Founder of Edtech Startup ROYBI Shares Their Top Insights

ROYBI founder.

Any entrepreneur can tell you, launching a startup is a learning process. Therefore, one of the best things you can do prior to launching a startup of your own is to learn from those who have blazed the trail. Elnaz Sarraf, founder of edtech startup ROYBI, shared valuable insights during our interview that will inspire and motivate aspiring entrepreneurs.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

“Stay focused and be persistent. Don’t give up easily just because you failed a few tries. It may take 100 tries until you get it right.”

What is the best method you’ve found to avoid burnout as an entrepreneur?

“I go for walks when I feel overwhelmed or stressed. Being outside, getting some fresh air, and walking have always helped me think better and get relaxed.”

What is your advice for coming up with a unique startup idea?

“In order to make sure an idea is feasible, a lot of research is required. So you end up meeting with many experts before you start executing your vision. Then you begin fundraising for capital, which can take some time to secure. With funding available, you can then start building your prototypes and go to the market.”

What is your advice for overcoming challenges and failure?

“To succeed, you need to trust yourself. When you’re building a business from scratch, you face hard choices almost every day. You can’t be afraid of making the wrong choice because then the fear holds you back. Making mistakes once in a while is okay. I think I also became much better at risk-taking after every mistake. Because not only could I learn from my mistakes, but I would become much braver with every failed experiment; since I had already experienced that kind of failure, it was a lot less scary.”

What is the biggest lesson you learned and what can aspiring entrepreneurs take from it?

“Have the ability to listen. The world needs leaders that can establish trust and credibility with their team, to give them the freedom to be creative and make decisions that are in the best interest of the company as well as your customers or clients. I learned to listen and give trust and confidence to my team to thrive in the company and realize their potential. Build an open door policy that anyone, regardless of their title or responsibility, can contribute to the growth of the company by making suggestions and helping their teammates. Encourage this sort of collaboration because it helps you grow fast and everyone feels accomplished because they can see their collective efforts having a tremendous impact on people’s lives. Also, your team will see you as a trustworthy leader who creates opportunities.”

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