Creating Automated Business Content Effortlessly

The Origin Story of Arrow AI

Arrow AI logo with colorful graphics.

Many companies want a larger social media presence, but making that happen is easier said than done. Arrow AI can help by providing automated business content powered by artificial intelligence – customized to a particular business and posted every day. This is Arrow AI’s origin story.

Feeding the Social Media Beast

Arrow AI founder Rolan Reichel understands the social media quandary that many entrepreneurs find themselves in.

“Millions of businesses rely on business pages on social media for local discovery, booking that next job, or winning new business,” he says. “These pages require content and daily posting, which takes time away from running your business.”

Rolan says because of this, many companies can’t effectively market themselves in today’s internet-connected world.

“Arrow started on a simple idea, that millions of businesses were getting ‘locked out’ of marketing as it became 100% technology-driven,” he says. “We started by interviewing and organizing our local neighborhood retail shops to validate the idea, then launched a free browser extension to get more feedback. Over the past 15 months, we have talked to thousands of small businesses across hundreds of business categories to understand their pain points and requirements.”

Rolan adds that he grew up with his family’s craft shop. “We lived in the back of the shop, so I know small businesses firsthand,” he says.

Automating Business Content

Arrow AI automates content for social media business pages using artificial intelligence. For example, it allows a company to introduce its business to new customers with content that establishes thought leadership in its industry. 

In addition, Arrow AI automatically posts business content every day to the company’s social media pages to increase engagement and drive clicks.

Almost any type of company can benefit from Arrow AI. For example, it can:

  • Target ideal customer profiles within a few miles of a company’s location
  • Help plumbers, contractors, and other home service providers expand their reach
  • Post content every day for real estate agents, thereby raising their profile and generating leads
  • Increase engagement and sales for ecommerce stores.

Arrow AI offers three different plans. 

Hello Plan ($49/month)

  • Free browser extension
  • Unlimited posting
  • Unlimited, ready-to-use industry content for any business category, with thousands of ready-to-use posts updated daily.
  • Post on Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business
  • Dedicated user success manager

Custom Plan ($79/month)
Everything in the Hello plan, plus four branded posts a month created by Arrow AI and a custom, curated content channel (up to five sources) for read-to-use posts.

Growth Plan ($129/month)
Everything in the other plans, plus unlimited boosting.

According to Rolan, his company’s biggest competitive advantage is ease of use. “Arrow continues to implement leading edge, AI-powered automation, which makes our tool the easiest to use of any content marketing tool on the market.”


Rolan says Arrow AI’s primary marketing strategy revolves around email marketing, partnerships, and referrals.

“Our target market is micro businesses and solopreneurs – companies of five or less where the founders are often working in the business (or sometimes, they are the business),” he says. “Email marketing has worked well, and our big win is partnerships. We are partnered with companies these solopreneurs know and trust. A recommendation is gold!”

Gather Your Support

Rolan’s most important advice for founders is to find enough support.

“Remember, you might be the founder, but there are many on this journey with you – your family, your stakeholders, and even your friends – so be prepared to put everything forward to build your dream,” he says. “The key to success is communication. Spend the time to keep everyone up to speed on what is happening in the business, both successes and failures. Build the trust of being a ‘straight shooter,’ so when things are tough, you can honestly go to your investors and seek help.”