Insights From the Founders of SaaS Startup RepairDesk

RepairDesk Founders.

Any entrepreneur can tell you, launching a startup is a learning process. Therefore, one of the best things you can do prior to launching a startup of your own is to learn from those who have blazed the trail. We were fortunate enough to hear some valuable insights during our interview with Usman Butt of RepairDesk that will inspire, motivate, and teach aspiring and established entrepreneurs alike.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

“Always be ambitious and always be brave. Try out new things and see what sticks. We all associate risks with the element of failure, but taking risks is what being an entrepreneur is all about. It might often seem like everything is going to fall apart, but it’s a learning experience that we all go through.”

What is your advice for entrepreneurs in your industry specifically?

“Don’t be afraid to think bigger and better. Your craft is your talent, and you can use it to not only create a sustainable living but also give others an opportunity as well. Give yourself a chance to reach higher, and you’ll see that there’s a whole new world for you to explore.”

What is your advice for coming up with a unique startup idea?

“Always, always work on providing a solution to a problem. We all love what we’ve created, but if it doesn’t solve a problem, if it doesn’t serve a purpose and make life easier for someone, then no one is going to want it. Your idea shouldn’t just be unique; it should be an answer.”

What is your advice for overcoming challenges and failure?

“Challenges and failure are all a part of the journey. It may hurt to try and fail, but learning from that failure is what makes you grow. Every successful business person has faced failure in their ambitions at some point in time, but the reason that they are successful is because they pressed on and learned from their experiences. Never consider your setbacks to be the end; instead, look at them as a new bar to overcome and a chance to rise up to the challenge.”

What is the biggest lesson you learned and what can aspiring entrepreneurs take from it?

My biggest lesson is to always be grateful and always be kind. Business requires a lot of patience and effort, and the ultimate expression of that is kindness and gratitude to the ones we work with. Work with your team, your customers, your partners, and thank them for helping you climb steadily up towards your goal. In time, you’ll come to surround yourself with people who are kind and grateful to you in return, and that’s when you know you’ve done something amazing.

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