Rocket Lawyer Corporate Bylaws Template Review Is It Ideal For You?

Not quite ready to hire an attorney? Then maybe an online legal document service is more up your alley. These services make it easy to create and keep track of meeting minutes, non-disclosure agreements, and of course, corporate bylaws.

Today, we’ll be looking at Rocket Lawyer, an online platform that specializes in many of the documents involved in corporate contracting. We’ll explore the the pros and cons of the service, pricing, and take an in depth look on how to get the most out of their website. Let’s get started!

Rocket Lawyer Templates Pros & Cons


  1. Up to Date: since corporate bylaws are so common, Rocket Lawyer makes sure to check theirs regularly with legal professionals in order to stay up to date with the best practices.
  2. Double Checked: If you decide to purchase the Premium or Accelerate package, you can have your corporate bylaws looked over by a corporate attorney at a discounted rate.
  3. Hits the Hallmarks: Their platform excels in basic format and legal verbiage.
  4. Customer Service: Their system is incredibly easy to use, if you run into issues, their customer service reps are super-helpful.
  5. Cost Effective: This is why so many startups choose Rocket Lawyer. In comparison to the hefty fees that can come with hiring a law firm or corporate attorney, it’s much more cost effective to opt for a documentation service.
  6. Try it for Free: Their 7 Day Free Trial includes some of the best perks of the service so you can really get a feel for their platform at no risk.


  1. Liability: Unlike some other online legal services, Rocket Lawyer doesn’t offer any liability protection. If there’s a problem, it’s all on you. That being said, they do combat this as much as possible by providing you will access to independent legal professional.
  2. Image: Rocket Lawyer, like many others, have been the recipient of some bad press in terms of customers testimonials. However, we’ve personally had some great experiences with them and found their customer service to be excellent.

Pricing & Features


This generally costs around $29 depending on what exactly you’re looking for and how complex or customized the document is. We’re not a huge fan of this option, as you can’t checkout until you set up a profile and provide all credit card details. However, it makes some sense since they store your document for you, as well as let you come back and revise or edit if need be.

I recommend this package for those of you who want a zero hassle way to create your meeting minutes. Because it’s such a low commitment option, you can buy the document, create, revise, download and be on your way.



If you’re looking for a larger commitment, maybe their Premium package is more your style.  With this monthly subscription, you’ll have access to their entire document library so you can create whatever legal documents from their templates. Along with that, you can store all of these documents using their cloud storage and revisit and revise whenever you like.

We think this package is a great starting point for small businesses because you have access to all of their templates, so no matter how your needs change, there’s something available to you.


In general, Rocket Lawyer receives mostly positive reviews. We’ve scoured the internet to bring you a quick snapshot of what review websites and reviews are saying across the board.

Customer reviews as of 8-28-2017:

  • BBB: A+
  • TrustPilot: 9.5/10, 111 reviews
  • SiteJabber: 3.3/5, 386 reviews
  • FitSmallBusiness: 3, 3 reviews
  • Consumer Affairs: 2.5/5, 8 reviews

As you can see, depending on the source, the ratings change quite a bit. The consensus from most are that their document creation process is very easy and user friendly, and most people felt great about their document creation process.

The area that is most polarizing is customer service. Some people have had fantastic experiences with their customer support services, while others have had the total opposite.  There were occasional issues with package selection and as a general recommendation, pay close attention to all the fine print at checkout. The number one complaint that we’ve seen is from Rocket Lawyer customers is that they felt they were being overcharged.

That’s not explicitly true, but double checking they your documents only include what you want them too is vital. It’s important to cross your T’s and dot your I’s so you don’t end up paying for something that you didn’t need in the first place.


Yes, we’d highly recommend that you seek out legal advice from a professional during this process. Rocket Lawyer does provide templates for legal documents, but they are not equal to the personalized attention and legal advice you would receive from an attorney.

No, but there are things to watch out for. As we mentioned earlier, there are customers who felt that they were overcharged for what they received, which isn’t necessarily the case, but we do highly encourage you to read through everything thoroughly before signing up, just so you know exactly what you’re paying beforehand.


After looking through customer reviews and gathering research on their packages and features, we’d give Rocket Lawyer’s corporate bylaws template a 4.4 out of 5. Most customers were happy with the documentation they created and received, plus they offer a ton of other legal document templates for you to use in the future.

If you’d like to learn more about Rocket Lawyer, or would like to see some other options, click either of the links below. Cheers!