5 Ways to Support HR Partner

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HR Partner is a human resources software created for small businesses to provide them with all the HR features they need and leaving out the ones they don’t — saving small businesses time and money. If you are interested in supporting their efforts, you’re in the right place! Even if you aren’t a business owner, there are plenty of free ways you can support startups like this — keep reading to find out how.

1. Use the HR Partner Services

The best way to support any business is to buy their products or utilize their services. If you are an entrepreneur with a small- or medium-sized business, HR Partner’s software program was designed for you. So, you aren’t just supporting a startup; you’re also providing your business with a vital, cost-effective service.

Better yet, you can try HR Partner’s Services for free through their free trial and access their free HR templates on the startup’s website as well.

2. Spread the Word

Do you know a business that could use HR Partner’s services? Or, perhaps you just think their business model is something worth sharing. Either way, spreading the word about HR Partner’s services is a great way to support their startup and help them reach a wider audience. 

This is especially true if you share with entrepreneurs you know that could utilize the company’s services. Not only will the person you share with have the opportunity to obtain great HR services, but you’ll also be helping to financially support the HR Partner company.

3. Follow HR Partner on Social Media

It’s no secret that social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to startups today. Not only does following companies such as HR Partner on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook help ensure you’re up to date on news regarding their company — it also boosts their engagement, which makes them accessible to a wider audience. 

If you’d like to be more involved with the brand, give them a little extra support by engaging with their posts through comments, likes, and shares. This can help enhance their social media presence and expose their accounts to a larger audience.

4. Book a Demo With HR Partner

If you’re curious about HR Partner’s products, but you’re not quite sure it is the right fit for your company, book a demo on their site and set up a walk-through of their platform at your convenience before signing up. Not only will one of HR Partner’s employees walk you through the system, but they will also provide you with answers to all of your questions in order to help you make an informed decision.

Book a Demo with HR Partner on their website.

5. Get the Latest HR Tips Through Their Blog

We can all use updated information on human resources, keep yourself up to date with all things HR by checking out the HR Partner blog. 

Sign up and see the HR Tips blog here.

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