Uplyft Capital Business Loans Review 2024

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Startups and small businesses need capital to operate and scale. Whether you’re looking for working capital, startup capital, or a traditional small business loan — there is a funding type for every type of business. 

With so many business lenders available for startups, choosing the right funding source can be a challenge. We’re here to help with this review of Uplyft Capital, their business cash advances, and their business funding marketplace, to help you make the right funding choice for your business. 

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What Is Uplyft Capital?

Uplyft Capital is a working capital funding platform. They are business lenders specializing in business cash advances. These are business loans that do not require standard monthly payments with interest. Instead, they are borrowed against future debit and credit card sales. 

This is a more accessible method of funding compared to term loans or some business lines of credit as they offer low credit score minimums. Making Uplyft Capital a great resource for raising money for startups with bad business credit. 

Uplyft Capital also offers a business funding marketplace. Through this, businesses are able to research, compare, and apply for various funding options such as merchant cash advances, traditional small business loans, and much more.

Pros and Cons of Uplyft Capital


  • Good for bad credit: Uplyft Capital has a very low credit score minimum, making it more accessible for businesses with bad credit. 
  • Quick funding option: They offer a quick turnaround, typically within one to two days, getting money into your pocket fast. 
  • No monthly fees: Unlike some other lenders, Uplyft Capital doesn’t require hidden fees or monthly payments. 
  • Low time in business requirement: You are only required to have been in business for six months to qualify for Uplyft Capital funding. 
  • Several programs available: There are four different programs available with varying requirements and benefits. 


  • High factor rates: Business cash advances can be expensive, and with high factor rates, this can be a costly startup funding option. 
  • Revenue minimums are high: Uplyft Capital has a $12,000 average monthly revenue or $144,000 annual revenue minimum, higher than many other lenders and funding types. 
  • Cash flow restraints: Repayment for business cash advances are short-term, which may mean daily or weekly payments that may strain your business’s cash flow. 

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Uplyft Capital Startup Loan Details

As mentioned above, Uplyft Capital primarily offers business cash advances with four separate programs offered. However, they also serve as a business lender marketplace. These are the funding options available on the Uplyft Capital platform. 

Funding Programs

Uplyft Capital specializes in business cash advances, offering four programs with varying requirements, funding amounts, and terms. Each program offers the opportunity to renew as well as basic requirements, including a driver’s license, void check, proof of ownership, and bank validation. After approval, you can typically expect your funds to be deposited within one to two days. 


The Starter program provides funding between $8,000 to $30,000 and a factor rate of 1.40. The terms for this program are fairly short, at only two to five months for repayment. 


Their second program is the Standard. Businesses can receive between $5,000 to $125,000 with a slightly lower factor rate at 1.34. Longer terms are also available at two to seven months for repayment. 


The Premier program can offer between $10,000 to $250,000 with a 1.30 factor rate. The terms of repayment for this program are three to eight months. 

Premier Plus

The Premier Plus program offers the most access to capital at $30,000 to $500,000, as well as the lowest factor rate at 1.24. Repayment terms are also favorable, comparably, at three to 12 months.

Startup Loan Options at Uplyft Capital

In addition to business cash advances, Uplyft Capital also facilitates additional lending options through its business funding marketplace. 

Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant capital advance (MCA) can typically extend up to $1 million with interest rates starting at 10%. There is no credit check required for this funding option. Plus, funds can be used at the discretion of the business owner with few restrictions. 

  • Term: Up to two years 
  • Time to fund: 24 hours 
  • Loan amount: $10,000 to $1 million 

Lines of Credit

Business lines of credit, often referred to as revolving lines of credit, operate similarly to a business credit and replenish once funds are repaid. No collateral is required to establish a line of credit through Uplyft Capital. However, you will need $8,000 in minimum monthly revenue as well as at least 12 months of time in business. 

  • Term: Three months to seven years
  • Time to fund: 4 Hours 
  • Loan amount: $1,000 to $250,000

Traditional Bank Loans

Traditional bank loans or term loans can offer lower interest rates than other lending options, between 2% and 13% through the Uplyft marketplace, as well as the ability to build business credit. However, they do require credit checks and collateral to qualify. 

  • Term: One to eight years 
  • Time to fund: Two to six weeks 
  • Loan amount: $1,000 to $5 million

401K Business Financing

Determined by the amount you have in your 401(k) account, this type of business loan is a tax-free funding option with no interest required. Since you have to be employed in order to qualify, this is best for entrepreneurs currently operating their business as a side hustle. 

  • Term: Varies
  • Time to fund: One week 
  • Loan amount: Minimum $10,000 to maximum 50% of the value of your 401(k) or $50,000 – whichever is smaller

Disaster Relief Loan

This is a loan offered by the US Small Business Administration (SBA) that provides capital to rebuild or repair small businesses after they’ve experienced economic disaster. Farming businesses, however, do not qualify. 

  • Term: Up to 30 years 
  • Time to fund: N/A
  • Loan amount: $2 million

Hard Money Business Loans

Hard money business loans utilize property as collateral and do not require a credit check. These are primarily used by small businesses experiencing difficulty obtaining other loans and types of business funding. 

  • Term: Varies 
  • Time to fund: 24 hours or more 
  • Loan amount: Dependent on value of property 

SBA Loan

SBA loans, specifically 7(a) SBA loans, are government-backed loans that boast low interest rates for small businesses with flat monthly payments. To qualify, you must have good business credit as well as two years in business minimum. 

  • Term: Varies
  • Time to fund: Two to six weeks 
  • Loan amount: $8,000 to $350,000 

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing allows business owners to finance the purchase or lease of valuable equipment for the business. The equipment in question is also used as collateral for these types of loans. Interest varies largely for this type of financing, between 9% and 40%. 

  • Term: Varies
  • Time to fund: 24 hours to one week 
  • Loan amount: Varies

Invoice Financing

Invoice financing allows you to obtain capital based on your customer’s future invoice payments. Interest for this funding type is lower at 1% per week but it does require a 3% processing fee. 

  • Term: Until customer pays invoice
  • Time to fund: 24 hours 
  • Loan amount: 100% of the invoice amount

Uplyft Capital Reviews

With 92% of Uplyft Capital’s reviews five stars, most customers seem to have good experiences securing funding on the platform. The most common mention in positive reviews is exceptional, personalized customer care that helped the business owner(s) secure the right funding option for their business. 

However, negative reviews mention being turned down for funding and high interest rates for some funding options. Uplyft Capital did respond to many of these reviews with contact information to remedy some situations but did not respond to all complaints. 

Here are some verified customer reviews from Trustpilot about Uplyft Capital:

“Throughout the entire procedure, Arnold was punctual and efficient. He presented financial possibilities and provided detailed explanations of the available options. There was a clear and exact process to fund. I was satisfied with the quality of care I received and the smoothness of the entire process. Strongly recommend!”

“The people were great to work with but going through the web site I was logged off twice maybe due to time, but the contract was very long and reviewing that may have caused the problem. It always picked up where I left off so not a huge problem but at the time I was concerned as to where I stood in the process.”

“Alan made this whole experience fast, smooth and kept us in communication the entire time. We worked with us expeditiously and thoughtfully and reasonably when underwriting requested additional information. We were able to lock down funding the very same day with a wire directly to our account! Thanks Alan!”

Overall, Uplyft Capital boasts high customer satisfaction rates. Especially when it comes to the care received by their staff throughout the initial stages of obtaining funding. However, there are some negative reviews about fees, interest rates, and eligibility. It is important to review qualifications to make an informed decision before opting to use this or any business lender.

Uplyft Capital Alternatives

Every business, and its funding needs, are different. If you aren’t sure if Uplyft Capital is right for your startup, check out how it stacks up against competitor Lendio.

Uplyft Capital

Specializing in business cash advances, Uplyft Capital is a strong funding source especially for businesses with bad credit. 

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Technically a business loan marketplace, Lendio boasts a network of over 75 lenders offering custom loans for small businesses and startups. 

Best For: Small Business Loans

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Whether you’re looking for term loans or business cash advances, Uplyft Capital and Lendio both offer decent options for businesses obtaining much-needed capital. Choosing the best funding source for your business is dependent on your business needs and eligibility requirements. 

How to Apply for a Loan Through Uplyft Capital

Applying for direct funding from Uplyft Capital is incredibly easy. Simply fill out an online application on their website that only takes a few minutes, and you will receive a decision that same day. 

However, in order to obtain the funds (typically available same day), you will need to meet the eligibility requirements for credit score, minimum time in business, and minimum monthly or annual revenue. 

Who Is Uplyft Capital Right For?

Uplyft Capital is a great funding source for businesses with fair or bad credit. Especially those that have had trouble obtaining funding from other sources. Additionally, businesses with high revenue but low time in business can receive generous funding from Uplyft Capital in a matter of 1-2 days upon approval. 

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Review Methodology

At Startup Savant, we pay attention to the details of lenders and loan types for small businesses and startups. From fees and interest rates to the time it takes to get money for your business, these are the review methodologies we apply when reviewing services like Uplyft Capital. 

Fees & Interest Rates

Many business funding options require fees or interest rates. These factors impact the accessibility of funding options greatly. Therefore, we take care to review interest rates and compare them to competitors, as well as identify hidden and unexpected fees. 

Eligibility Requirements

Accessing capital, especially for businesses in their first year of operation, can be challenging. We review eligibility criteria to measure accessibility, fairness, and value offered in exchange for high eligibility requirements to provide reviews of funding sources for all types of businesses. 

Time to Fund

Businesses seeking funding typically need capital as fast as possible. We research turnaround times to determine the amount of time it will take the funding source to deposit funds after approval.

Loan Terms

Another crucial element to choosing a funding source, loan terms can greatly impact a business’s cash flow. We make sure to include repayment term information as able to give entrepreneurs an idea of how each funding source will impact their cash flow during repayment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Uplyft Capital legitimate?

Yes, Uplyft Capital is a legitimate business funding source. While the company specializes in business cash advances, it also offers a business funding marketplace to shop for and apply to a variety of funding types. 

What credit score do you need for Uplyft capital?

The minimum credit score for Uplyft Capital’s business cash advances is 450, lower than many competitors. 

How much does Uplyft Capital cost?

Uplyft Capital offers four programs for cash advances ranging from $8,000 to $500,000, depending on eligibility. Each business cash advance is repaid daily or weekly, depending on the established repayment terms. 

How does Uplyft Capital work?

Uplyft Capital offers business cash advances that deposit cash into your business account quickly – typically in one or two business days, to be repaid through future credit and debit card sales. This borrowed capital is repaid daily or weekly, depending on repayment terms, and includes factor rates that vary based on the loan. Applying for Uplyft Capital’s funding is super simple, requiring an easy online application only.

Can I cancel my Uplyft loan?

To cancel a business cash advance, you must repay the amount borrowed.