4 Ways to Support Social Media Startup Privee

Privee logo.

If you love Privee’s business model and want to support them, you’re in luck. There are several ways to support Privees that are easy and oftentimes free! We have developed this list of four creative and impactful ways to support social media platform Privee.

1. Follow Privee on LinkedIn

One of the best ways to engage with any business is to follow and engage with them on social media platforms such as Privee’s LinkedIn

Additionally, follow Privee’s founders, Josh Gottesman and Akul Bali.

2. Become an Early Privee User

“Visit joinprivee.com and join the waitlist to become an early Privee user.”

3. Invite Friends and Family

“Invite friends and family to join the waitlist after you join it.”

4. Work at Privee

“Come work with us. Reach out at careers@priveelabs.com”

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