assistants. On Upwork, you aren’t limited to standardized hourly wages or locations, you can find VAs from across the globe that work within your budget. 

Joining the platform is free, however, to hire on Upwork, you will be required to pay a 5% Client Marketplace Fee on all payments made to contractors as well as a $4.95 Contract Initiation Fee for every new hire. 

If your company is planning to hire at a higher volume through Upwork, you can opt for an Enterprise plan that includes custom features, an account executive to expedite hiring, and a variety of tools to help manage contract hires and spending. Enterprise plans are priced per customer. 

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is structured similarly to Upwork. It is a marketplace for freelance and contract workers in a variety of industries and professions. On Fiverr, you can hire VAs across the globe, some starting at just $5 per hour, to accomplish administrative or specialized tasks. 

There is no fee to join Fiverr Pro, their base plan. However, if you want to increase your business management features, we recommend adding Fiverr Workspace, which costs $24 per month or $18 per month if billed annually. For the most advanced plan available on Fiverr, you can request a quote for their Enterprise plan. 

4. Wishup

Wishup is a dedicated virtual assistant service connecting entrepreneurs and businesses with remote workers within 24 hours. The platform hosts VAs in India and the United States, as well as bookkeeping assistants. 

Wishup offers a lot of flexibility for entrepreneurs wanting to choose the hours required from a VA and allows them to replace their assistant with no questions asked. You can also expect administrative support for legal, finance, payments, and contracts from the platform. 

Pricing varies by location. Virtual assistants located in India range from $999 per month for a half-day assistant to $1,799 per month for a full-day assistant.

5. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands connects startup founders and small business owners with a team of US-based virtual assistants. The platform is super user-friendly, allowing customers to submit their assignments via website, text, email, or phone. 

Rather than charging an hourly fee, Fancy Hands charges per request. Each request is up to 20 minutes of work for the assistant. There are four plans to choose from on Fancy Hands, starting at $17.99 per month for three requests and up to $149.99 per month for 30 requests. Best of all, you don’t use up all your requests in that month, they roll over no matter what plan you choose.

6. Vasumo

Vasumo offers US-based, highly-trained virtual assistant services. Each assistant undergoes 3 months of training and certification in over 200 tasks to provide experience in the tasks that move businesses forward. Plus, all assistants on Vasumo have a minimum of three years of experience. 

Assistants on the site can help with a wide range of tasks, including website and landing page design, audio and video editing, email marketing, and more. 

The platform offers three different packages, starting at $598 per month for 20 hours of VA work in their Economy plan to $998 per month for up to 40 hours of VA work with their First Class plan.

7. Zirtual

Zirtual matches businesses with experienced US-based virtual assistants. All assistants on the platform are required to have a college degree and are trained in core areas of expertise. Due to this, the platform will match a VA trained to meet startups’ unique needs.

Zirtual assistants can help with inbox and calendar management, event planning, travel arrangements, data entry, content creation, and more. Plus, the platform guarantees two-hour response times on tasks. 

Their plans start at $549 per month for 12 hours of VA work with their Entrepreneur Plan and can cost up to $1699 per month for 50 hours of VA work with their Team Plan.

8. Magic

Geared toward high-growth companies, Magic combines the value of top-tier assistants with the power of AI tools to offer an exceptional VA experience for startups. Not only do the assistants on this platform go through a rigorous screening process, but they are also trained in technology, specifically AI tools. 

Assistants on the platform are training in inbox and calendar management, data entry, executive administration, meeting note-taking and transcription, travel planning, and more. You can also hire contract sales, bookkeeping, and customer service roles on the platform. 

Rates start at $10 per hour for full-time VA work and $12 per hour for part-time VA work. The platform offers three types of plans with increased features per plan: Magic Basic, Magic Professional, and Magic for Teams. To determine the right plan for your startup, Magic recommends reaching out to their sales team directly.

9. MyOutDesk

MyOutDesk is a top-rated virtual assistant platform with over 800 verified five-star reviews. All assistants on the platform undergo FBI-grade background checks and extensive personality profiling. Plus, each assistant boasts 15 years of experience, college education, and work experience and undergoes onboarding and training. 

The platform’s top virtual personal assistant services include concierge services, business coordination, social media and website management, and other administrative tasks. 

MyOutDesk offers one plan for $1,988 per month, which packs in a variety of perks and features. However, it is not clear the amount of hours or requests this plan includes.

10. Woodbows

Woodbows boasts dedicated virtual professionals available for work the day after you sign up for the service. Assistants are based in the US, India, and the Philippines. All assistants are required to have 10 years of experience. 

Assistants on the platform can help with data entry, interest research, data mining and scraping, website maintenance, account and bookkeeping, and more. 

Woodbows’ pricing starts at $699 per month for 40 hours of task work and ranges up to $1,599 per month for 160 hours of task work. For a US-based virtual assistant, the platform charges $31 per hour for up to 160 hours of task work.