Here’s How You Can Support Travel Startup Citycatt

Citycatt app.

If you’re looking to get involved in the startup ecosystem, a great place to begin is supporting new and innovative companies like Citycatt — whether by working for a startup or by following them on social media. We asked Lizia Santos, founder of Citycatt, to share the most impactful ways to support their startup, and this is what they had to say. 

1. Plan a Trip on Citycatt

“Plan trips for free at Citycatt:”

2. Hire Expert Travelers

“Hire our Citycatts to plan your next trips!”

3. Refer Your Favorite Micro-Influencers

“Tell your favorite micro-influencers to join our selected team of Catts. We're aiming to have Catts in every single destination of the world, so people can experience cultures in another level.”

4. Keep Updated on Social Media and Email

“Follow us on Instagram: and signup for our email newsletter!”

5. Spread the Word

“Spread the word! Citycatt is a trip planner by travelers for travelers. We're daring to redesign the travel experience from the traveler's perspective, and the more travelers [who] join us, the bigger the dream we can dream.”

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