Insights From the CEO of SMS Startup TextMagic

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Any entrepreneur can tell you, launching a startup is a learning process. Therefore, one of the best things you can do prior to launching a startup of your own is to learn from those who have blazed the trail. We were fortunate enough to hear some valuable insights during our interview with Priit Vaikmaa, CEO of TextMagic, that will inspire, motivate, and teach aspiring and established entrepreneurs alike.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

“Being fully committed is the only way to launch a business successfully. You need to be prepared to put all of your energy and focus into the business to get it going. Getting feedback for your business ideas is an important place to start. And of course, you have to ask the right people. Don’t go to the skeptics and pessimists who will shoot down your idea, but also avoid those who will only say what you want to hear. Use your connections with more established entrepreneurs to ask for their constructive, expert feedback.”

What is your advice for entrepreneurs in your industry specifically?

“It might sound obvious, but it is important to remember that while every business engages with the digital world in some way, most are also rooted in the real, physical world. In other words, you need to think not just about making your services work smoothly in the digital world but also about making sure they operate seamlessly in the real world.”

What is your advice for coming up with a unique startup idea?

“Talk to anyone and everyone you can about the challenges they face, and think about how you might use your skills to create a solution.”

What is your advice for overcoming challenges and failure?

“View challenges and failures as important parts of the learning process. Prepare to face … both, and always think about what you could do differently next time.”

What is the biggest lesson you learned and what can aspiring entrepreneurs take from it?

“Your job is to set goals and directions for your business, not handle the minutiae. Let your team handle their roles without unnecessary oversight.”

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